Would Alberto Del Rio Be Open To Returning To WWE?

Surprisingly, according to Wrestling Inc and an interview that conducted with the former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio hasn't completely shut the door on going back to WWE. He had this to say about his potential WWE return:

"At the moment, I'm working everywhere they want to see me, and I have the opportunity to spend time with my family. I get to enjoy my kids, I'm at home 4-5 days a week, I do 1-2 shows per week. I'm happy, I don't have plans to go back, but like they say, never say never."

Many had assumed he left on poor terms with the company, but he claims differently, saying "they're good right now." Considering that WWE don't have any top Hispanic Superstars on the roster, a future reunion would actually make plenty of sense.

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Would Alberto Del Rio Be Open To Returning To WWE?