No Jobbers Here: 10 Wrestlers Who've Undergone Incredible Body Transformations

WWE has always maintained high standards when it comes to the physiques of their performers, with many Superstars earning a major push for that sole reason. Vince McMahon has always been known for pushing the likes of Lex Luger, Batista, Hulk Hogan, and John Cena - all of whom were at the top of their gym game. Considering that wrestlers are on the road for the vast majority of the year, it is tough work to remain in top shape.

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It is even more difficult when they retire from wrestling as they have to work harder to retain the appearance in which they got famous for years prior. Here are 10 wrestlers who have undergone incredible body transformations:

10 Al Snow

With his last WWE run coming in 2007, Al Snow was already past his prime years as an in-ring performer. He had been relegated to jobber status on the ECW brand as he struggled to earn air time. Since leaving WWE, he remained active on the scene with various appearances around the country including TNA.

In the past five years, Al Snow has stepped it up a notch with his workouts, as seen on Instagram, and they are clearly paying off now. He has managed to get in better shape in his 50s than his days with the WWE.

9 The Rock

The Rock was already in top shape as a member of the WWE roster, but he took it to a different level during his Hollywood journey. He would become an inspiration for bodybuilders and athletes around the world with a massive following across social media. Nowadays, Dwayne Johnson looks nearly twice as big compared to his physique from the Attitude Era.

While both appearances suit him, he's visibly more dominant looking than ever. Given his strict diet and intense workouts, it is no surprise what the Rock goes through to achieve his results despite being an inactive wrestler.

8 Big Show

Known for standing tall next to any of his peers, Big Show has been a dominant force since his debut. During his WCW stint, he was very lean and flexible at the time, which allowed him to move more inside the squared circle. Once he became a member of the WWE, he grew larger and added to his already remarkable size.

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With age, Big Show faced more injuries and extensive time away from the ring, along with slowing down as a performer. However, three years ago, that changed when he went all out to transform his body.

7 Goldberg

Goldberg has always been notable for his impressive physique. During his last WWE stint, he was still as dominant as ever although he had lost some size since his prime years. Goldberg still looked good enough to hang with just about any performer in the ring, but he has now returned to top form with his recent gains.

With his upcoming return to the ring, Goldberg posted some selfies above to show off his new transformation. At 52 years old, Goldberg can still pass off as the same star that we fans remember from the undefeated streak on Monday Nitro.

6 Vladimir Kozlov

It's been eight years since we last saw Vladimir Kozlov on WWE television. Following his departure, Kozlov chose to put his wrestling journey behind him as he moved into the acting world. Based on recent photos of Kozlov, it's safe to say that he looks more of a WWE Superstar now than he did a decade ago.

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Kozlov wasn't among the most over Superstars on the roster despite receiving a major push with feuds against the likes of The Undertaker and Triple H. With his recent transformation, odds are that he may have had an even more successful run if he were to rejoin now.

5 Ken Shamrock

As a former WWE Superstar and MMA fighter, it may be unreasonable to expect this 55-year-old to look as he did during the Attitude Era. However, very few retired wrestlers have aged as well and remained as active as Shamrock, a point made crystal clear by his recent gains.

At some point, Shamrock was losing some size and looked skinnier than what fans had expected. Nowadays, he is back in top shape and more than happy to show it off. Since rumors have connected him with a potential return to Impact Wrestling, it could be the reason behind Shamrock's progression.

4 Steve Austin

It's been 16 years since Stone Cold Steve Austin last graced a WWE ring. With no plans on the horizon for a comeback, that hasn't stopped him from putting the work in at the gym. Austin was forced to retire due to the longstanding neck injury, so many would've imagined that the beer-drinking Rattlesnake may have let himself go by now.

Seeing as how Austin has the tendency to keep a low profile compared to other major names, some fans are unaware that he currently looks as great as he does in the photo above - and certainly in-ring shape as well.

3 Billy Gunn

His overall physique was one of the main reasons Bill Gunn received multiple solo pushes during his career. His partner Road Dogg gained more popularity among fans and could cut a promo with the best of them, but it was always Gunn at the forefront. Having maintained his impressive physique during his decades-long run, Gunn has managed to improve on his previous form.

It's a new year and a new look for Gunn who is looking more ripped than ever. In fact, one could argue that he's got the WWE Superstar look right now more than any active performer.

2 Kevin Nash

Last year, Kevin Nash became World Champion at the age of 59. It is a very rare accomplishment and speaks to Nash's popularity long since he was a full-time wrestler. During his wrestling career, Nash has mostly retained the same physique without letting himself go. In the past few years, he seems to have regained his previous size, which was clear during some of his cameos on WWE programming.

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Nash is definitely back at it and looking the best we have seen him in over a decade. He looks good enough to be back inside a WWE ring, but that's unlikely given his age and history of injuries.

1 Stevie Richards

By the time Stevie Richards was released from the WWE in 2008, it was clear that the creative team didn't have much for him as his booking had been very inconsistent. Having been a part of the company since 1999, he would become a Hardcore Champion during his stint. That being said, he didn't look nearly as built two decades ago as he does today at the age of 47.

Few retired wrestlers look nearly as ripped and healthy as Richards, who has clearly put in the required work. Richards is now also a fitness trainer who promotes his workouts and services on Instagram.

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