Wrestlers Leaving GFW In Droves

With the changeover in both ownership and direction for GFW, there is good news and bad. The good news appears to be the company is on more solid ground with Anthem Sports behind the wheel. The company has seen improved storylines, better production, and international partnerships. The bad news is, GFW talent appears to be leaving in droves. 

Most recently, Matt Morgan has officially confirmed his departure from the company. This news comes not long after reports surfaced that Madison Rayne, Magnus, and Brandi Rhodes may have left the company. These names are being added to an already long line of departing talents who most notably include Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Drew McIntyre, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Shane Helms and Al Snow.

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In the case of Matt Morgan, his deciding factor was the change in schedule for talent. With Jeff Jarrett in control, Morgan's old weekend only schedule was no longer fitting into the direction Jarrett wanted to take the company. Matches were being shot during the weekdays and the idea was for the company to travel more often. That simply didn't allow Morgan to keep his full-time nine to five job.

Only a few days ago, Magnus was another former GFW/TNA talent to confirm his exit from the company. In response to a tweet from a fan asking Magnus do more commentary, Magnus responded that his time in GFW was only temporary.

Magnus apparently wasn't interested in the new terms in GFW contracts that required talents to give up 10% of their independent wrestling revenues to GFW or that GFW is keeping all profits from merchandise sales if the merch is sold directly by GFW.

With the recent legal battles The Hardy's have fought with GFW over the "Broken" gimmick and the unkind words said by Gregory Helms on his way out of the company regarding Jeff Jarrett, this kind of negative publicity has people wondering what's going to happen in GFW. When accompanied by the fact that GFW's most recent champion Alberto El Patron was suspended, GFW can't afford more bad press.

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The company under Jarrett's control needs to find a way to show potentially incoming talent, like Rey Mysterio (who GFW is rumored to have an interest in), that they can keep existing talent happy. Should they not be able to, the sudden boost in GFW ratings may be short lived.

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