The 10 Worst things Members of the nWo Have Done To Each Other

The New World Order remains a top contender when discussing the greatest factions in wrestling history. One major reason for the nWo’s success was that they created a level of unpredictability. Fans never knew what to expect as the members would often even manipulate or turn on each other. There was little loyalty in the heel faction with the goal of taking over the industry.

Iconic members of the group like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall were the most powerful members of the group. Eric Bischoff eventually held a powerful role as well since he was one of the people running WCW. The nWo used their power to hurt WCW wrestlers, but we are looking at the times they hurt each other. Find out just what went down with the ten worst things the New World Order did to each other in wrestling.

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10 Hulk Hogan turning nWo on The Giant for wanting title shot

Big Show’s WCW run as The Giant saw him join and get kicked out of the New World Order multiple times. Fans were shocked when he was the first major member of WCW to jump ship as the first active talent to join the others in the faction.

However, the World War 3 battle royal win in 1996 earned him a future title shot with Hulk Hogan. Giant would see the nWo turn on him when the big man finally wanted to cash in. Hogan’s power was the main motive of the group and they kicked out on their own to protect it.

9 Kicking Big Bubba Rogers out for getting injured

The addition of Big Bubba Rogers aka the Big Boss Man would see the New World Order starting to gain more mid-carders for depth. Rogers would see his run end shortly as he was kicked out of the group when missing a few months to recover from an injury.

The return of Rogers saw him claim that Eric Bischoff fired him from the nWo while he was temporarily paralyzed. Rogers often teamed with the Steiner Brothers and fellow kicked out wrestler Ted DiBiase to try to oppose the group for a couple of months.

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8 Relegating members to secondary team

The New World Order growing in size became a huge problem for the group. Fans would see different versions of the group like the Wolfpac and Hollywood. However, they eventually merged back together as the nWo Elite with a few exclusions.

Secondary members of the faction were relegated into a different group fans referred to as the nWo B Team. Stevie Ray, Vincent, Scott Norton, Brian Adams, and Horace Hogan were the main members of the secondary team often made fun of by the nWo Elite.

7 Shawn Michaels kicking out Booker T

Shawn Michaels joining the WWE version of the New World Order would see a new dynamic. WWE treated it like a last-ditch effort to save the group after Hulk Hogan turned face and Scott Hall was released due to personal issues.

The first move of Michaels was to kick Booker T out of the group. A promo segment with the entire group featured Michaels claiming the group was going to cut out the dead weight before hitting Booker with a ruthless Sweet Chin Music superkick out of nowhere.

6 Hulk Hogan cheating Randy Savage out of WCW Championship

Sting ending Hulk Hogan’s WCW Championship reign was meant to kickstart a new era in WCW with Sting as the man on top. WCW however decided to give up on Sting’s title reign within a few months when he lost the title to Randy Savage at Spring Stampede 1998.

The title reign of Savage was even shorter. Things started to grow ugly between the top members of the New World Order. Hogan challenged Savage to a match on Nitro and won the title via cheating tactics. This inspired the splitting of the group with Savage and Kevin Nash forming the Wolfpac.

5 nWo inducting and kicking out the Nasty Boys

The Nasty Boys were known for being close friends of Hulk Hogan throughout their careers leading to them getting hired by various promotions due to this. WCW referenced this in the early months of the New World Order when both Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags tried to join the group.

Hogan strung them along claiming they would get inducted as official members for life. The nWo fooled the Nasty Boys into thinking they were now part of the group before turning on them. Hogan led the attack of his army on his former friends in a brutal moment.

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4 Kevin Nash and Scott Hall attacking Hulk Hogan after Rock match

The WWE run of the New World Order was a huge disappointment as the main group only lasted about two months before things changed. Hulk Hogan’s incredible performance against The Rock at WrestleMania 18 turned him face with fans rooting for him.

The aftermath would see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall attack Hogan for showing respect to Rock and the fans. Rock saved Hogan officially completing the face turn as both former rivals posed in the ring together. Hogan won out after the savage move by Hall and Nash to one of their own.

3 nWo Elite kicking out Konnan for defending Rey Mysterio

The formation of the nWo Elite saw members of both Hollywood and the Wolfpac now wearing the red and black colors as a top heel faction again. Konnan was the odd man out from the Wolfpac as he didn’t agree with the actions of his former friends.

The decision of Konnan to stand up for Rey Mysterio when the nWo tried removing his mask led to him getting kicked out. Kevin Nash and Lex Luger showed zero loyalty for Konnan by kicking him out of the faction for good turning him face to align him with Mysterio moving forward.

2 Hulk Hogan trashing Syxx after he was fired

WCW fired Sean Waltman aka Syxx in a controversial manner as he was let go while injured. Friends of Waltman like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were not happy about this, but Hulk Hogan made a rude comment mocking him afterwards.

The comment from Hogan stated that Syxx couldn’t cut the mustard and that’s why he was out of the group rather than the real explanation. Waltman referenced this insulting to Hogan when returning to WWE as X-Pac in an incredible promo joining D-Generation.

1 Scott Hall betraying Kevin Nash to join nWo Hollywood

The friendship between Kevin Nash and Scott was the strongest bond between any members of the New World Order. Both wrestlers made the jump from WWE to WCW together to essentially start the nWo as their segments created the moment.

Hall and Nash often referred to themselves as the Wolfpac along with Syxx during their trios matches together in the original nWo. Everyone expected Hall to join the Wolfpac when the nWo split into two sides. Hall however stabbed Nash in the back by turning on him to join the Hollywood side in a heartbreaking moment.

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