Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

The one thing that has kept Brock Lesnar on top of WWE for so long -- even after taking years off to try his hand at the NFL and UFC -- is his win-loss record. Lesnar made his main roster debut in 2002. For a little while, he picked up some losses on house shows as he learned the ropes, but when Lesnar appeared on television, he never lost.

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There are very few people who have ever beaten Brock Lesnar in a singles' match on television or a pay-per-view. When it comes to his WWE career, Lesnar has received more protection than any other superstar since Hulk Hogan, and the number of men to pin The Beast can be counted on two hands. Here are 10 wrestlers who beat Brock Lesnar clean, nine on the main roster and one way back in OVW.

10 SETH ROLLINS (4/7/19)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

While saying Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar "clean" is a slight misstatement, the fact of the matter is that Rollins pinned Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 and won the WWE Universal Championship. Yes, Rollins waited until the referee wasn't looking and kicked Lesnar in the groin, but Lesnar has done worse.

No matter the method of his win, Rollins beat Brock Lesnar on the biggest stage of them all. Throughout Lesnar's entire WWE career, only one man as small as Rollins beat Lesnar and that puts Rollins in excellent company. It should also be noted this is the second time that Rollins won the title in a match with Lesnar, but the last time he pinned Roman Reigns in a three-way to do so.

9 ROMAN REIGNS (8/19/18)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Roman Reigns had a story built around him in 2017-18 that showed him fighting to claw his way to the top. The Authority tried to hold him down every step of the way. There was even a WrestleMania match where it looked like Reigns could beat Lesnar when Seth Rollins came down with his Money in the Bank and stole the win.

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However, Roman Reigns time finally came at SummerSlam 2018. There was interference as Braun Strowman showed up with his Money in the Bank briefcase and said he would cash in on the winner. This distraction caused Lesnar to go out and beat up Strowman and chunk the briefcase before returning and eating a spear for the Roman Reigns title win.

8 GOLDBERG (11/20/16 and 3/14/04)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Bill Goldberg is one of only two men to beat Brock Lesnar in any sort of significant match twice. The first time came in 2004 at WrestleMania XX. It was the last match in WWE for Goldberg, who was retiring from wrestling, and Lesnar, who was leaving to try out for the NFL. Fans booed both men out of the building, and Goldberg won.

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The second time they fought was 12 years later at Survivor Series 2016. Fans loved Goldberg this time, and in his first match in over a decade, he beat Lesnar in under two minutes with two spears and a jackhammer. It was the most dominant, clean win in Lesnar's career. Brock got his win back the next year.

7 UNDERTAKER (8/23/15)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Brock Lesnar shocked the WWE Universe in 2014 when he pinned Undertaker and ended The Streak at WrestleMania XXX. No one believed that The Streak would ever end, especially not to someone like Lesnar when it would have helped a younger star more. Regardless, Lesnar beat Undertaker at a WrestleMania.

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The next year, Undertaker was back and wanted a piece of Lesnar. They two fought at SummerSlam 2015. When the referee wasn't looking, Undertaker hit a low blow and locked in his gogoplata submission hold. Lesnar flipped Undertaker off and then passed out in the hold. Lesnar didn't tap out, but passing out was still a KO win for Undertaker.

6 TRIPLE H (4/7/13)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

There were lots of retirement threats at WrestleMania events. Ric Flair retired when Shawn Michaels beat him. Shawn Michaels retired after Undertaker defeated him. At WrestleMania 29, Triple H said he would retire if Brock Lesnar beat him. Lesnar had already broken Triple H's arm, but The Game had his buddy Shawn Michaels with him.

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While Lesnar has dominated since his return to WWE in 2012, he lost a pair of matches early in his return, and this was the second of the two. Triple H did have to use a weapon to win, hitting Lesnar with the sledgehammer and then hitting the Pedigree on the ring steps, but it was still a win, and the match was No Hold's Barred.

5 JOHN CENA (4/29/12)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

When Brock Lesnar made his WWE return, it was the night after WrestleMania, and he came in and destroyed John Cena. It looked like Lesnar was going to be a major star on his return -- and he was. However, for some reason, WWE had him lose his first major match back in the company while trying to make him look like a star at the same time.

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At Extreme Rules, Cena and Lesnar fought in an Extreme Rules match where anything goes. Lesnar then proceeded to kick the crap out of Cena for over 15 minutes. Seriously, Lesnar was throwing Cena around the ring like a ragdoll, and it wasn't even a contest. Cena then hit Lesnar with a chain and hit the AA on the ring steps for the win out of nowhere.

4 KURT ANGLE (6/29/07 and 8/24/03)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Kurt Angle is the other major star that has beaten Brock Lesnar twice -- although one of the wins was not in WWE. The first time that Angle beat Lesnar was at SummerSlam in 2003 -- Lesnar's second year with WWE. The match was for the SmackDown world title, and Angle was the champion. The match lasted 21 minutes, and Lesnar clean tapped to the ankle lock -- see, Brock Lesnar has tapped out.

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Now, the second Kurt Angle win came in 2007 in Japan at an event called IGF Toukon Bom-Ba-Ye, and it was an IWGP 3rd Belt Match. Angle was also the new TNA Impact world champion. Lesnar went for the ankle lock, but Angle reversed it, Lesnar tapped again, and Angle won Brock's IWGP title. In some fun trivia, the next year, Angle lost the title to Shinsuke Nakamura.

3 EDDIE GUERRERO (2/15/04)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most popular stars in WWE -- both as a babyface and a heel. When he faced big men like Brock Lesnar, he looked like an even bigger star, able to match up well and look good despite the size difference. At No Way Out 2004, Guerrero got a chance to not only shine against Brock Lesnar -- but beat him.

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This match is for the SmackDown world title, which Lesnar held at the time. Most of Lesnar's matches now last under 10 minutes -- if fans are lucky enough. Lesnar battled Guerero for 30 minutes, and this was a fantastic match between two of WWE's best of that time. The end came when Brock went for the F5, but Eddie reversed into a DDT, which slammed Brock's head onto the title belt lying on the mat. Eddie hit the Frogsplash and won the world title.

2 BIG SHOW (11/17/02)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

It is rare that anyone is larger than Brock Lesnar. Sadly, at this time, Big Show was not only bigger than Lesnar in height, but this was while he was overweight as well -- likely the period where he eclipsed 500 pounds. As a result, there was little chance Brock had of doing much against the large Big Show.

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This match was for the SmackDown world title, and the fans seem to love Lesnar in this match. This was also the time where Paul Heyman turned on Lesnar and started managing Big Show instead. As much as the fans loved Lesnar, Big Show chokeslammed him in 4 minutes onto a chair and pinned him clean in the ring.

1 BATISTA (7/28/01)

Brock Lesnar: 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Beat Him Clean

Those nine previous wrestlers are the only ones who beat Brock Lesnar in a singles match on television or PPV in the 17 years since he debuted in WWE. To reach 10, head back to his days in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he lost to a handful of men. When looking at those men, the one that stands out was a monster named Leviathan.

For those who don't know, Leviathan went to the main roster in 2002 along with Randy Orton, Prototype (John Cena), Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar. Leviathan changed his name to Batista. On July 28, 2001, in a match on television for OVW, Leviathan pinned Brock Lesnar after a spear thanks to outside interference.

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