The 10 Worst WrestleMania Opening Matches Ever, Ranked

While people instantly think about the main event matches when it comes to WrestleMania's, another of the most important matches on the card each year is the opening bout of the night. It is the opening match which sets the tone for the entire show, getting the crowd electric and setting a level that the rest of the locker room then has to try and follow, raising the standard of the entire show.

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While WWE tends to put a major match in this spot nowadays, that doesn't mean that the opening matches at WrestleMania have always been great, and within this article, we will rank the 10 worst WrestleMania main events of all time.

10 Haku vs Hercules (WrestleMania V)

We will kick start this list with the WrestleMania V opening match, which saw Haku battle Hercules in what was an incredibly slow-paced match up that didn't exactly set the tone for the show. Of course, during this period, fights weren't known for being fast. But even for this era, it was a slow-paced affair between the two big men.

Everything that happened in the ring was basic and it felt very much like a paint by numbers battle that didn't really ever get going, despite the fact it was taking place on such a big stage.

9 The Miz & Big Show vs R-Truth & John Morrison (WrestleMania 26)

This isn't one of the worst matches in the world, hence why it only ranks low in terms of the worst opening matches in history, but it felt very much like a standard television match rather than a top WrestleMania bout.

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Big Show and The Miz proved to be a fairly entertaining tag team, but their opponents in R-Truth and John Morrison just felt very thrown together at the last minute, and the lack of time given meant the match never really got going. As expected, Big Show spent most of the match dominating and the four men certainly tried their best to make the most of their limited time.

8 Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (WrestleMania 27)

Just one year later and WWE didn't improve on their previous efforts. In fact, they got worse with Daniel Bryan taking on Sheamus in what was expected to be a competitive match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Opening WrestleMania with a World Title match should have set the show off to an incredible start, but instead, the match lasted just 18 seconds.

While having short matches on the card is fine, doing it in the opening match  -and in a World Title bout no less - is not. While in the long term it certainly worked and helped Bryan, in terms of just looking at the match itself, it has to make this list.

7 Big Show & Kane vs Carlito & Chris Masters (WrestleMania 22)

Here's another entry for The Big Show. This was, unfortunately, another lackluster tag team match that was handcuffed by the fact that they didn't even get seven minutes to put on a high-quality brawl.

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The four men had to sprint through everything here, which is particularly difficult when two of the wrestlers are giant monsters, as it doesn't make much sense to take them down too quickly. Carlito took the majority of the beating in what essentially boiled down to a squash, despite the fact Chris Masters was in the middle of a push at this time.

6 Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly vs Billy Gunn (WrestleMania XV)

Heading into this match, it was clear that it wasn't going be anything incredible in terms of pure wrestling. It was just total chaos right from the start, with hockey sticks and broomsticks being used as weapons.

All three men were stuck in the lower to mid-card at this point and while it made sense as an opening match on paper, in the fact that it was probably one the fans weren't that excited for, it didn't work in building things up. The crowd certainly got excited due to the fact that weapons were involved, but it didn't set the tone for the actual wrestling quality of the match.

5 D'Lo Brown & The Godfather vs Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan (WrestleMania 2000)

Tag team matches opening the show never seems to go down all that great at WrestleMania and this is another example of that fact as D'Lo Brown and The Godfather teamed to face Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan.

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This WrestleMania, in general, wasn't great, so the opening match did technically set the tone for the entire thing. Making matters worse was that it was not a good match, with things sort of just bumbling along together. The match may as well have been a handicap for the lack of wrestling that Godfather actually does here, and overall this was just a very forgettable match.

4 Battle Royal (WrestleMania IV)

Thankfully, battle royal matches in WWE have vastly improved with age even if the WWE keeps them to the pre-shows at WrestleMania because they really do not belong on the main card of a show.

However, back at WrestleMania IV, the decision was made to open the entire PPV with a battle royal. This match featured a mix of really poor and great wrestlers, leading to a very interesting match. While it isn't the worst battle royal in WrestleMania opening match history (we will get to that later), this still was not a good match.

3 The Headbangers vs. Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon vs. The New Blackjacks vs. Henry & Phinneas Goddwinn (WrestleMania 13)

Further proof that opening tag team matches at WrestleMania does not have a history of being great is the fatal four-way tag team elimination match from WrestleMania 13. The main reason why this match simply didn't work is that the vast majority of the teams involved here weren't great, and because of that things didn't really click in the way they could have done.

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Considering some of the teams that were available to potentially put into this match, with a sluggish pace being surprising considering it was an elimination match featuring so many people.

2 Paul Orndorff vs Magnificent Muraco (WrestleMania II)

The less said about this match the better. In fact, the only things people remember from this was a moment of racism. That doesn't exactly scream wrestling classic, does it? That's right, in this match, Paul Orndorff pulled a racist impression of Mr. Fuji, who was on the outside, which led to some non-PG chanting from the audience, showing just how different the times were.

When it comes to the wrestling itself, the match was very basic and barely lasted five minutes. However, it was still somehow loaded with rest holds and a real lack of action that made this an incredibly dull affair.

1 Tag Team Battle Royal (WrestleMania XIV)

When it comes to the worst opening WrestleMania matches in history, there is no doubt that the infamous tag team battle royal takes the top prize, with this WrestleMania XIV match being the one to forget about. While the match did see some talented teams take part, there were also a lot of filler wrestlers to fill the numbers and make up for the fact was it was just a very messy match that nobody cared about.

It didn't help that many of the eliminations were totally missed by the camera, with Mark Henry also being thrown in between the ropes and eliminated, which meant that fans really didn't know what was happening.

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