10 Male And 10 Female Wrestlers Fans Forgot Were Part Of These Stables

Wrestling stables typically find a way to entertain the audience if successful. There are three main goals that come from a faction being formed. It gives major stars a chance to shine in a huge manner as the leader. Bret Hart in the Hart Foundation, Ric Flair in the Four Horsemen and Hulk Hogan in the New World Order each showed just how beneficial leading a great faction can be for a big star. Great factions also stand out when they create new stars. Some of the best instances of this would be Randy Orton in Evolution, Triple H in D-Generation X, and all three members of The Shield. The most underrated part of a stable is giving talented wrestlers something to do if they are not getting that much direction.

Many under-the-radar stars have been part of memorable factions throughout the years. We will look at some of the men and women that just don’t get discussed for their roles in stables. History has seen them get swept under the radar when it comes to the most memorable performers in each faction. There have been many men to have forgotten roles in the stables, but the same can be said for ladies. Many female performers were slotted into factions to add variety. Each side will be looked at as your memory is tested to see which you can recall. Find out which instances you need to watch back on WWE Network. These are ten male and ten female wrestlers that most fans forgot were part of memorable stables.

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20 Male: Braun Strowman (The Wyatt Family)

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Braun Strowman is a positive instance of fans forgetting about a wrestler being a part of a faction. Many pundits figured the time spent in the Wyatt Family as a background player would hurt Strowman’s chances of a singles push following the end of the stable in the brand split.

Braun found huge success on his own as a singles star. Fans were used to him standing in the back of Wyatt promos and doing basic moves. It was a pleasant surprise to see Strowman break out and show his potential. Braun now is a top singles star with nearly zero references to his time in the Wyatt Family.

19 Female: Serena Deeb (Straight Edge Society)

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The Straight Edge Society is one of the most underrated WWE factions of all time. CM Punk got to the next level as a top performer leading his own faction of followers. Unlike most other faction leaders, Punk didn’t want established stars and opted to help talented performers with nothing else going on.

Talented women’s wrestler Serena Deeb shaved her head in a big angle that showed how much Punk would influence his followers much like a cult. Serena was a good fit in the faction until a controversial exit from the company. Punk (in storyline) and WWE management (in real life) wanted her out of the Straight Edge Society, which led to her release.

18 Male: Savio Vega (Nation of Domination)

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The Nation of Domination holds a soft spot in the hearts of many '90s wrestling fans. Most viewers of the time most remember the faction for The Rock starting to become a huge star. The Rock had great teammates like Ron Simmons, Mark Henry, and The Godfather that all became WWE Hall of Famers.

One less memorable yet legendary wrestler to spend time in the Nation of Domination was Savio Vega. His incredible work wrestling in Puerto Rico gave Vega an international reputation upon joining WWE. Following a run as a popular mid-card face, Savio turned heel to join the Nation for a short time. WWE moved him out of the NOD to form his own faction, Los Boricuas, to less success.

17 Female: Stephanie McMahon (DX)

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The on-screen character of Stephanie McMahon has been around for almost two decades now. Most fans only think of the current boss character that makes things difficult for the faces on Raw. Stephanie had played different forms of the heel character before finding her niche as a top authority figure.

Before becoming the ruthless heel, she was more of a bratty character, playing the spoiled daughter of Vince McMahon in her first few years. The storyline marriage with Triple H saw them become the top heels in the company. Most fans forget that D-Generation X was reformed for a short time during this frame. Stephanie was technically a member of DX, delivering the faction's signature move with the rest of the group.

16 Male: Paul Roma (Four Horsemen)

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Many fans rate the Four Horsemen as the top faction in the history of the business. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and many others found massive success working together. There were different incarnations of the Four Horsemen with new wrestlers often coming to work alongside Flair and Anderson.

WCW strongly believed Paul Roma was going to become a huge star from joining the Four Horsemen. The decision was made in the early '90s as WCW tried to develop new top stars. Roma, unfortunately, failed miserably in the role. Both Flair and Anderson named Roma as the least qualified person to join the Four Horsemen in interviews.

15 Female: Luna Vachon (The Oddities)

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Luna Vachon is one of the most underrated female wrestlers of all time. WWE and other promotions didn’t take women’s wrestling with much credibility when Vachon was wrestling. Most of the ladies in the Attitude Era like Sunny, Sable and Marlena were utilized for their looks.

Vachon wanted to be taken seriously as an athlete, but WWE rarely showcased that. One of the few angles for Luna featured her in the Oddities faction. This stable was inspired by the Howard Stern show. It featured many of the unique misfits from WWE working together. Compared to guys like Giant Silva, Golga (fka Earthquake), and Kurrgan, Vachon was the most talented wrestler in the group.

14 Male: Joey Mercury (Straight Edge Society)

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The Straight Edge Society featured CM Punk handpicking wrestlers he believed were being underutilized in WWE. Joey Mercury was another one of those handpicked wrestlers. It was established that Mercury’s prior run in the company as one-third of the MNM stable with Melina and Johnny Nitro (Morrison) ended due to his personal issues.

WWE played into that by having Punk “save” Mercury by allowing him into the Straight Edge Society. Mercury was one of the henchmen essentially doing Punk’s bidding and taking beatings for him. The two developed a close relationship together, with Punk doing multiple acts to help him out in WWE and in real life.

13 Female: Amber O'Neal (Bullet Club)

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The Bullet Club has become the most popular faction in wrestling today despite being outside of WWE. Their success in New Japan has allowed it to branch out in Ring of Honor and other worldwide promotions. Many huge names like Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks are known for their time in the faction.

Most current fans assume Brandi Rhodes is the first and only female wrestler to be part of the group. However, independent wrestler Amber O’Neal joined the group under the nickname of the Bullet Babe. Her former marriage to Luke Gallows gave her the connection to join for a short time. Amber and Maria Kanellis were in a tag match as the only NJPW match to feature women in many years.

12 Male: Van Hammer (The Flock)

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Raven signing with WCW in the mid-'90s was a huge move for the time. It saw ECW lose their top star and WCW acquire a rising young star with main event potential. Raven never went on to achieve main event success, but his faction The Flock did leave an impact.

Many of the forgotten WCW wrestlers on the roster joined The Flock under Raven’s influence. One of the wrestlers to make the move was Van Hammer. Longtime fans remembered him getting a push in the early '90s before falling off the radar. Van Hammer served as the muscle of Raven’s Flock mostly getting paid to take part in group attacks for the sweetest gig in wrestling.

11 Female: Torrie Wilson (nWo)

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Torrie Wilson achieved a lot of success in both WCW and WWE during her wrestling career. It all started in WCW with a ridiculous angle that most fans forgot. Wilson joined the company as a stunning woman flirting with David Flair in many vignettes away from the ring.

The big reveal was that Torrie manipulated David into turning on his father Ric Flair to help Hulk Hogan defeat him. David and Torrie joined the New World Order as the stable was on its last legs. They eventually split from the group and Wilson moved on to join Billy Kidman's stable.

10 Male: Frankie Kazarian (Bullet Club)

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Ring of Honor had an interesting storyline that allowed Frankie Kazarian to join the Bullet Club for a short time. Many wrestlers were joining the heel version of the group with fans starting to complain it was becoming too oversaturated. Kazarian felt like a terrible decision given the lack of importance in the stable for him.

It ended up being a master plan as Kazarian turned on the Bullet Club to help his best friend Christopher Daniels defeat Adam Cole to win the ROH World Championship. Kazarian spent about a month in the group rocking the Bullet Club shirts and participating in the tag matches, but it was all under the disguise of a con job.

9 Female: Ivory (Right to Censor)

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Ivory is one of the most talented female in-ring performers in WWE history. The desire to be a serious competitor led to Ivory welcoming a role in the Right to Censor faction. Most female performers in WWE competed in minimal clothing during the Attitude Era. Ivory ended up becoming their enemy by trying to cover everyone up as part of the Right to Censor.

The run in Right to Censor was Ivory’s best run in WWE. She was the top heel in the women’s division and the Women’s Champion for quite some time. Ivory had major matches with Chyna and Lita in WrestleMania and Survivor Series. Most may forget about Ivory’s time in the stable, but it led to great things for her career.

8 Male: Barry Windham (nWo)

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There are many members of the New World Order that fans have no memory of due to the group growing way too large. Multiple incarnations of the stable saw forgettable wrestlers have a role in the nWo. One of the wrestlers to do nothing in the group was Barry Windham.

A pointless heel turn after a return saw Windham turn against his former friend Ric Flair to unite with Curt Hennig. The presence of Hennig in the nWo allowed Windham to join him in the group as an unofficial sidekick. They kept working together in the West Texas Rednecks to more success.

7 Female: Gail Kim (Planet Jarrett)

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The recent retirement of Gail Kim is helping her legacy shine as one of the best female wrestlers of all-time and the best women’s wrestler in Impact Wrestling history. That makes it more surprising to realize that Kim was not originally hired to be an in-ring performer for TNA.

Gail was initially hired to be a manager as TNA did not have any plans for a women’s division at the time. Jeff Jarrett was the top heel for the company at the time and formed a stable known as Planet Jarrett. Kim joined the group and played a huge role interfering in matches. TNA eventually started the Knockouts Division and made Gail the face of it, to great results.

6 Male: Michael Hayes (The Dangerous Alliance)

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Michael Hayes is currently known for being an important producer putting the shows together for WWE. Hayes' wrestling career is also celebrated immensely for the success in the Fabulous Freebirds stable. However, there were many moments in between his time as Freebirds star and WWE hotshot.

Hayes was part of the WCW faction known as The Dangerous Alliance. Paul Heyman led them, and future stars Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Madusa, and many others enjoyed great success together. A shift in their ranks saw Rude and Madusa leave the stable. Hayes joined as a new member and failed to make a positive impact.

5 Female: Amy Weber (The Cabinet)

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Not many fans have strong memories when looking back at Amy Weber’s career. The start to her wrestling career came when WWE started the Diva Search. Weber finished high but did not win it. WWE believed in her potential enough to hire her anyway.

Amy's only relevant role in the WWE was as an assistant for JBL in his Cabinet faction. Weber, Orlando Jordan, and the Basham Brothers did everything in their power to keep the WWE Championship on JBL. Her run in WWE came to an end very shortly after she was debuted on TV as part of JBL's stable.

4 Male: Sycho Sid (Million Dollar Corporation)

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Ted DiBiase achieved a lot of success in WWE as the Million Dollar Man character. The end of his in-ring career came sooner than expected due to an injury. WWE wanted to continue using the heel skills and credibility of DiBiase by creating the Million Dollar Corporation stable in the mid-'90s.

Most fans remember I.R.S., King Kong Bundy, and 1-2-3 Kid as some of the wrestlers to wrestle on behalf of DiBiase. Sycho Sid is one name that is rarely remembered for his time in the Million Dollar Corporation. WWE kept his time in the stable short as he moved into a bigger singles role without DiBiase and company.

3 Female: Debra (Four Horsemen)

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The Four Horsemen experimented with different wrestlers in the mid-to-late 90s. Former NFL star Steve “Mongo” McMichael was one of the names to get a chance in an iconic stable. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Chris Benoit welcomed McMichael and his then-wife Debra into the Four Horsemen.

Debra was introduced to the wrestling business as she managed not only her husband, but also a number of future WWE Hall of Famers. Later on, Debra would leave McMichael and WCW to manage Jeff Jarrett in WWE. Debra ended up having a longer career than Mongo in professional wrestling and is arguably the most forgotten member in Four Horsemen history.

2 Male: Ken Shamrock (The Corporation)

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Ken Shamrock signing with WWE featured the first major instance of a former UFC star making an impact in professional wrestling. Shamrock's WWE stint was successful despite how he only spent a few years in the promotion. One of the less memorable times for Shamrock was being part of The Corporation faction.

Shamrock was basically a henchman and bodyguard for Vince McMahon, and part of a group of heel wrestlers that did the bidding for the dastardly McMahon as he became an official heel character. Shamrock did not get to participate in many big matches and was a background player until he left the company.

1 Female: Tori (DX)

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D-Generation X is still celebrated by WWE today for the iconic runs the stable had in the company. Many reunions have taken place, but it usually only features the male wrestlers. One of the females to have a run in the stable was Tori. A big heel turn at the time saw her turn on boyfriend Kane to align with X-Pac and join DX.

Unlike most other WWE ladies in the era, Tori took some huge bumps due to her other background as a stunt double. Many DX matches featured Tori doing dives or going through tables to help X-Pac and Road Dogg pull off big wins. WWE never talks about it, but Tori had a solid run in DX.

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