WrestleMania 35: Ranking Each Match From Worst To Best

WrestleMania 35 has come and gone, and despite the relative lack of build for some major angles, it was one of the most enjoyable events WWE put together for some time. While the show was long, and the audience felt that near the end, this will go down as one of the most cathartic, historic, and best overall WrestleManias ever. With that in mind, we're going through each main card match (sorry to the pre-show and John Cena segment) to see how good each stacked up.

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12 Kurt Angle Vs Baron Corbin

It wasn't easy to put Kurt Angle's last match ever as the worst on the card, but unfortunately, that's the case. With that in mind, it wasn't a bad affair. The entire ordeal was kept short, Angle got some signature spots in (including a beautiful moonsault) and Corbin got the rub of a lifetime. Let's see if he can run with it.

11 AJ Styles Vs Randy Orton

SmackDown Live post-brand split doesn't have many mainstay faces. That said, Orton and Styles are two of them. They're two of the best the WWE has to offer, so maybe on a different card, this could be ranked higher. Still, the back and forth between the two was fun, and the spot where Styles predicted Orton's dropkick leading to a fantastic springboard 480 splash could have been a spot of the night. With that in mind, don't take this low ranking as a knock on the match itself, rather a testament to how good the rest of the show was.

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10 Roman Reigns Vs Drew McIntyre

Roman is back and better than ever. Really, this was the most predictable matchup on the card, but both put in some great work to get people invested in the match. In the end, the returning Reigns got the win over McIntyre, which was a feel-good moment. We were expecting more considering the talent, however.

9 Sasha Banks & Baylee (Women's Tag Team Champions) Vs The IIconics Vs Beth Pheonix & Natalya Vs Nia Jax & Tamina — Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

The WWE Women's Tag Team Division is a little shallow, which is expected considering how new it is, but the talent put together for this match was great. Beth Pheonix looked fantastic in her WrestleMania return alongside her old partner Natalya, and she looked to have the match in the bag if it wasn't for a blind tag by Billie Kay to get herself in the ring just before Pheonix hit the Glam Slam. Everyone did their part in a pretty solid match, we just dislike the Fatal 4-Way Tag concept.

8 Finn Balor Vs Bobby Lashley

It's been a long time since we've been treated with a visit by the Demon, but there was no better time than at WrestleMania against a bigger, stronger, and equally capable opponent like Bobby Lashley. The match was short and sweet, but both Balor and Lashley got some great spots in, which made for a compelling bout that felt fresh despite our familiarity with the matchup.

7 Samoa Joe Vs Rey Mysterio

While we feel bad for Rey Mysterio here, Samoa Joe looked like an absolute animal, and that's exactly how he should look. Mysterio got in one 619, but when he went up for the splash, Joe caught him, slammed him on the ground and locked in the Coquina Clutch and put the famous luchador to sleep.

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Considering rumors suggesting Mysterio is hurt, this was the perfect way to mask any issues, and in an event as long as WrestleMania 35, a surprisingly quick match kept the show flowing at what felt like a break-neck pace.

6 Brock Lesnar (Universal Champion) Vs Seth Rollins

While we won't sit here and say Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins is the best opening match in WrestleMania history, we will say it was the most surprising. Opening the biggest event of the year with one of the company's top belts was an unexpected move, but it set the tone for the night. Lesnar attacked Rollins before he got into the ring, and the two brawled for what felt like an eternity. Finally, when they made their way into the squared circle, the match officially started and Lesnar had a clear advantage. That was until an unexpected ref bump took the official out of action, giving Rollins the chance to land a low blow on Lesnar. Three curb-stomps later, and we have a new Universal Champion.

While the match was great, we can't help but feel a little off knowing Rollins, the hero in the story, won in such an underhanded fashion, but we won't complain — we're just happy to have the Universal Championship back on WWE TV consistently.

5 Usos (SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions) vs The Bar Vs Ricochet & Alister Black Vs Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura —Fatal 4-Way Tag-Team Match

Again, we really dislike WWE's multi-team tag match format, but this was pretty fun. In a match that allowed everyone to get their moves in, Cesaro that put the match over the top with a never-ending swing on Ricochet. Seriously, we're surprised the high-fligher didn't have vertigo after that spot! In the end, the Usos retained their title, and while that was the safe option, we won't complain when one of the best teams in the world holds a top belt in the WWE.

4 Triple H Vs Batista — No Holds Barred

Going into this match, no one expected Triple H and Batista to put on an ECW-styled hardcore match. But it's 2019, and wrestling is weird, so let's just roll with it.

From the get-go we knew we were in for a treat as Triple H came down to the ring in a Mad Max-inspired entrance — but that was just a sign of things to come. The two beat each other with everything at their disposal, including a toolbox and the contents inside, and by the end of things, Batista had his nose ring torn from his face, was whipped with a metal chain, and was ready to have a sledgehammer-fight with The Game.

In the end, it was WWE's lord and savior Triple H who came out on top, but that's not what matters. These two outdid their previous 'Mania match by a longshot, and it was the perfect send-off for The Animal.

3 Shane McMahon Vs The Miz (Falls Count Anywhere)

While Triple H vs Batista was a more brutal match, Shane McMahon vs The Miz was much better than we think it had any right to be. Sure, the two had a months-long build to this moment, but there was no way we could have expected the match to be this wild.

We thought the high spot for the match would be The Miz's dad's involvement, saving his son from an elbow drop through a table, but really, that's where the match shifted into another gear. The two fought around the entire arena, destroying everything in their paths — including the international commentary tables — and took some crazy bumps along the way. McMahon, in particular, made us cringe with a fall over a guardrail onto the roof of a golf cart then onto the ground in what looked like an awkward tumble. Yet, that didn't discourage him from walking away with a victory after the two superstars fell from an elevated platform. McMahon happened to land on top of The Miz during the crash, which technically counted as a pinfall. It was the perfect end to the most insane match of the night.

2 Ronda Rousey (Raw Women's Champion) Vs Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live Women's Champion) Vs Becky Lynch — Winner Take All

While the finish looked a little screwy, this match lived up to the hype. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch are all world-class athletes, and tonight proved just that. Throughout the match, however, Rousey looked a little nervous, blowing a few spots, yet the experience of Flair and Lynch masked most of her imperfections on the night.

If anything, this bout suffered the most from the long run time and general emotional drain from some of the contests that came before it, but in the end, these women made history, and the right person won. We can't wait to see how WWE follows this up.

1 Daniel Bryan (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) Vs Kofi Kingston

This may be the most cathartic finish to a WWE match in years. Kofi Kingston has been championed by superstars like CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan for what seems like his whole career, but it wasn't until 2019 that putting him in the World Heavyweight Championship picture could happen. That's without going into WWE's spotty record with pushing African American talent in the WWE Championship picture.

Still, without that, the crowd was behind him 100 percent, and really, you're not going to find two wrestlers who could put on a better match regardless.  The spots were perfect, Daniel Bryan was a master-class heel who could legitimately walk out as the champion, and there was the perfect amount of interference from both Rowan and The New Day without there being any repercussions in the actual match.

From the booking to the execution, this was near-flawless. Words don't do this match justice, this is why we watch wrestling.

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