10 Worst WCW Factions Of All Time

The history of factions in WCW featured many impressive ones that changed the company for the better, but many less impressive groups also had runs in the company. Every stable has the hope of making a mark with each member benefiting from it. Groups like the New World Order and the Four Horsemen have arguments for being the best of all time after their superb runs towards the top of the card in WCW.

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We will look at the stables that didn’t create such a legacy that allows them to be remembered for the worst moments. The groups featured here range from acts that flopped to those that disappointed to some that just were pointless. Each had different ceilings, but they all shared the bond of not doing a good job at the end of the day. These are the ten worst factions in WCW history officially ranked.

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10 New World Order Elite

The original New World Order was the hottest act in wrestling, but many of the follow-up versions of the group lacked. WCW eventually split them up into two camps with nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpac. Fans loved the Wolfpac, but the end game would see them reunite to form the Elite version of the group.

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Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall were once again the top members new additions like Lex Luger to the mix. The entire storyline leading to this just showed how much the nWo jumped the shark. This nWo Elite group failed to capture the magic and WCW ended it a few months later.

9 Misfits in Action

Vince Russo’s regime in WCW featured many lower tier factions failing to make an impact. Hugh Morris was one of the favorites of Russo and received a push leading his own faction. Mid to lower card talents like Chavo Guerrero, Lash Leroux and Van Hammer joined the group along with the valet Major Gunns.

The only positive to come from this group was Booker T joining for a short time and getting a bigger spotlight before he moved into the main event picture. Otherwise, most fans remember the Misfits in Action as a cheap rip-off of DX without any positive qualities.

8 The Jung Dragons

WCW often had tremendous talent in the cruiserweight division. Jamie Noble, Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Wang Yang all had their big starts in WCW and were placed together as a team. They made the Jung Dragons faction often providing bad comedic moments as a group of ninjas.

All three wrestlers delivered incredible work when they were in the ring, but the booking just made them look like fools most of the time. The Jung Dragons deserve love for their performances in ladder matches against 3 Count. That sadly didn’t stop them from having a weak run in general.

7 Harlem Heat 2000

The original Harlem Heat tag team of brothers Booker T and Stevie Ray had arguably the greatest team in WCW history. An idea to rebrand the group into a faction with new members was a huge disappointment. Harlem Heat 2000 would see Ahmed Johnson aka Big T replaced Booker T as Stevie’s partner.

Manager Clarence Mason and a few enforcers joined to increase the numbers advantage for Harlem Heat 2000 in their matches. The duo found minimal success and Johnson declined from his already lackluster WCW days.

6 The Magnificent Seven

WCW tried to stray away from going to the New World Order again when coming up with a new top heel faction in their final year of existence. The push of Scott Steiner as the WCW Champion would see authority figure Ric Flair unite with him to form the Magnificent Seven.

Other wrestlers in the group included heels Jeff Jarrett, Road Warrior Animal, Rick Steiner, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell. The faction mostly tried to protect Flair while he was in power and Scott when he was the champion. Unfortunately, there was no chemistry there and the group did little of note until WCW ended.

5 No Limit Soldiers

Rapper Master P joining WCW would see him get involved in storylines on the show. This led to the faction of the No Limit Soldiers forming. Rey Mysterio and Konnan were the main wrestlers representing Master P along with trainee Swoll and various rappers from the label.

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WCW fans turned against them all despite the portrayal of a face act. Most of the promos and musical performances from the group resulted in loud boos from the crowd. WCW wasted a lot of money bringing in Master P to start this faction with no noteworthy results.

4 New World Order B Team

The New World Order started to dip in 1998 and 1999 with the group having too many members. Following the merging of the Hollywood and Wolfpac factions, the secondary members of the group were not allowed to be in the nWo Elite.

Stevie Ray led Virgil, Scott Norton, Brian Adams and Horace Hogan as the nWo B Team. These wrestlers rarely interacted with the Elite squad unless they were doing the bidding. The nWo B Team often lost all their matches. In one small victory, they surprisingly outlasted the Elite as the last version of the group before it ended.

3 Team Canada

Vince Russo tried to recycle the Hart Foundation storyline from WWE in WCW with Team Canada. The hope was that the Canadian group of wrestlers complaining about America would result in strong heel heat. Lance Storm led the group with members Elix Skipper, Mike Awesome, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Elix Skipper.

The group had some solid moments thanks to the great work of Storm, but they never have much respect from the audience. WWE had the right timing and personnel during their version of the group. Team Canada just came off as a secondary act in WCW with Russo missing the boat.

2 The Revolution

WCW started to blend reality with the script on television when Vince Russo took control in 1999. One instance of this came when Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Shane Douglas formed the group known as The Revolution. It represented the younger talent upset with the older names holding them down.

The Revolution seemed like a good idea on paper, but the execution and booking were terrible. Fans did not react to any of the wrestlers better than they did before the faction formed. Benoit, Saturn and Malenko eventually left with Eddie Guerrero joining them to form the much more successful Radicalz group in WWE.

1 Dungeon of Doom

The Dungeon of Doom made up one of the strangest factions in wrestling history. Kevin Sullivan was the leader of the wrestlers with cartoonish gimmicks. Characters like The Zodiac, Earthquake and The Yeti would join the faction at different points.

The Giant, Jimmy Hart and the Faces of Fear provided some credibility, but the overall presentation of the Dungeon of Doom was an outdated style of wrestling. Fans didn’t connect with it and WCW scrapped it ahead of the New World Order forming to become the real top heel faction the company wanted all along.

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