WWE 2K20: 10 Wrestler Ratings That Make No Sense

WWE's latest video game has arrived: WWE No Mercy '20! OK, that's very much a lie, but just imagine how awesome that would be? No, the next entry in the video game series is WWE 2K20, and with every new installment comes the fun discussion about the wrestlers' ratings.

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Most ratings make sense, but it's those few mistakes that really get fans riled up (for some reason). It's one thing to overrate a legend, but to completely disrespect one of the best in her division? Tsk, tsk, Visual Concepts. We are here to shed light on the WWE 2K20 ratings that baffled us most, taking into consideration the wrestler's overall ability and relevance in storylines.

10 Baron Corbin - 87

Ugh, just looking at him is making us yawn... which makes his rating of 87 (!) all the more baffling. There's the upper echelon of wrestlers (Becky, Roman, AJ, Brock, Seth) and then... Baron freakin' Corbin? Looks like we found the one person who wanted to see Corbin retire Angle at WrestleMania, and that person works at Visual Concepts.

Look, his King Corbin gimmick isn't all bad, and he has improved in many areas as a wrestler. But at the end of the day, 87 is just not a justifiable rating for Corbin.

9 Otis - 74

Otis' charisma rating should be at 100, so that alone should inflate his score higher than a measly 74! This is just another example of the blatant disrespect tag team wrestlers have to deal with. Alright, so Otis hasn't won any gold yet, but 74? Curt Hawkins is at 75! Jobbers EC3 and Eric Young are at 76!

The WWE is firmly behind this fun tag team, and as impressive as Tucker has been, everyone known Otis and his Caterpillar are the stars.

8 Bray Wyatt "The Fiend" - 86

So let's get this straight: someone who kicks out of like 27 Curb Stomps and is supposed to be this unstoppable monster that dispatches wrestlers at will... has an 86 rating? Baron Corbin is rated higher? Regular Bray Wyatt, sure, but not this version of him.

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Terrible booking aside, The Fiend is still a big deal that Vince and co are still firmly behind (he got drafted in the first round of the WWE Draft, after all). They booked themselves in a corner and the performers suffered for it, but this low rating is definitely not due to that. Maybe the developers at Visual Concepts aren't fans of his lantern.

7 Zelina Vega - 83

Um... OK.

We mean absolutely no disrespect to Zelina, who's absolutely awesome as Andrade's business associate, but she doesn't wrestle nearly enough to justify such a high rating. She's talented in the ring, sure, but WWE has not focused on that aspect of her character at all. The only matches she's been featured in have directly involved Andrade.

She's within the same ratings group as Alexa Bliss and Asuka, and has a higher rating than The Boss. We've seen some seriously overrated wrestlers in our time, but this might take the cake.

6 Sasha Banks - 80

It's safe to say this is probably the most egregious error in the ratings this year. Like her or not, Sasha Banks is definitely one of the best wrestlers on the roster. The fact that she's so far below her fellow Horsewomen -in a game that's supposed to showcase them, no less!- is beyond disappointing.

Some cringe-inducing comparisons: Lacey Evans? Better than Sasha at 82. Billie Kay? Only 2 steps below The Boss at 78. And of course Nikki Bella is rated higher at 81.

Sasha didn't take kindly to her rating, as she let it be known on Twitter. We feel you, Boss.

5 Jerry "The King" Lawler - 86

When you think of an 86 rating, you think of an upper midcard, maybe main event talent involved in important storylines. So obviously Jerry "The King" Lawler fits that bill.

It's a ridiculous rating for sure; even at his peak in WWE, Lawler did not warrant an 86. Other wrestlers that share this rating? Rey Mysterio. The Miz. Oh, and The Fiend. It seems WWE's love for nostalgia has seeped its way into the minds of the developers at Visual Concepts.

4 Nia Jax - 79

Nia Jax isn't the most polished wrestler in the ring and her mic work leaves a lot to be desired, but she's always been a relevant part of the Women's Division and is a former Women's Champion. Plus, her sheer strength and size advantage should boost her stats up quite a bit.

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This is why her 79 rating feels fairly low. Her injury, which has kept her away from the ring since WrestleMania, might have something to do with it, but that really shouldn't affect a wrestler's rating. She's not like most girls, after all.

3 Brutus Beefcake - 82

Brutus Beefcake, even at his most popular, shouldn't even sniff an 80 rating, let alone an 82. Besides the infamous barbershop betrayal (and he wasn't even the focus of that), Brutus hasn't really contributed much to the wrestling world and has always been seen as Hulk Hogan's lowly sidekick.

Brutus definitely did alright for himself, and enjoyed some minor success in the '80s, winning Tag Team gold with Greg Valentine, but none of it warrants an 82.

2 Samoa Joe & Shinsuke Nakamura - 88

This pains us to write because both Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are amazing wrestlers and among the best of their generation, but we feel like these ratings are reflective of their history and not their current situation.

Let's face it: Nakamura is capable of creating magic in the ring, but his work has been lacking in WWE, never reaching his full potential. He's been booked as a midcard heel, for better or worse; sure, he's won some titles along the way, but ultimately an 88 is among the top tier wrestlers, and Nak just isn't there.

As for Joe, his case is less about his performances and more about his booking. Vince just won't get behind him as a top tier talent, as Joe always comes up short in matches that matter. 88 should feel right, but it just doesn't.

1 X-Pac - 85

X-Pac has had a decently successful wrestling career; while he peaked in the '90s (like many of his peers), he won some gold on his way to a Hall of Fame induction as part of DX. With all that being said, an 85 just seems way too high for, like, the 3rd- or 4th most important member of the legendary group.

X-Pac had his moments, but being rated higher than the likes of Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black and Andrade (all at 84) just rubs us the wrong way.

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