5 Wrestlers That Batista Has Never Beat (& 5 That He Never Lost To)

The legendary career of Batista in WWE has come to an end after he received his storybook ending. Batista faced off with Triple H at WrestleMania 35 in an entertaining match to end things against his mentor on the biggest stage. The acting change helped make Batista a bigger mainstream star thanks to his success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, but wrestling was his first love that made him a success story.

Many of the top stars from the 2000s squared off with Batista in impressive fashion. Batista had incredible rivalries with fellow legends like The Undertaker, Edge and Booker T. There were a few talented wrestlers that Batista never scored a victory over. We will look at both sides of his win/loss record during his WWE career with five wrestlers that Batista has never beat along with five that he never lost to.

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10 Never beat: Kurt Angle

The rise of Batista in WWE came around the end of Kurt Angle’s run in the company. Batista only had one singles match against Angle on WWE television before the latter was released. Their singles bout ended in a no-contest due to outside interference.

It turned into a tag team with match Angle and Triple H uniting as heels to defeat Batista and Shawn Michaels. Angle technically scored the victory over Batista in the tag bout to receive the win. Batista would never get another match against Angle as he moved to Smackdown while Angle was on Raw.

9 Never lost to: Ric Flair

Ric Flair and Batista often teamed together during their run in Evolution as the World Tag Team Champions. Batista eventually turned face on Triple H which led to Flair also becoming his enemy during this long feud in 2005.

There was just one singles match between Flair and Batista to take place on television. Batista defeated Flair during an episode of Raw to score the one victory needed to have a flawless victory. The two faced off or teamed together in many future house show matches, but their only singles match made Batista the winner.

8 Never beat: Brock Lesnar

Batista and Brock Lesnar came up around the same time in WWE developmental. Both wrestlers had great looks that made them top prospects for the company. Lesnar became a bigger star first with Batista following him shortly after.

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The two legends only had one singles match that was not even televised. This dark match featured Lesnar scoring the win over Batista. Fans held out hope of the two facing off at some point in recent years when both returned to WWE, but it never happened.

7 Never lost to: Sheamus

Sheamus was one of the wrestlers to make a move to the top of WWE after Batista’s run was at its end. Batista and Sheamus seem to be ideal opponents for each other given their size and physical style in the ring during their matches.

Their only television match with a decisive finish came when Batista defeated both Sheamus and Randy Orton during an episode of Raw back in 2010 to become the #1 contender to the WWE Championship. Batista’s return in 2014 featured another singles win over Sheamus on Smackdown.

6 Never beat: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner had a lackluster run in WWE from 2002-2004, but one fun fact about the stint is that he had a spotless record against Batista. The two jacked wrestlers had arguably the most impressive physiques on the entire roster.

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Steiner scored a singles victory over Batista on Raw in early 2003 during his feud with Batista’s mentor Triple H. A couple more wins for Steiner came in tag team action teaming with Booker T as they defeated Batista on multiple occasions with his partners Triple H and Randy Orton.

5 Never lost to: Umaga

One of the underrated WrestleMania matches for Batista took place at WrestleMania 24 when facing off with Umaga. It was done in the spirit of Raw vs Smackdown brand wars with Batista taking home the win for the Smackdown brand.

The two would face off on television one more time with Batista once again coming out victorious. Umaga was among the underrated wrestlers of the era and it showed in his fun but losing efforts against Batista in WWE.

4 Never beat: Roman Reigns

Batista eliminated Roman Reigns last to win the 2014 Royal Rumble match, but he never was able to defeat The Big Dog in direct competition. Fans will remember the two big trios matches on PPV that featured Reigns and The Shield defeating Batista and Evolution.

The two wrestlers also faced off once in singles during an episode of Raw in 2014. It was ruled a no-contest after their partners interfered which made Reigns go the entire feud without suffering any losses to Batista.

3 Never lost to: Christian

Christian was a mid-card heel during the run of Batista as the face World Champion. The two never worked a big feud, but Christian did run down Batista in a few promos when he was insulting some of the other top stars in the company.

Batista got his revenge by scoring victories over Christian in all three of their singles matches in 2005. These wrestlers also faced off in two multi-person team matches that ended with Batista’s team coming out on top each and every team.

2 Never beat: CM Punk

CM Punk won his first World Championship in WWE thanks to Batista laying out Edge in the ring. The Money in the Bank contract allowed Punk to cash in and win the title from Edge after Batista did most of the damage. Punk and Batista faced off in a short feud afterward that ended with Punk retaining in no-contests.

WWE would have them face off in two televised singles matches in the future. Punk defeated Batista by count-out during an episode of Smackdown in 2009. Another match between the two ended with Punk winning via count-out in 2010 to advance to an Elimination Chamber match.

1 Never lost to: Goldberg

Goldberg only lost to a few wrestlers throughout his entire career, so that makes it more impressive that Batista never lost to him. The two had a few interactions and matches back when Goldberg was feuding with Triple H. Batista officially joined Evolution by attacking Goldberg to become a member and earn the $100,000 bounty set by the group.

Their only singles match ended in a no-contest, but Batista did score a victory over Goldberg when Evolution defeated him in a 3 vs 1 handicap match. Goldberg found some revenge when his team defeated Batista’s team in a six-man tag, but Batista left the match which means he didn’t officially get a loss on his record.

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