Worst WWE Tag Team Of Every Year Since 2000

Some of WWE's biggest stars got their big breaks in tag teams. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Triple H were all a part of tag teams that truly took their characters to the next level. Yet there are plenty of tag teams in the WWE that were Class A failures. These are teams that are either overly generic, lack character or just plain suck. Not every tag team can be a Legion of Doom, Hardy Boyz or D-Generation X. Some wrestlers just don't have chemistry together, and that's okay. Other times, the gimmick is just boring, or in the worst case, so offensive that fans don't feel comfortable tuning in. In some of the worst case, it appears that wrestlers were given a pair of identical trunks and/or masks and are expected to work together. Unless you're The Bella Twins, the odds of that working are very little.

The best tag teams involve multiple members who all have unique identities, and the tag teams featured on this list often lacked that key feature that has made many tag teams successful. Some of these tag teams were so bad that they may be repressed from your memory. But there's no need to worry. It is absolutely okay to take a trip down memory lane while scrolling down this list while making petty side comments about how terrible these teams are. After all, that is the point of this list. Here are the worst tag teams of each year during the new millennium.

2000: Mean Street Posse

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The Mean Street Posse was by no means mean. If anything, they were the epitome of jobbers and were nothing more than lackeys to the McMahon. The irony of it all? Pete Gas and Rodney were real-life friends with Shane McMahon. Joey Abs was the only previously trained wrestler of the group. Dressed as upper-class snobs, one would think that they would have been able to afford the best wrestling training and actually be seen as a legitimate threat in the ring. Instead, they were regulated to Jobber Lane, losing to the likes of The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz on a regular basis.

Eventually, they would be sent down to developmental and then shortly released. The Mean Street Posse may be memorable, but they are only remembered for being a terrible unit.

15 KroniK

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Brian Adams and Bryan Clark were never able to establish a firm identity as KroniK. They also weren't particularly great in the ring during this time, with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter declaring their match with The Brothers of Destruction as the worst match of 2001. Both Adams and Clark made a large number of mistakes in the match, from Adams not hitting the ring post to Clark not properly selling a shoulder breaker. The match wasn't the worst match of all time, but it was definitely obvious that KroniK was not pulling their weight. Perhaps they should have reverted back to their days as Crush and Adam Bomb. Unsurprisingly, the WWE chose to release them shortly after the terrible match.

2002. Billy & Chuck

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Billy and Chuck were bloody awful together. The gimmick made a joke out of homosexuality, and the team's manager, Rico, didn't make the pairing any more intriguing. For those who may not remember, Billy and Chuck were pretending to be obsessed with one another like a couple normally would. They would even host a faux wedding, only to reveal that the whole scenario was a publicity stunt. While GLAAD consulted with WWE before the storyline went on the air, the LGBTQ organization accused the WWE of lying after the faux on-air wedding, stating that the WWE told the organization that Billy and Chuck would actually wed on-air. Their wedding would be stopped by 3 Minute Warning, essentially bringing an end to one of the most cringeworthy storylines of the new millennium.

14 The Basham Brothers

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There's nothing wrong with a woman wearing the pants in the relationship. With The Basham Brothers, they had Shaniqua, the renamed Linda Miles, as their dominatrix. It was different, but different doesn't necessarily help you get over with the fans. How could fans tell the difference between the Basham Brothers? The brothers were literally named Doug and Danny, wore the same attire and didn't really have a unique look. Fans literally were watching two clones on television, which made them rather uninteresting. It didn't help that Shaniqua lacked character, either.

While the Basham Brothers secured Tag Team gold in the WWE, they likely would have been better off as singles competitors. As a matter of fact, Doug Basham held the OVW World Heavyweight Title not just once, but four different times.

13 The Hurricane and Rosey

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Gregory Helms is one of the most underrated wrestlers of the century. His gimmick as The Hurricane was entertaining, and he made it work. However, he really did it best when he was alone. Rosey just felt like a mere afterthought. It was weird seeing a former member of Three Minute Warning ditch his villainous, terror-inducing ways to become a superhero. The Hurricane also referred to Rosey as a S.H.I.T., or a Super Hero In Training. While Rosey would eventually transform into a full-fledged superhero, this pairing just didn't feel right, especially in its early stages.

The following year, they would add Stacy Keibler to the group as Super Stacy. However, it didn't feel right taking yet another established character and forcing them in a gimmick that would have been better with a solo member: The Hurricane. Unlike the others, Gregory Helms needed to recover from a failed gimmick, especially a terrible boy band named 3-Count.

12 LOD 2005

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Two years after Road Warrior Hawk's untimely death, the WWE decided to rehire Animal, place him with Heidenreich and recreate the Legion of Doom. They even decide to place Christy Hemme with the team as its manager. Whatever the WWE was thinking, many do not know. This tag team was an absolute nightmare. Heidenreich and Animal didn't have the magic that the original tag team had. Christy wasn't a terrible manager, but she was still in her rookie year and didn't yet have the stage presence of Paul Ellering or Sunny.

Watching Heidenreich in Legion of Doom-inspired face paint and ring gear just felt like a disservice to one of the most iconic tag teams of all time had. Fans didn't enjoy it, and before the end of 2006, all three members of LOD 2005 were gone from the company.

2006. The Spirit Squad

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When the WWE had a bunch of generic wrestlers and wanted to make a super group, it decided to make a bunch of male cheerleaders. Watching the Spirit Squad felt like watching a group of guys that didn't know how to truly be themselves. It was very hard to take the group seriously. No one in the group had their own identity, and with five people being able to defend tag team titles under the Freebird Rule, they weren't perceived as credible wrestlers. They were eventually just used as jobbers to DX in their summer feud with the McMahons.

Ironically, Dolph Ziggler would come out of this group and achieve greatness on his own as a singles wrestlers. The others, besides Kenny Dykstra, would fade into relative obscurity.

11 The Highlanders

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The Highlanders looked like they were cloned in Scotland. Like the Basham Brothers, it was very hard to tell the difference between Rory and Robbie. They had a similar look, similar ring attire and similar mannerisms. It was very hard to truly get behind either one of them when they really didn't contribute much to the show in general. The team never won any titles during their time in WWE, and they would quickly be regulated to jobber status.

Rory would later be sidelined with a significant injury, while Robbie would be shown on TNA programming under his real name. The bad luck that the team had would eventually cumulate with their release the following year. Unless you've been watching WWE closely the last 15 years, you probably forgot about these two.

10 Deuce and Domino

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Deuce and Domino weren't actually that bad when they made their main roster debut in 2007. However, after a year on the main roster, they began to become irrelevant. They became notorious jobbers and lacked any reason to get behind them. In addition, their manager, Cherry, unexpectedly came second in a SmackDown popularity contest among its Divas. This would set up a program between Cherry and Maryse, who would become the team's manager. After that program ended, it felt like Deuce and Domino didn't have much else to do as a  tag team. Deuce and Domino would be drafted to separate brands, but it wouldn't really benefit either of their careers. By the summer of 2008, both Domino and Cherry were released from the company, and Deuce would follow suit a year later.

9 Cryme Tyme

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Cryme Tyme was a legit tag team when they first made their WWE debut. The fans loved the gimmick that saw them parody stereotypical street thugs. When the team was suddenly released from their contracts in 2007, fans were stunned. The WWE would quickly rectify this the following year, but by 2009, the team lost its mojo. They would be paired with Eve Torres and booked into a feud with The Hart Dynasty and eventually try to win Tag Team gold, but they were stopped in their tracks by JeriShow.

Despite all the hype that eventually led to their return, Cryme Tyme never successfully acquired the gold. This team had a lot of potential, and the WWE just dropped the ball with them significantly.

8 ShoMiz

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Did anyone really like ShoMiz? The Big Show and The Miz had had plenty of tag team partners over the years, but this pairing just didn't click.The team's formation was random, too. Out of the blue, the two were paired to work together to face D-Generation X. For some reason, they won the tag team titles while The Miz was still U.S. Champion.  A wrestler having multiple titles isn't necessarily unheard of, but it's hard to keep multiple story lines going when a wrestler has multiple championships.

They didn't have much chemistry together in the ring and were not very exciting to watch. The pairing was one of the most random pairings in recent memory, and it felt that creative didn't really think that much about this pairing before it was too late.

7 The New Nexus

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CM Punk was the only thing that helped save The New Nexus. Yet once he departed, the group was left with two members: Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga. McGillicutty was forgettable by the name, and Otunga is often regarded as one of the least valuable talents on the WWE roster. Every other member of The Nexus beforehand was either better in the ring, had more personality or both. With McGillicutty and Otunga, the WWE Universe truly got the bottom of the barrel.

The two didn't have more charisma than a pinkie of CM Punk, and even saying that is generous on my part. The group wouldn't last very long as a tag team, and gratefully so. Unfortunately, Otunga is still on the roster and McGillicutty is underrated as Curtis Axel.

6 Epico and Primo

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Have The Colons ever done anything remotely entertaining for the WWE Universe? What's the most notable thing either one of them as done in the WWE? The cousins have been rebranded and repackaged more times than almost anyone in the company's history, and it's downright embarrassing. Sure, they won a Tag Team title, and they had Rosa Mendes. But that doesn't make this tag team any less forgettable, despite both of them still being on the main roster today. They would lose most of their matches on television throughout the year and often times be seen as jokes by both the fans and characters on screen. They didn't even get to defend their Tag Team titles on the main card of WrestleMania and were left off of Extreme Rules, all while Tag Team Champions.

5 3MB

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WCW had a boy band gimmick by the name of 3-Count that went absolutely wrong. Did the WWE not learn from the company that it purchased more than a decade prior to it? When it formed this group, it sent the message that it clearly didn't. It took three talent - Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater - and made them into the modern day J.O.B. Squad. It was embarrassing to watch and even more embarrassing for all the wrestlers involved. Why would wrestlers pretend to be in a boy band in WWE? It was tackier than the Spirit Squad. A gimmick like this would kill the careers of most wrestlers. While the careers of all three were able to rebound after this, it's still a notoriously bad gimmick.

4 Foxsana

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When Aksana was aligned with Cesaro and Teddy Long, she showed a lot more potential than she did on the ill-fated third season of NXT. However, after she began wrestling more frequently, she got lost in the shuffle. There appeared to be a chance for her to stand out once again when she joined forces with Alicia Fox. However, after injuring Naomi, any signs of pushing Aksana appeared to be squashed. She would team with Fox and barely win matches. Eventually, the WWE started to plant the seeds between Aksana and Fox splitting up, making Aksana a face for the first time since her main roster debut. However, the day after the two of them had a match with one another, Aksana was released from her WWE contract.

3 Team PCB

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The Divas Revolution wasn't executed in the best way. Three teams of three Divas were formed, leaving others, such as Natalya, Summer Rae and Emma out of the equation. The most dysfunctional team of the three was Team PCB. Originally named the Submission Sorority, Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch were the first team of the three to split up. That's a good thing, because their alliance didn't work. It was an awkward trio with too much star power, and the girls simply didn't get to shine at appropriate amounts. Charlotte wasn't getting crowd reactions anywhere near what she gets now, yet she was the most used of the group. Becky Lynch was often treated as an afterthought, despite being the best technical wrestler out of the three. Paige just felt... there. It wasn't a good pairing at all.

2 The Ascension

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Once believed to be the next big tag team in the WWE, The Ascension has become nothing more than a group of jobbers trying too hard to be the next Legion of Doom. Spoiler alert for them: it isn't happening, especially with how weak of a team they have been booked to be. Their main purpose, especially after the 2016 brand split, was to put over new talent, such as American Alpha, and talent with reinvigorated life, such as Heath Slater and Rhyno.

There appeared to be hope with The Ascension when they were paired with Stardust. However, with Stardust leaving the company to pursue even greater things on the indies, perhaps its time for The Ascension to do the same. Are they really ever going to achieve anything?

1 The Vaudevillains

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Aiden English and Simon Gotch were so entertaining during their time in NXT. Their gimmick was a throwback to the Vaudeville-era, and although it was weird, it got them over at Full Sail University. It's a shame that the magic that they once had did not carry over to the main roster. Despite becoming the number one contenders for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship the year before, the team would slowly but surely lose any momentum it had.

The team wouldn't do anything monumental before Simon Gotch was released days after WrestleMania 33. English would be booked as a singles competitor, and the number of wins he has secured this year cannot be counted on one hand. They feel like one of the more missed opportunities in recent years.

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