15 Forgotten Wrestler Children: Where Are They Now?

Most wrestlers settle down and have kids at some point during their career just like the rest of us, and many of those said children follow in their parents footsteps and become professional wrestlers. That's where the terms "second and third generation" Superstars comes from, as many current wrestling stars have a long lineage of wrestling in their family tree (names such as Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair and Curtis Axel). Although no ones ever guaranteed anything in the wrestling business, having a successful or famous father/mother in the industry certainly helps you chances of breaking out and getting a shot at the WWE (something we've seen time and time again).

Some wrestler children step out of their parents shadow and become stars in their own right, where as others either live a quieter life, they chose another career path, or they simply failed to make an impact in the business when an opportunity presented itself. Some of these forgotten wrestler children are still very young and are just getting started with their respective careers, where as some of the others are already well past their prime and are enjoying a less stressful (and quieter life). I'm sure many of you are curious what some of your favourite wrestlers' children are up to today, so stay tuned. Today's list delves into where the following 15 forgotten wrestler children are now.

15 Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio's Son)

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You probably remember Rey Mysterio's little boy Dominic who appeared multiple times on WWE television in the mid 2000's, but you'd likely have no idea that he's all grown up now and is preparing to embark on a professional wrestling career. At the beginning of last year (2017), Dominic Gutierrez began his wrestling training alongside his father Rey and former WCW star Konnan at the Battle U Pro Wrestling School in San Diego.

If there's one thing for certain when it comes to Dominic, it's the fact that he's much taller than his father Rey, and I bet he'll get his shot at a WWE developmental contract sometime down the line. Dominic's only 19 years old, so he still has plenty of time to learn the ropes and evolve as a performer (rumours suggest he's learning quickly, and the wrestling in his blood definitely doesn't hurt).

14 Lacey Von Erich (Kerry Von Erich's Daughter)

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Lacey Von Erich is the gorgeous daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich (a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and Hall Of Famer). Sine we haven't heard or seen much from Lacey recently following her short runs in WWE and TNA Impact wrestling in the mid 2000's, many of you must be wondering what this forgotten wrestlers' daughter is up to now a days.

For starters, Lacey's since married Grant (her former boyfriend), and they have three children together - Daniel, Trip and Barbara. Lacey now runs her own advertising company, and she's currently working on creating an all-female wrestling promotion alongside other wrestler daughters Brooke Hogan, Ariel Piper and Brittany Page. Lacey's said to be the coach and choreographer, and she claims the company will be starting "very soon".

13 Sean Studd (Big John Studd's Son)

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The young Sean Studd certainly shares an unparalleled resemblance to his late father Big John Studd, and he's now looking to following in his dad's footsteps and eventually become a WWE Superstar. Sean's since become an Indie wrestler, and he's been doing so since he made his debut back in 2015. When Studd was younger, he had a keen interest in pro wrestling, but as he got a bit older, his interest faded away a bit until he attended a wrestling event a few years ago which brought his passion in Sports Entertainment back.

Like his father, Sean Studd's a mountain of a human being and he's got the size of a true monster (6'10" weighing 280 pounds). Sean's made it clear that he intends on earning his place in the wrestling business, as he doesn't want it to seem like he's been handed anything. Without question, I'm sure Sean will find himself in WWE (NXT) sooner rather than later.

12 Colt Toombs (Roddy Piper's Son)

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Colt Toombs is the son of the legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper, a wrestlers child you may have completely forgotten about. Colt is both an MMA fighter and Indie wrestler now, and like so many other second and third generation wrestling children included on this list, Toombs' looking to follow in his fathers footsteps (they definitely share an uncanny resemblance).

I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about Colt Toombs in the coming years, because considering Roddy Piper had a great working relationship with WWE, I'm sure the higher ups within the company will be willing to give Colt a chance at becoming a WWE Superstar (starting out in developmental of course). Judging by the recent photo above of Colt, Toombs has put on quite a bit of size recently.

11 David Finlay (Finlay's Son)

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David Finlay's the son of current WWE backstage producer and former United States Champion Finlay. Similar to many of these forgotten wrestler children, David's actively pursuing a wrestling career now since December 2012, and he's actually currently signed to NJPW. He's had quite a bit of success in the business up to this point at a very young age (24 years old), and it looks like his career is projecting upwards.

With his father Finlay working for WWE, I'm sure David has aspirations of making it to the company and performing for NXT in the future. David's still learning the ropes as he's only been wrestling for a few years, but he shows promise and has lots of potential. Finlay's a great mentor to have, as he was a very talented brawler and David's undoubtedly inherited some of his talent.

10 Shaul Guerrero (Eddie & Vickie Guerrero's Daughter)


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Vickie and the late Eddie Guerrero's daughter Shaul Guerrero aka Raquel Diaz (WWE name) is all grown up now at 27 years old, and she's currently an Independent wrestler who has started taking Indie bookings as of December 2017 (she took some time off following her departure from WWE in 2014).

Since her departure, Shaul has gone on record to state that her leave from WWE was due to an ongoing eating disorder - let's hope she'll get another opportunity to perform for the company sometime in the future as she's talented and has a great look. If you weren't aware, Shaul has since married current WWE Superstar Aiden English as of January 2016 following a two year engagement. Shaul had originally made a WWE appearance similar to Rey Mysterio's son as a teenager during a segment involving Vickie and Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown back in 2005.

9 Tessa Blanchard (Tully Blanchard's Daughter)

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The Four Horseman's Tully Blanchard has daughter you may have forgotten about, and her name is Tessa Blanchard. Where is Tessa Now? Well, Tessa's a current Indie wrestler, and she's performed numerous times for WWE (most recently during the Mae Young Classic last summer where she was eliminated by Kairi Sane in round 1). Although she hasn't been signed to a full-time deal with WWE yet, I truly believe it will happen somewhere down the line as Tessa's a talented performer with a great look.

Tessa's still very young (age 22), so she still has plenty of time to grow as a wrestler and eventually make the jump over to WWE. Though some believe the "Indies" are a step down from WWE, they are a great place to start and learn the ropes of the wrestling business, and this valuable experience betters performers chances of success when they're in the "big times" aka WWE.

8 Ted Dibiase Jr. (Ted Dibiase Sr.'s Son)

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Although I wouldn't fully classify Ted DiBiase Jr. as being a completely forgotten about wrestlers' son seeing he did have some notable success in WWE, but he's been out of the spotlight for quite a few years now, and he's been living a very quiet life since retiring from Sports Entertainment in 2013. So the question begs, where exactly is the former Tag Team Champion now?

In 2012, Ted DiBiase Jr. started his very own non-profit organization where he's involved with youth leadership (to inspire unprivileged children with love and support). Ted's obviously got a huge heart, and it's nice to see someone coming from his position and taking a step back from the bright lights of WWE, and doing something positive for people in need. Ted DiBiase Jr. is also married now, and has a son named Tate.

7 Amy Hennig (Mr. Perfect's Daughter)

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Although WWE's Curtis Axel is widely recognized as the son the legendary Mr. Perfect Kurt Hennig, the fact remains Kurt also has 3 other children, and a daughter many fans have since forgotten about - her name is Amy Hennig, and she's an Indie wrestler now who's been performing for multiple years (since 2008) on the Independent wrestling circuit. Amy had stayed away from the spotlight for most of career up to this point, and it's unknown if she ever has aspirations to become a WWE Superstar or not.

Prior to researching Amy, I had forgotten the late Mr. Perfect even had a daughter as we haven't seen or heard from her in quite some time. There's very little information on Amy online, as she doesn't appear to have any form of social media. I suppose Amy Hennig prefers the quieter life unlike Curtis Axel who enjoys the bright lights of WWE.

6 David Flair (Ric Flair's Son)

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Looking at the recent photo of David Flair above posing alongside his sister Charlotte and father Ric, he's completely unrecognizable compared to his tenures in WCW and WWE where he had blonde hair and no facial hair. Although David still makes appearances sporadically on the Independent wrestling scene, he's pretty much cut ties with the business following his short run in WWE in 2002.

So where's David Flair now? Well, David's since married and has two children with his wife Robin Haskell. They currently live in Shelby, North Carolina and David's working for a copper and steal wire manufacturer called The Seal Wire Company (a company owned by David's mother in law). David Flair has had a pretty low profile life following his unofficial retirement from wrestling, and he's really just enjoying a quieter life away from the spotlight.

5 Jake Carter (Vader's Son)

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The legendary wrestling Superstar Vader has a son named Jake Carter aka Jesse White, and you've probably since forgotten about him as he's been out of the spotlight for a couple of years now. Jake Carter was with WWE between 2011-2013 where he performed for the company's developmental territory FCW, and then the newly rebranded NXT in 2012.

Carter was unfortunately released from the WWE in 2013, and most fans haven't heard much from Jake since. Although it's unclear if Carter's still wresting or not (probably sporadically on the Indies), he's been living the quiet life recently. Jesse White is dating current WWE announcer/personality JoJo Offerman, and despite JoJo's alleged affair with Bray Wyatt last year, they appear to still be a couple.

4 Leland Race (Harley Race's Son)

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Leland Race is the widely forgotten son of WWE Hall Of Famer Harley Race. Though Leland doesn't look like a "spitting image" of his legendary father, he still possesses a pretty good look at 5'11" weighing around 205 pounds. Leland Race who also goes by the ring name Jason Jones has been performing on the Indies since 2005, and he's been competing on a fairly regular basis all over the United States.

Leland's most recent appearance was for WLW (World League Wrestling owned by his father) back in November where he defeated Rex Fults. When asked in an interview a while back if he'd be interested in attending an NXT/WWE tryout camp, he claims if there's an opportunity he'd take it. At 31 years old, there's still plenty of time for Leland to make the jump to WWE.

3 James Snuka aka Deuce (Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's Son)

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Most of you probably remember James Snuka (Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's son) as one half of WWE's Deuce 'n Domino tag team on SmackDown between January 2007 and August 2008. Deuce alongside his tag team partner Domino captured the Tag Team Championships once and though they were a pretty solid duo, their tenure in the company was very short lived. So where is James Snuka now?

Following Deuce's release from WWE, he performed sporadically on the Indies for a short period of time until he decided to retire from the business entirely a few years ago. Since retiring, James has resided in Gilbert, Arizona where he works for a health supplement store (research and development apparently). If you hadn't known, Deuce is the real-life brother of current WWE Women's Division wrestler Tamina.

2 Cody Hall (Scott Hall's Son)

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For all of you who have since forgotten or are totally unaware, Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon has a 26 year old son named Cody Hall. If you haven't kept up with Cody and are wondering where he is now, Cody Hall's a professional wrestler who has worked in multiple promotions including NJPW where he performed as a member of the famed Bullet Club faction.

He has since departed New Japan though, and he's currently wrestling for Pro Wrestling Noah (another Japanese wrestling company) as of March of last year. Cody's definitely got a great look, as he stands at 6'9" weighing 268 pounds - a very similar build to his fathers. Cody Hall has all the tools to be a successful wrestler, and he's already seen quite a bit of success at a young age, and a WWE debut isn't out of the question. He's a very talented guy who would greatly compliment NXT.

1 David Benoit (Chris Benoit's Son)

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Coming in as the final forgotten wrestler's child, we bring to you the son of the late (and highly controversial) Chris Benoit, David Benoit.  The WWE has done a fine job of erasing Chris Benoit from the history books, but they haven't completely erased Chris' son as he's recently appeared at multiple WWE events and appeared to be backstage with some of the company's talents.

There has always been speculation that David's interested in pursuing a wrestling career (and potentially joining WWE), but nothing has come from it as of yet. Up to this point, David Benoit has been living a quiet life in Alberta Canada. Though David's attempted to get wrestling training in the past via the Storm Wrestling Academy, he doesn't seem very serious about going through with a wrestling career right now. Only time will tell I suppose.

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