The 10 Worst Things The Shield Have Done (In Wrestling)

The Shield went down as one of the greatest stables in history, with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose, putting on countless incredible matches and some amazing moments.

There is a reason that the Hounds Of Justice were so popular because everything they did was impactful, and made a mark, whether it was taking out wrestlers or winning titles, they were always able to get noticed.

There is a reason that the group worked as heels for the majority of their run, as they certainly did some terrible things in storylines and a few in real life, and within this article, we will rank 10 of them.

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10 Taking Out The Undertaker

We will kickstart this list with one of the worst things that the group ever did, which was when they made the decision to attack The Undertaker, not just beating him up but putting him through the announce table and leaving him laying.

The Hounds Of Justice attacked a lot of wrestlers during the course of their run, but anytime someone gets the upper hand on The Undertaker it is a major deal, and it is never something that the fans like to see.

Their assault of The Undertaker actually took the Deadman out of action for a while, meaning the fans didn't get to see him compete, making this one of the worst things the group did.

9 The Lack Of CM Punk Leadership

This decision wasn't something that was up to the three members of The Shield, and it likely wasn't CM Punk's either, but the fact that we never got a long run with the trio working as Punk's henchman is a real shame.

The group initially debuted to help CM Punk, keeping him as WWE Champion, and that seemed like a great concept with Punk being a well-known star and a great talker.

However, WWE quickly scrapped the idea and moved things on by having them feud against each other, which was a bit of a disappointment and was one of the worst things to happen involving the group.

8 Royal Rumble Fallouts

While The Shield was always solid as a unit, at the 2014 Royal Rumble the cracks began to show as Dean Ambrose tried to eliminate Roman Reigns from the match in an attempt to benefit his own career.

However, the only ended up backfiring as the Big Dog responded by eliminating both Dean and Seth Rollins for good measure, proving that the group wasn't always a cohesive unit, with this being one of their worst moments.

7 Lack Of WrestleMania Moment

Once again, this isn't something that any of the wrestlers involved could really have controlled, but the fact this trio never had an amazing six-man tag team match or a triple threat at WrestleMania is a travesty.

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A group that went down in history as one of the best in-ring factions of all time and yet they never got a classic WrestleMania match, which just seems like a huge wasted opportunity on WWE's behalf more than anything.

If they had been given the right story and some strong opponents, these three could easily have stolen the show, but sadly that chance didn't come.

6 Seth Turns On His Brothers

While this doesn't include all three men, as technically this was only an action made by Seth Rollins, but because it had such a big impact on the Shield, it earns its place on this list.

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The Shield were supposed to be brothers in arms and people who always had each other's backs, however, Rollins made the decision to join The Authority and turn on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, attacking them with chairs.

While it had been teased tons of times that one man would turn on the other, it wasn't necessarily something that people wanted, simply because of the love fans had for them.

5 Attacking The Rock

Earlier in the list, we mentioned The Shield attacking The Undertaker as one of the worst things the trio ever did in wrestling, but when The Rock made one of his appearances on Raw, the group stepped it up a notch.

This moment took place during The Rock's run in 2013 as he was feuding with CM Punk, and just before the Royal Rumble match took place, The Sheild decided to attack the People's Champion, leaving him laying, spitting his own blood.

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While there was no long-term storyline idea here, it was simply another way of The Shield showing their dominance to the world, sadly at the expense of a fan favorite.

4 Too Many Reunions

The Shield were incredibly popular, therefore the WWE Universe wanted to see them back together at all times, simply because of how amazing the group was together, having created a fantastic legacy.

However, towards the end of their run, WWE teased and did a reunion a little too much, especially when Dean Ambrose announced he wouldn't be re-signing with the company, which led to so many 'final' moments.

A final match on TV, on PPV, then a weekend live event loop which led to a WWE Network show. It just wasn't how the group was known as, which is why it didn't really work.

3 Working With The Authority

The Authority was absolutely hated by the entire WWE Universe, with the fans providing the faction with 'go-away' heat because they sucked up too much television time with not enough impact.

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The fact that The Sheild aligned themselves to that group instantly made the WWE Universe detest them and considering all three men went on to become major babyfaces, this was a blotch on the career that WWE will try to make fans forget.

2 Part-Time Members

The reason that The Shield was such a good faction is that the world knew what it was getting with them. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, that is all the fans ever wanted to see, nothing more, nothing less.

However, that was unfortunately ruined at times when WWE made the decision to fill the group with one-off members when another member of The Shield was unavailable, which led to some rather uncool line-ups.

While Triple H and Kurt Angle are legends of the business, they didn't fit the ethos of the group and therefore seeing them appear in the uniform just felt a little odd.

1 Costing Ryback

It might seem strange to think now, but when The Shield first debuted and screwed Ryback out of the WWE Championship, the Big Guy was one of the top stars in the entire company and seemed set to have an unbelievable run with WWE.

Unfortunately, Ryback never held a World Title during his entire career with WWE, and this really was the moment WWE should have pulled the trigger on him at the top, as he was more than ready.

With the Big Guy being the fan favorite and a lot of the fans not even knowing these three yet, this was easily the worst thing they did in wrestling.

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