10 Wrestlers With Bad Physiques (But Were Great Anyway)

You don't necessarily need to possess the most unbelievable physique in the world in order to thrive as a professional wrestler. If anything, the latest generation of stars have proven that, as it's the guys who don't look like they've come straight out of a bodybuilding competition that are making the most noise.

Today, we're going to stand up for the guys that may not have the best look, but certainly know how to pull off the big moments in the ring.

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They're more agile than you'd expect, they're fun to watch, and they redefine what it means to be a main roster star.

10 Big Show

We have to clarify that Big Show is now in incredible shape, and as fans, we’re elated to see what unbelievable progress he’s been able to make. Of course, while that may be the case, it hasn’t always been true of the multi-time world champion.

Despite possessing insane athleticism for his size, there was still a long period of time in which Show was carrying around quite a bit of timber. Still, even to this day it’s great to see him come out and compete as one of our favorite veterans.

9 Yokozuna

Yokozuna was easily one of the most imposing figures of his generation. The guy was an absolute machine and we mean that in the nicest way possible, because unfortunately, it seems as if his physique is what eventually led to his premature death.

This sensational athlete was able to rise to the very top of WWE, competing in multiple WrestleManias for the world title – leaving an everlasting legacy in the process which will live on long after all of us are gone, and that’s a testament to the big man.

8 Samoa Joe

How can you not love Joe? Part of his appeal is his unique physique, mainly because he’s capable of doing so many wonderful things with it inside the squared circle.

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It’s a travesty that he has been unable to rise up to the very top of WWE up to this point, and while he’s challenged for the world title on a few separate occasions, he’s never actually been able to win the big one aside from the NXT Championship. He’s a veteran, and yet we still feel as if he’s got a few more years left in the tank.

7 Kevin Owens

He dismantled John Cena during his first feud on the main roster, he won the Universal Championship, and he also happens to be hilarious. That’s right, we’re talking about Kevin Owens.

The Prizefighter has gone from being one of the best heels in the business to one of the most exciting babyfaces, and that’s not exactly a transition many folks expected him to make.

Owens is capable of some wonderful things in the ring and outside of it, and his physique has absolutely nothing to do with that at all.

6 James Ellsworth

You may not like him and you may not even respect him, but James Ellsworth worked incredibly hard to make his bizarre spell on the main roster work.

He was positioned as being the ultimate underdog, and he made us all believe that he was capable of doing the unthinkable: winning the WWE Championship.

Even when he made the move over to the dark side, he was a lot of fun, helping Carmella to win some really high profile matches.

If we had to sum him up in just one word, it would be underrated.

5 Andre The Giant

The European sensation was one of the most remarkable performers in the history of professional wrestling, and we do not say that lightly. He stood at an insane height and weighed an awful lot, but it never seemed to detract from his work in between the ropes.

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He was both entertaining and incredibly serious, and we as fans always felt it. Sure, he liked a beer or two, but he never changed who he was throughout his time in the business and we absolutely love that. His legacy speaks for itself.


John “Bradshaw” Layfield was heavily frowned upon when he went on his fantastic WWE Championship run, and yet, that run was one of the most entertaining things in all of pro wrestling that year – because he knew how to get the fans to hate him.

JBL was never blessed with a great physique, but he never really claimed to have one, either.

The guy was good at what he was good at, and that includes his unbelievable Clothesline from Hell finishing move which you couldn’t even pay us to take.

3 Kane

The mayor of Knox County isn’t all too active nowadays due to his commitments outside of the ring, but once upon a time he was one of the scariest dudes in the business.

As the years went on his body certainly seemed to change, because you know, that’s literally what happens when you get a bit older.

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Kane can still move around like a man twenty years his junior and that’ll never cease to amaze us. He really is one of a kind, and we just know he’ll go on to do even more wonderful things in both industries.

2 Mick Foley

He told us all to have a nice day and whenever he was on screen, we most certainly did.

He wasn’t the biggest and he wasn’t the strongest, but Mick Foley aka Cactus Jack aka Mankind aka Dude Love gave his blood, sweat and tears to pro wrestling – and especially to WWE.

When he won the WWE Championship it was considered to be one of the turning points of the Monday Night Wars, and when you consider just how long that war went on for, that’s saying something about Foley’s insane star power at the time.

1 Bray Wyatt

Nowadays, in his new split personality role, Wyatt seems to have lost the weight and turned it into muscle, and good for him. However, even when he was slightly bigger during his cult leader gimmick, we still feel like he was one of the most intimidating characters on the main roster.

Wyatt is such an insanely enjoyable figure to have around in WWE because he gives his all every single night. In the modern era, you really do need guys like that battling for your team every step of the way.

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