The 10 Worst Things That The Undisputed Era Has Done In NXT (So Far)

The Undisputed Era has become arguably the top overall faction in the wrestling business. Most NXT fans would see the group of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong as the high point of the NXT television show. All four members have incredible chemistry making the act a highly successful one. It is no coincidence that they currently hold all the gold in NXT.

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We will look at some of the most heinous acts by the group so far in their NXT careers. Each member contributed to various attacks, cruel ideas, and generally terrible acts. All the moments featured here show how brutal and conniving the faction can be. Find out exactly what makes them so dangerous with the top ten worst things done by Undisputed Era in wrestling so far.

10 Debuting by ruining Drew McIntyre's title win

Drew McIntyre winning the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2017 was overshadowed by the debut of Adam Cole. The duo of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish distracted McIntyre during his title celebration in the ring with Cole running through the audience to attack him.

Fans reacted with huge ovations to see the first appearance of Cole in NXT. The incredible moment would see Drew have his first moment as NXT Champion ruined. Undisputed Era showed they were ready to make a huge impact by going after the biggest star.

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9 Backstage attacks on Sanity

One of the first feuds for Undisputed Era in NXT saw them going against another faction. The success of Sanity in NXT saw Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Nikki Cross working together as a tremendous unit.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly specifically targeted Sanity during their reign as the NXT Tag Team Champions. A few attacks were made, but one backstage attack prevented Sanity from even wrestling that night. The war between both factions made for great NXT television.

8 Invading Raw

A recent action from Undisputed Era saw them unite with the rest of NXT on a rare occasion. The Survivor Series 2019 event of Raw vs Smackdown vs NXT has the NXT stars looking to invade on both Raw and Smackdown shows.

Undisputed Era got into a huge brawl with AJ Styles and The Club on Raw. Other NXT stars joined them to gain the numbers advantage, but the members of Undisputed Era led the charge. Cole had a great match with Seth Rollins later in the show proving he could hang with top main roster talents.

7 Adam Cole hitting Ricochet with vicious mid-air superkick

The rare act of a single wrestling move leading to a vicious aftermath can take place in matches. Adam Cole delivered one of the most memorable moments of his career at TakeOver: Brooklyn 2018 in a North American Championship match against Ricochet.

The counter to Ricochet doing a backflip off the ropes saw Cole react with a superkick to the head of an upside-down Ricochet. Fans reacted with a massive ovation even though Ricochet kicked out at two. The match would see Ricochet overcome to win the title from Cole in an instant classic.

6 Injuring EC3

The short rivalry between Adam Cole and EC3 would see the rest of Undisputed Era getting involved. Cole was not too pleased about taking a loss to EC3 on NXT television. The aftermath of the result led to Undisputed Era delivering a brutal attack on the NXT stage.

Not only did EC3 receive violent moves from the Undisputed Era, but they used a chair to injure him. EC3 was off NXT television for a short while and eventually got called up to the main roster. Given how poorly that has gone so far, EC3 may prefer getting attacked by Undisputed Era in NXT these days.

5 Brutally attacking Velveteen Dream

The move to USA Network led to Undisputed Era making new enemies. Roderick Strong ended the North American title reign of Velveteen Dream to give all four members of the group title reigns. The feud continued until a brutal attack put Velveteen Dream out of action.

All four members of Undisputed Era attacked him in the backstage area to send a message and get Strong out of a title defense. Velveteen Dream is still out of action recovering from the attack, but he will likely look for revenge when eventually returning.

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4 Violence in War Games matches

Undisputed Era has become known for the annual War Games match in NXT on the TakeOver show before Survivor Series. The first one saw them win a three-team match in a violent brawl. They lost the second one to a dream team of faces, but they still delivered a fair share of damage.

Undisputed Era certainly proved to be vicious and violent enough for one of the most intimidating matches in wrestling history. The group is scheduled to once again take part in War Games at TakeOver before Survivor Series, but the women will get a second War Games match for the first in WWE history without the Undisputed Era.

3 Manipulating Taynara Conti to interfere in Nikki Cross' match

Taynara Conti is one of the young prospects in the women’s division with a world of potential. The early NXT run of Conti saw her struggling to get television time. Undisputed Era manipulated her into helping them by lying about her potentially joining the group.

Nikki Cross was an enemy of the Undisputed Era since she represented Sanity. Adam Cole convinced Conti to cost Cross her match with a title shot on the line. When she reported back to Undisputed Era, they laughed in her face and walked away. Cross did get revenge on Conti without any backup from Undisputed Era.

2 Roderick Strong turning on Pete Dunne to join the group

Roderick Strong is a great fit to Undisputed Era, but he was not originally part of the group. There was a storyline where Strong turned down the trio wanting to remain on his own. That ended at TakeOver: New Orleans when Strong was teaming with Pete Dunne against Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

The finish would see Strong attacking Dunne during the match and hitting his finisher. Undisputed Era scored the win to retain the tag titles and become the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Strong joined the group after the heartless heel turn and helped them improve even more.

1 Adam Cole harassing Johnny Gargano’s dad and students

Mind games are often more sadistic and crueler than anything physical. Adam Cole proved to be a master of the mind games heading into a match with Johnny Gargano. Both men went back and forth in grueling matches main eventing a few TakeOver events.

Cole went to Cleveland to get in the head of Johnny ahead of their rubber match. The first visit to Gargano’s dad’s pizza shop would see Cole putting his own 8x10 on the wall to remind Papa Gargano of his actions. Cole then visited a school of young trainees mentored by Johnny and told them they would never make it in wrestling. Undisputed Era has shown to be next level heels in NXT.

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