10 Best Wrestler & Manager Pairings In Wrestling History

The addition of a manager to a wrestler can make the act improve even more. Many wrestlers need the help of a talker to make up for their weakness on the microphone. Others just get enhanced by having someone at their side that makes sense. WWE tried phasing out managers for many years until a recent resurgence. Talents like Zelina Vega, Lana, Stokely Hathaway, and Robbie E are hoping to make an impact in the role.

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We will look at the all-time great instances of wrestlers and managers finding magic together. Not all pairings do have chemistry, but the ones that work find success that showcase how beneficial it can be. These combinations did amazing things together in the wrestling world in a way that enhanced each personality. Find out which reign supreme as we look at the top ten best wrestler and manager pairings in wrestling history.

10 The Hardy Boyz and Lita

The addition of Lita to the Hardy Boyz helped get them to the next level in WWE during the Attitude Era. Lita was more popular than her prior wrestler Essa Rios and transitioned into forming Team Xtreme with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

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All three wrestlers were known for taking risks. Lita often interfered in matches to even the odd or get revenge on various heel wrestlers. They even teamed together on a few occasions in six-person tag matches. Lita had a great run with Edge in later years, but the run with Matt and Jeff made them all stars.

9 Abyss and James Mitchell

One of the best acts from TNA in the mid-2000s would see Father James Mitchell become the new manager of Abyss. The gimmick of Abyss prevented him from speaking and a manager was clearly needed to get the most potential out of him.

Mitchell led Abyss into the main event picture even defeating Sting to win the NWA Championship for a short run. Abyss started to lose his momentum when TNA split them up before eventually releasing Mitchell. The career of Abyss could have been way stronger if sticking with Mitchell longer.

8 Shawn Michaels and Sherri Martel

The heel turn of Shawn Michaels ending The Rockers tag team with Marty Jannetty improved when Sherri Martel became his manager. Sherri was one of the most underrated managers and female wrestling talents in wrestling history.

Michaels started to develop the ladies man persona that created the Heartbreak Kid gimmick along with his iconic theme song. Sherri didn’t have a long run with Michaels like some of the other pairs, but the success they accomplished together makes them top ten worthy.

7 Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express

The Midnight Express of Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton found incredible success together with Jim Cornette as their manager. Any longtime wrestling fan knows how tremendous Cornette was as a manager for many different wrestlers throughout his career.

Eaton and Condrey each lacked the microphone skills and charisma to become stars on their own. They had incredible matches and brought intensity to the ring. Cornette put them over the top to become a top tier tag team. The Midnight Express will always be linked with Cornette as their legacies are merged.

6 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Triple H was always a talented star in the '90s with great potential. However, it wasn’t until the storyline with Stephanie McMahon that he seized a top spot for good. The marriage angle between Triple H and Stephanie would see her at his side for matches for a few years.

Stephanie also benefited from the angle as her personality started to form as a hated heel. Both would benefit immensely from working together. Triple H occasionally still has Stephanie at his side for the occasional match today like recent WrestleMania bouts against Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

5 Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan

Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan are two of the most iconic wrestling personalities in WWE history. The size of Andre made him a special attraction that helped WWE find mainstream success during his feud with Hulk Hogan.

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Heenan becoming his manager led to the perfect pairing. Andre was a man of few words and Heenan was arguably the greatest heel personality of all time. Many wrestlers benefited from having Heenan manage them, but the combination with Andre may be the best.

4 Road Warriors and Paul Ellering

The Road Warriors always dominated the tag team scene in every promotion they wrestled for in the '80s and early '90s. Manager Paul Ellering was a part of the act as he accompanied them to the ring quite consistently during their peak moments.

The style of Ellering didn’t lead to long promos or detailed attacks, but he always added to their act. Hawk and Animal each had the presence, but Ellering did the talking for them. One of the reasons the Road Warriors struggled in WWE during the late '90s was due to the lack of Ellering at their side.

3 Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

Randy Savage became one of the top overall stars in the '80s. The face run of Savage thrived when his real-life wife Miss Elizabeth became his manager. Fans connected with the combination of the mild-mannered Elizabeth and the wild Macho Man.

Savage even was able to use the relationship with Elizabeth to enter a feud with Hulk Hogan when he felt Hogan was making a pass at his wife. The pair found incredible success together as Elizabeth was among the first major managers to succeed for WWE.

2 Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

The current pairing of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman is still thriving with another WWE Championship reign starting for Lesnar. Heyman joined Brock during his debut in WWE in 2002. Lesnar won the WWE Championship within a couple of months with Heyman doing the talking for him.

WWE tried splitting them up and Lesnar suffered without a mouthpiece at his side. The return of Brock in 2012 was not going as well as WWE wanted until they brought back Heyman. Both men worked well like there was no break and Lesnar has controlled the top spot in WWE for years now.

1 The Undertaker and Paul Bearer

The Undertaker badly needed a manager early in his career as one of the few wrestlers that didn’t talk. Brother Love was tried in the role, but there was almost no chemistry there. Paul Bearer was the perfect choice with the ideal look and style of charisma to match with Undertaker.

Both men found great success together as Undertaker started to find his groove with Bearer as his side. WWE eventually split them up with Bearer managing Undertaker’s enemies Mankind and Kane to success as well. However, the pairing of Undertaker and Bearer is the one that deserves the top spot as the best combination in wrestling history.

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