The Wrestler Nia Jax Beat On Raw Was Just 17 Years Old

Every now and again Raw and SmackDown Live undergo massive face lifts and they mark the beginning of a new era in WWE. The last time that was done in a major way came when Vince McMahon decided to reintroduce the brand split. Dividing his WWE roster in two with half of the Superstars competing on Monday nights and the other half on Tuesday nights.

A lot of other changes took place with the reintroduction of the draft also. We saw the introduction of new championships and also the reemergence of squash matches. Bouts where well known Superstars take on relatively unknown enhancement talents and defeat them in extremely short order. On Raw Braun Strowman and Nia Jax were respectively pretty much taking part in those matches on a weekly basis.

While Strowman is rarely afforded squash matches any more Jax still is. In fact the former NXT Superstar had a squash match this past Monday. The poor soul that had to take her on was named Vanessa Floyd, and turns out she is a little different from anyone else Jax would have squashed before. As reported by Bleacher Report Jax's unlucky opponent was just 17 years old.


via wwe.com

Vanessa Floyd's real name is Savanna Stone and she works on the independent circuit, as do the majority of the enhancement talents that are brought in for squash matches. Stone is currently Zero1's USA Women's Champion and trained to become a wrestler under Michael Elgin. It seems as if the future is bright for her, especially since she has already made an appearance on Raw at the age of just 17.


Stone need not be disheartened by the fact that she didn't exactly get much offence in against Jax on Raw this past Monday. Superstars such as AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy started their wrestling careers as enhancement talents and have gone on to become multiple time World Champions. Plus at the age of just 17 she has a long and hopefully storied career ahead of her. Perhaps she will return to WWE as a full time talent one day and get revenge on Nia Jax for this week's squash match.

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