Wrestler Snaps Leg With Gruesome Apron Jump [Video]

During a recent Lucha Libre AAA event, a female wrestler named Goya Kong suffered a really nasty leg injury as she snapped it in half while performing a somersault dive off of the ring apron.

The video of Kong injuring herself is below, but we must warn you that it is graphic as you watch her leg snap the wrong way. She wailed in agony while laying on the ground after you can clearly hear her leg snap.

It looks like Kong landed the wrong way after diving off of the apron. Instead of landing straight up and down on her feet, she was leaned back when coming down and her weight caused her leg to snap like a twig.

Kong, a 30-year-old star from North America was rushed to the hospital and ended up undergoing surgery. The UK Sun says she'll likely be out for the next six to 12 months while her leg heals.


What's really crazy is that while Kong won't be in the ring for a while, she is scheduled to make some non-wrestling appearances as soon as this coming weekend.

Kong posted a photo on Twitter of herself lying in her hospital bed.

Kong sounds very upbeat despite her injury and plans on getting back in the ring.

"Despite the fact that it is a bad injury, I want to carry on," Kong said. "God sends his best warriors into the worst battles."

In order to move around over the course of the next few weeks, doctors have told Kong that she will need a mobility aid.

Unfortunately, athletes suffer nasty injuries like these all time. Whether it's football or basketball players. Just back in October Boston Celtics stars, Gordon Hayward snapped his leg after landing awkwardly after going up for a pass.

Wrestling runs in Kong's family all the way back to 1931 when her grandfather first made his debut. She is also an icon in South America since her mother is legendary fighter Brazo de Plata.

Kong made her pro wrestling debut in 2007 and just made the jump to AAA in June of 2015, after being introduced by her brother Psycho Clown.

We wish Kong nothing but the best when it comes to her recovery.


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