10 Wrestlers Who Used Poison Mist

The Poison Mist. No, not what Triple H uses during his entrance. Not the strange “red substance” that Gangrel would spit out of his chalice. But the ancient and mystical attack learned by a mere handful of wrestlers over the years and mastered by even less. The Dokuguri, or “Poison Fog” has been part of wrestling since The Great Kabuki and has been learned and implemented by several superstars over the years, most recently Asuka.

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There are several types of Mist you can use; each has varying degrees of hurt you can do an opponent. The most common is green, which can temporarily blind you, red burns your eyes, black blinds you even more than green, blue puts you to sleep, yellow can paralyze you, and purple momentarily causes memory loss. Here are 10 Wrestlers Who Used Poison Mist.

10 Asuka

It’s a shame that Vince McMahon ruined two years of Triple H and Asuka’s work. In NXT, she was treated as an unstoppable powerhouse. She stayed undefeated in the WWE until she met the Queen at WrestleMania 34. Charlotte defeated her and Asuka raised her hand in victory. Her career never really rebounded.

But maybe now that she has recently used the mist to help her and Kairi Sane win the Women’s tag titles, that will turn around for her. Asuka’s use of the mist could have been teased from the very beginning - one of her masks is covered in green mist.

9 Tajiri

The Japanese Buzzsaw, Yoshirio Tajiri might be the most famous WWE performer to have used the blinding green mist. However, he also once tried to use the black mist to “permanently” damage his opponent, Jamie Noble.

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Instead he hit his girlfriend, Nidia instead. Aside from that storyline, Tajiri also got to get one over on Triple H, as the man from Kumamoto, Japan was able to nail the game with the mist during an interview one night.

8 The Great Kabuki

The originator of the mysterious poison mist was none other than (say it in your best Dusty voice), The Great Kabuki. Kabuki started wrestling when he was 16 in Japan but didn’t adopt the gimmick until he came to World Class and started working with the mastermind himself, Gary Hart (the best manager to have never worked in WWE).

The painted face along with the mask and the mist made Kabuki a pretty scary looking heel for the territory days. He also made several WWE appearances, most notably as one of Mr. Fiji’s hired guns in the 1994 Royal Rumble.

7 The Great Muta

The Great Kabuki innovated it. When the Great Muta came to states, he too was managed by Gary Hart and Muta became the kayfabe son of Kabuki. Tajiri used the mist a lot in the WWE.

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But it was the Great Muta who popularized the mist to a worldwide audience when he worked for the NWA and WCW. When most fans think of the poison mist, they think of Kenji Mutoh.

6 Kendo Nagasaki

Several wrestlers over the years have used the mantle of Kendo Nagasaki, a Samurai with supernatural powers. The first was actually British wrestler, Peter Thornley, who worked the gimmick for years. But the guy most fans would remember using the gimmick and the Poison Mist would be Kazuo Sakurada.

Sakurada got his start working for and learning under Stu Hart. But Nagasaki would first appear for Continental in Memphis in the early eighties. Here, he also was one of the first stars to utilize a kendo stick as well.

5 Killer Khan

From the deepest depths of Outer Mongolia, Killer Khan came to the United States and worked for both Georgia Championship Wrestling and then the WWF, where he resumed his feud with Andre The Giant.

Khan also famously broke Andre’s leg (in storyline). The Giant got his revenge in a “Mongolian Stretcher Match.” Kahn was the first master of the mist in the WWE. When he did use the green mist, officials would come down to try and pat his opponents’ eyes down with towels and cold water.

4 Rosemary

Every so often, TNA would create a character that garnered some acclaim. Face it, the promotion wouldn’t be around if they didn’t. While she hasn’t achieved big mainstream success, Rosemary and her unique look has made her a mainstay of latter TNA and current Impact rosters.

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Her Dia De Los Muertos mixed with Harley Quinn inspired look also occasionally comes with a dose of the green mist. She’s not averse to using it on her friends as well as her enemies.

3 Kwang

There are a lot of superstars who have praised the work of Savio Vega over the years. Both Goldust and Stone Cold have given Savio props for helping to get their characters over. Several years prior, the Latin legend worked under a mask as Kwang.

Being a heel, meant that even Kwang got to break out the mist from time to time. Seldom did it work for Kwang though - he once tried it to help Adam Bomb, but nailed him with it instead. Another time, he hit the Undertaker with the mist - that went over like a lead balloon.

2 Taya Valkyrie

If you’re not watching Impact, the recent development of it going to AXS TV will make things a little easier for you to catch stars that you might not have heard of yet. Women like the current Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie to be exact.

The warrior woman is also the AAA Reina de Reinas Champion (Queen Of Queens) is wicked with various powerbombs and slams. She has also at least on one occasion while waging war with Rosemary used the red mist on the nut job.

1 Hornswoggle

To paraphrase Tolkien, “there underneath a ring in the WWE lied a leprechaun.” For ten years, the guy practically lived under the ring for every single WWE event and popped up and out to terrorize whoever he was working with.

Even he had the mysterious lucky Irish green mist in his bag of tricks. He once used it squaring off again Mini Boogeyman on Smackdown.

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