20 Wrestlers From Around The World: Who Are They Dating?

The Professional Wrestling scene is booming right now, with the reach and availability to watch different promotions making it easier for fans to watch wrestling from around the world rather than just the super-popular WWE. The promotions in New Japan Pro Wrestling & Ring of Honor have also seen a spike in viewership due to their amazing work, but the wrestlers in these "top" promotions have to work almost 24x7 to keep it successful and find it really difficult to maintain a stable private life.

They hardly have time to spend with the families and most of the wrestlers are in fact single due to their work pressure making them incapable of spending time with a partner. But there are some wrestlers who manage to find love in their lives and get a partner to spend time with whenever they aren't fighting it out in the squared circle, and these wrestlers seem to be satisfied in life because of their relationships.

The popularity of these wrestlers around the world is at a peak right now because of how well they are doing, and it seems they're doing well in their love life as well. They have managed to get some rather stunning partners to lighten up their personal life, as we take a look at who these 20 Wrestlers From Around the World are dating right now.

20 Bubba Ray Dudley And Velvet Sky

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Bubba Ray Dudley didn't really have an ideal return to the WWE and after a disappointing stint, he left to start wrestling in the Independent circuit once again. He recently had a good run at Ring of Honor and even wrestled at Final Battle, later "announcing his retirement" from wrestling. While it's rather difficult to believe that Bubba will stay retired, one thing which is for sure is that his personal life is going great. He's currently in a relationship with former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, with the two looking really happy together. Sky has herself retired from in-ring action recently, so it's not surprising that Bubba wants to tone down on the wrestling and spend time with her. One can't fault him for it, as Sky is still smoking-hot and is quite the catch for Bubba Ray who is quite lucky to have her.

19 Bray Wyatt And Jojo

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Bray Wyatt had quite the topsy-turvy 2017 in the WWE where he won his first WWE Championship and went into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. But things went sideways after that, as he was moved from the title scene and put into bad feuds, with the "Sister Abigail" angle almost ruining his character. But his personal life also took a chaotic turn when it was discovered that he was cheating on his wife with WWE ring-announcer Jojo, with the "Eater of Worlds" being divorced by his wife. Wyatt seems to be deeply in love with Jojo and is currently in a relationship with her as well and he's literally given everything away to be with her. Bray's under a lot of heat for his personal actions which ruined his reputation, but it doesn't deter him because of how he's with a smoking-hot partner like the fabulous Jojo.

18 Rob Van Dam And Katie Forbes

Rob Van Dam will always be remembered as the amazing, high-flying wrestler who shined as part of the original ECW in the 90s, with the "Whole F****** Show" leaving some amazing memories with his work in the past. RVD also had a great stint in WWE which saw him become WWE Champion, but in the past few years have only found work in the Independent circuit. He still appears in Indy shows and it's on the Indy circuit where he met current girlfriend Katie Forbes, who is herself an Independent wrestler. Forbes is quite the stunning catch for RVD and knowing how she's probably much younger to him, it was quite surprising for few to discover him dating her after divorcing his wife. They're in a relationship for over a year now, and it seems they're really happy together and RVD has moved on from his marriage pretty well.

17 Bayley And Aaron Solow

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Bayley may not have had the most "fun time" in the WWE last year, but she still has a bright future ahead of her in the WWE and the "Huggable One" can only improve from this point of time. She was extremely popular in NXT where she was NXT Women's Champion and after initial success on Raw, she has become more of a mid-card wrestler. While things may not be going as well as she'd want in WWE, Bayley is pretty happy in real life and is currently in a relationship with independent wrestler Aaron Solow. The two have been dating for a few years now and also got engaged recently, with the "Huggable One" seeming really satisfied in her personal life with Solow who is definitely helping her go through this bad phase without breaking down.

16 Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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"The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger may not be having the most "perfect" time on Smackdown Live! where he's gotten lost in the shuffle and is struggling to keep a place, but at least his personal life is going great where he's dating none other than NXT's Peyton Royce! The two have apparently been dating for quite a while now, as they met in NXT and clicked after that point of time. The two look a very happy couple as well, even though they rarely get to meet due to both of them being on the road all the time in the WWE. But they seem a really sweet couple and try to enjoy themselves whenever they get some free time from WWE, as Dillinger may be unfortunate to haven't clicked on the main roster, but he's quite lucky to have someone like the stunning Royce as his partner.

15 John Morrison And Taya Valkyrie

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John Morrison has actually had quite the rollercoaster of a career since leaving the WWE, as he's gained popularity in Lucha Underground and is currently a top star in Impact Wrestling as well. Morrison has become a "top star" in wrestling and with his recent appearance in the Netflix show "Glow", he has become a mainstream star as well. The charismatic superstar has also been having a stable love-life, as he's currently in a relationship with TNA Knockout Taya Valkyrie. The two are quite the popular couple and work alongside each other wherever they go, as they seem to be quite the stunning couple who are meant for each other. Morrison seems deep in love with Taya and even got engaged to her last year, with their relationship seemingly growing stronger as they look to dominate the field of professional wrestling.

14 Zack Ryder And Lauren Van Ness

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Zack Ryder seems to be back to being a lower-mid carder in the WWE as he recently parted with Mojo Rawley, who turned on him and destroyed the Hype Bros. Despite not really winning anything in the past year or so, Ryder is still quite the popular superstar in WWE and is beloved by the fans because of his personality. He also seems to be a lucky man in real life and never seems to be single, as he's currently dating former TNA knockout, Lauren Van Ness. The stunning blonde has been with Ryder for the past couple of months and while they can't stay together because of their work, they enjoy their time together to the fullest. Ryder seems to be quite the fortunate man in real life to land some stunning partners and Van Ness seems to be another amazing catch for him.

13 Kazuchika Okada And Yoko Mori

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Kazuchika Okada has really established himself as one of the best wrestlers(if not THE Best) in the wrestling industry right now as the reigning, defending New Japan Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion has held the title for over 560 days! Okada is known by almost every wrestling fan nowadays for his charisma and amazing in-ring ability but what some may not know about him is that he's also hitched with a woman. Okada is in a relationship with Yoko Mori, who is a television presenter for a Japanese Channel TV Asahi. The two had been dating for a few years now and finally decided to tie the knot last year, with the New Japan star getting taken off the market. While they're pretty reclusive in general, Okada seems a really happy man in real life and usually likes his privacy when he's with Mori.

12 Ricochet And Tessa Blanchard

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Ricochet was one of the most sought-after free agents in wrestling before he recently signed with WWE. The amazing wrestler gained a lot of attention over the years with his work on the Independent scene and at Lucha Underground. Ricochet and Tessa have been dating for a long time now and the two even share a house with Apollo Crews in Florida. The two often train together and help each other get better in wrestling and seem to be a rather joyful couple who love spending time with each other.

11 Baron Corbin And Rochelle Roman

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Baron Corbin has established himself as quite the commendable heel on Smackdown Live! recently and even after failing to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, he has still been doing some great work. Corbin may be hated by many fans because of his arrogance and mocked because of his "heel-ish" looks, but he seems to be doing pretty fine in his real life where she has quite the stunning girlfriend. Corbin has been dating Rochelle Roman for quite some-time now, even appearing with her in the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony last year. He may not look the "dating type" in WWE, but he seems to be enjoying himself with Rochelle. He enjoys being with her whenever possible and seems a changed man when he's spending time with her when he's free from work in WWE.

10 Marty Scurll And Deonna Purrazzo


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"The Villain" Marty Scurll has really developed himself as one of the most unique characters in professional wrestling as his "villain" gimmick has gotten really popular over the past year or so. The newest member of the Bullet Club is quite the sensation in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling and is an asset because of his amazing gimmick. Scurll may come off as a loner in real life, but he's actually got a girlfriend which is Deonna Purrazzo, who will be known for her appearance in the Mae Young Classic Tournament last year. The two met each other in Ring of Honor and developed quite a bond and even though they try their best to keep their relationship under wraps, it's a well-known thing now. Scurll is lucky to have a sexy girlfriend like Purrazzo and the two seem deeply in love with each other.

9 Kassius Ohno And Rachael Ellering

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Kassius Ohno has been a hard-working wrestler in the WWE ever since coming back to NXT last year, as his second stint looks to be much better than his earlier one. Ohno has developed himself into this hard-hitting wrestler who is capable of providing some great matches, but something which is a thorn in his side is his weight. Ohno needs to lose some weight to go the extra mile in WWE and even though he's often mocked because of his weight, Ohno has still managed to get a stunning partner in Rachael Ellering. The daughter of Paul Ellering appeared in the Mae Young classic tournament and is looking to break into WWE, as she seems to be really happy with Ohno in real life. The two are often seen together and spend most of the time together, with this sweet couple being one not everyone knows about.

8 Sarah Logan And Raymond Rowe

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Sarah Logan has quite suddenly been established as a dangerous woman on Smackdown Live! as the woman who is part of the Riott Squad is impressing as the "muscles" of the faction. Logan may be remembered by wrestling fans as "Crazy Mary Dobson" in the Independent scene and she's had a makeover ever since coming to WWE. While she may be this conniving, threatening woman on Smackdown, Sarah is a rather private and happy woman in real life where she's currently in a relationship with Independent wrestler, Raymond Rowe. He's performed in top promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor as part of the tag team "War Machine" and Logan even recently got engaged to him! The two are reclusive in their private lives and even though they hardly get time with each other due to their wrestling schedule, they tend to enjoy themselves in their precious time outside wrestling.

7 Becky Lynch And Luke Sanders

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Becky Lynch has successfully established herself as one of the top stars in WWE's Women's Division, with the "Lass-Kicker" gaining a lot of popularity ever since arriving on the main roster. The inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion has elevated the women's division of the blue brand and means business every-time she steps into the ring. While Becky's this hard-hitting wrestler in the ring, she's actually a sweet girl outside and is currently in a relationship with MMA fighter Luke Sanders. The two have been dating for quite a while now and Lynch is often spotted at cheering him on at MMA events and appearing in some sporting events with him. They might not get to meet regularly due to their work pressure, but Becky seems a joyful woman whenever she's with him and loves spending some quality time with Sanders.

6 Seth Rollins And Sarah Alesandrelli

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"The Man" Seth Rollins has quite the history when it comes to dating women, as he had made quite a few mistakes in his love life which almost cost his chances of making it big in the WWE. While Rollins may be this big star in WWE who has been held in high regard by them since breaking through, he was part of some disastrous relationships in the past, one which included his ex-fiancee leaking his private images and another one with a Nazi-sympathizing woman. Thankfully, Rollins learned from his mistakes and has been dating a simple yet sexy woman recently named Sara Alesandrelli. She seems to be deep in love with him and often attends his shows to cheer him on and the two seem to be a joyful, non-controversial couple, something which Rollins would want in his life right now.

5 Tyler Bate And Liv Morgan

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Tyler Bate and Liv Morgan both seem to have a bright future ahead of them in the WWE, with the first ever UK Champion and one member of the Riott Squad both having achieved quite a lot of success in WWE. Bate is already an amazing wrestler at a very young age, while Morgan is this sexy woman who is doing pretty well on the main roster. The two have apparently been dating for the past few months after Morgan broke up with Enzo Amore who was caught cheating on her. Bate and Morgan often tease each other on social media and seem to be a delightful couple in real life, with the two looking good together as well. They may not have much time to spend together, but both these young wrestlers seem to really enjoy each other's company and love to spend time together enjoying themselves.

4 Adam Cole And Britt Baker

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Adam Cole has been quite the menace in NXT ever since making his shocking debut a few months ago, with the leader of the Undisputed Era asserting himself as the top heel of NXT. Cole is quite the experienced wrestler who was part of the Bullet Club and former ROH Champion as well and it's during his time in the Indy's when he met his girlfriend Britt Baker. She is herself an Independent wrestler who mostly works in the Pittsburgh area and Cole loves to spend time with her whenever he's free from his own work. Cole and Baker seem a lovely couple who like to stay to themselves and encourage each other to get better. Even though they can rarely spend time together because of Cole's duties in NXT, they seem to be a joyful couple who have a lot of fun whenever they get some free time.

3 Ember Moon And Matthew Palmer

Ember Moon has come off as a unique addition to NXT's Women's Division as she's gotten a really different kind of wrestling style and finally achieved her dream of winning the NXT Women's Championship a few months ago. Moon may look like this dangerous, hard-hitting individual in the ring, but she's actually a rather reclusive woman in real life where she's in a relationship with Independent wrestler Matthew Palmer. The two have been together for over a year now and Palmer even proposed to her in the middle of a ring during one Independent event before Moon joined WWE. She's currently engaged to him and even though they rarely meet because of working in different areas, Moon seems to be happy with him and she doesn't really advertise her relationship, opting to spend some alone time with him when they're together.

2 Wesley Blake And Sarah Lee

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Wesley Blake had quite a lot of success in WWE NXT when he initially started to team up with Buddy Murphy, with the team of Blake and Murphy even winning the NXT Tag Team Titles. But he hasn't been the since after the team disbanded, with Blake mostly wrestling in NXT live events these days. His wrestling career may be stalled right now, but his love life really sped up after his fall when he started to date the female Winner of Tough Enough 2015, Sara Lee. The two have been dating for well over a year now and even had a baby in May of last year, as they seem to be a lovely couple who met through WWE's developmental system. They even got hitched recently and even though both are struggling in the wrestling careers, they seem set to build up a happy family in the future.

1 Finn Balor And Cathy Kelly

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Finn Balor may not have achieved any main event fame ever since coming back from his injury, but he's been kept in the spotlight by the WWE who are using him more of a mid-carder but teasing something more with him winning all his matches recently. "The Demon King" is definitely a heart-throb among the female fans because of his looks, but many will be disappointed to know that he's actually taken. Balor has been dating WWE presenter Cathy Kelly for the past few months and it all started last year when the two were noticed together. While they really like their privacy, some pictures have shown how they are a really sweet couple and look really good together as well. Balor may not be the "top star" he'd like to be in WWE now, but he's definitely lightened up his love life by making the gorgeous Kelly his partner.

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