Would Vince McMahon Ever Rehire Kurt Angle?

We know that Kurt Angle would sure like to come back to the WWE - he has been saying that he would be honored to return, especially for the WWE Hall of Fame. But would Vince McMahon ever rehire him? The answer is probably not!

According to, because of Kurt Angle's history of substance abuse, McMahon is "strongly" against him ever returning to the WWE.

Angle has been sober for almost two years at this point, but Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer had this to say on the subject:

"It’s doubtful that WWE will bring in Kurt Angle. Vince is real strong on not hiring him, and he’s got his reasons why. He feels if something bad happens to Kurt it’ll really hurt the company because of his status as a gold medalist, and a real sports figure, and then people will start asking questions, and they’ll have sponsor issues. But, if Kurt isn’t under their watch and something happens, then they’ll be fine."

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Would Vince McMahon Ever Rehire Kurt Angle?