10 Best Wrestlers To Follow On Instagram

Since the dawn of social media, kayfabe has gone out the window. TV rivals are shown as best friends behind the scenes, and bad guys are clearly actually just nice people in real life. But these aren't necessarily bad things. Instagram and Twitter provide great chances to get to know the people we watch every single week a little bit more and decide whether we’d actually like them or if they’re just very good at acting. It even helps to make or break fanbases and can lead to pushes for certain superstars. With all of this in mind, here are 10 wrestlers of both past and present you should be double tapping in the coming days.

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10 Sonya Deville

When will Sonya get her big push? It’s been on the horizon for a while now, and she’s got all the attributes to have a go at the SmackDown women’s title. But, for the time being, we'll have to make do with her strong Insta presence. And, unlike a lot of other female wrestlers, Sonya has an extremely unique tale to tell. Openly LGBT, Sonya is a big advocate for others in the community and isn’t afraid to show her love for her girlfriend, especially in recent months. It’s not what the Insta fans might be expecting, but it’s one they need to follow. Also, a quick mention of her Insta Stories with Mandy Rose and the DaMandyz video promos.

9 Braun Strowman

The Monster Among Men goes by his own name on Instagram, so we’ll call him Adam Scherr from this moment on. His account is probably the most unlike his on-screen persona, a persona that includes destroying vehicles. In fact, he’s actually a big fan of wheels. As opposed to what we see, Scherr is a huge family man and has a larger-than-life personality. While he undoubtedly works better as a monster heel than a face, it’s clear from his Instagram that beating up his fellow superstars every night of the week might not come naturally to him.

8 Torrie Wilson

When it was announced Torrie would be joining the Hall of Fame, a whole generation of wrestling fans was instantly taken back to a simpler time, a time where wrestling was a bit more fun and Torrie was at the very heart of it. Wilson was a key part of the company in the mid-2000s and has since gone on to forge a hugely successful fitness career for herself. There aren’t many throwbacks to her time in the ring, but Torrie is regularly reminding the WWE universe that she is still as physically fit as she ever was. During a hugely difficult HOF week, it was equally refreshing to see more of Torrie’s personality and strength shine through.

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7 Chris Jericho

The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla is a cross-industry phenomenon, and his Instagram is exactly what fans would expect it to be. Never one to be shackled by the organizations he has worked for, Jericho has his Insta game nailed down. There’s promotion of his podcast, which is all to be expected, but it’s the behind-the-scenes insight that makes him must-follow. He recently shared an image with Xavier Woods on a plane, showing that he’s still held in high regard by his former colleagues at WWE HQ. And, for those who something a bit different, Y2J headbanging at KISS concerts will transform anyone's day.

6 The Iron Sheik

If anyone is familiar with The Iron Sheik’s Twitter, you’ll know it’s not like most accounts. Yes, it is reportedly controlled by comedians, but Sheik is the man behind it and regularly pops up with videos. His account is one of the most entertaining any WWE fan will ever see, and his Instagram is almost as good. There’s a bit less content and a little less SHOUTING, but the legendary Hall of Famer is someone everyone should be following. He’s by far the oldest in this list but, without being biased, he’s the most entertaining. Admittedly it can be a little NSFW, so make sure to read his descriptions far away from your boss.

5 Billie Kay

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are two of the shining lights in WWE today and have huge futures in the business. Whether fans followed their career as wrestlers or they're more in tune with their ridiculously good on-screen characters, their Instagrams are, well, iconic. Billie takes the lead on this one for her Insta Stories, though. She shows humor that we often don’t get to see and comes across exactly the same as she does on screen. And there’s always the constant possibility of her piping up with a classic “You’ve gotta be JOKING me.” Never change, Billie Kay.

4 Rusev

Every day is a happy Rusev day when he’s filling your feed with images of his frankly insane life. He’s of course with Lana, and that brings an amount of uniqueness to his account, but there’s a lot to Rusev that we don’t necessarily know about. For a start, he’s a huge football fan and follows Real Madrid, one of the most famous sides in the world. But what makes him in this list is his incredible love of dogs. The Bulgarian Brute is actually a huge softie. How soft? He has made his dog an Instagram account.

3 The Rock

It seems like everyone already follows The Rock, and rightly so. The man is arguably the most famous human being in the world. He’s conquered wrestling, he’s conquered film and lets never, ever forget that he released ‘Pie’ with Slick Rick back in the late 90s. His Instagram gives us a look at the films he’s working on and was especially interesting for the wrestling community around Fighting With My Family. There’s the constant possibility of him ripping Kevin Hart to shreds too, which is something we do not want to be missing out on. Join the millions (and millions) of Rock’s followers.

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2 The Undertaker

When The Undertaker joined Instagram, kayfabe died just a little bit more. He is the Deadman, and deadmen shouldn’t be on Insta. When Taker first started in the business, there were still two decades before its introduction. But almost 2 million followers later, Taker is an Insta expert. He now endorses diet companies, shows his concerning level of gun love and shares pictures with Post Malone. He also shares the backstage photos of him that we always wanted to see, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Regardless, to know you’re being given an insight to Death Valley is pretty crazy. Whatever would Paul Bearer say?

1 John Cena

For those who haven't seen John’s Instagram (see what we did there?), it’s not quite what anyone would expect. Cena is a company guy through and through and is the man that WWE have built their hopes and dreams around for more than fifteen years. But, compared to the controlled Twitter accounts of many superstars, Instagram is very different. Cena’s output is stated as “images posted without explanation, for your inspiration,” and it certainly delivers on the former. Recent posts of randomness include ‘Stone Cold Slim Shady’, a variety of Photoshops with Big E, and even a picture of a young Kenny Omega. Don’t ever change, John.

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