10 Wrestlers Who Were Recently Taken Off The Dating Market

Like any other mainstream industry, WWE Superstars have a huge following that extends beyond their profession. Fans are intrigued about their personal lives away from the ring, which explains the creation of many WWE reality TV shows. Every year, new relationships are formed while others cease to expire in the meantime.

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2019 was no different, as many wrestlers have already found a partner, some of whom are fellow Superstars while others are dating outside of the field. Some of these relationships have been publicized while others maintained a more lowkey profile to date. Here are 10 wrestlers who were recently taken off the dating market!

10 Becky Lynch

From winning the WWE Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship to jumping into a relationship with Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch has it all going her way in 2019. The couple has been dating for a few months but only recently went public through Instagram posts that changed their status.

In years prior, Lynch had been linked to Jeff Dye and Luke Sanders, although it didn't work out with either man. Having been on the single market for a few months, it seems like Rollins came into the mix at the perfect time to swoop her off her feet.

9 Andrade

Since his 2015 debut in NXT, Andrade has been one of the most discussed up and coming stars in the WWE. His move to the main roster has been successful and, based on his booking, the best seems yet to come. From a romantic standpoint, things are working well for Andrade, who began dating Charlotte Flair earlier this year.

While the couple had ducked rumors for some weeks, with Charlotte even going as far as to deny them on Twitter, it turned out to be true after all and the couple has been officially an item for nearly six months now.

8 Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder had been on and off the market over the past few years, but with his recent engagement to Chelsea Green - he may be taken for good now. Known for her stint in Impact Wrestling as Lauren Van Ness, she joined the WWE in NXT - around the same time she started talking to Ryder.

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They took their time in getting to know each other and kept their relationship privately until recent times. Two months ago, the couple announced their engagement, catching many fans by surprise. It seems like a great match on paper so kudos to one of WWE's newest and finest couples.

7 Sheamus

One-half of one of the better couples in WWE, it's safe to say that Sheamus is winning in more ways than one. Not only has he been among the most successful of the entire roster this decade, but his partner is an even better catch.

Early into his WWE run, Sheamus wasn't in the limelight nearly as much as he is these days despite receiving a bigger push at the time. In recent times, Sheamus has opened up much more to the public eye, which is why some fans may already be aware that he is dating Isabella Revilla.

6 John Cena

Fans were shocked to learn about the breakup of John Cena and Nikki Bella, especially since the couple was gearing up to tie up the knot. After several attempts to rekindle the relationship, they eventually decided that it was for the best to go in different directions.

Nikki has moved on with a boyfriend on the horizon, leaving many to believe that Cena was still a free agent. During his time away from the WWE, Cena has linked up with Shay Shariatzadeh on multiple dates beginning around March of 2019. With some leaked photos from their dates, the couple appears to be on the right path.

5 Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville is the first openly lesbian Superstar in the WWE who seems to be on her way to making history in more ways than one. As one of the better talents in the division, Deville could be headed towards a big role in the near future.

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Sonya has been impressing inside the squared circle since inking a deal with the company in 2015 and has only moved on to bigger things as a member of the main roster now. Currently, she is in a relationship with Arianna Johnson, who has appeared on her Instagram feed many times in recent months.

4 Finn Balor

In the previous year, Finn Balor had been romantically involved with Cathy Kelley, although they opted to keep their relationship off social media. But of course, that didn't stop them from being spotted out on various occasions. Since their break up, Balor has bounced back with a strong catch in current girlfriend Veronica Rodriguez, who is also known as Vero.

She is a Host at Fox Sports in Mexico and only recently did we learn about this link up. During the Champions League broadcast for the Final, Balor revealed to the world that he is now a taken man with Rodriguez by his side.

3 Ruby Riott

Ruby Riott has been keeping her personal business private since rising into a celebrity in the wrestling world. While many of her peers have chosen to partner up with a fellow WWE Superstar, Riott has searched elsewhere. She is currently dating professional wrestler Jake Something, who performs for Impact Wrestling.

Both have shared photos of each other across social media platforms, so you can say that things are now getting pretty serious. Aside from the fact that they are an item, very little is known about the couple. Nevertheless, they certainly look good together based on what we have seen.

2 Seth Rollins

In February, it was revealed that Seth Rollins was no longer in a relationship with former partner Sarah Alesandrelli. Rollins would only remain single for a few months before linking up Becky Lynch, which rocked the wrestling world.

While initially perceived as a joke, Rollins and Lynch confirmed the rumors through social media posts. In the past, he dated Leighla Schultz and Zahra Schreiber, leading up to the now infamous incident involving all three on Twitter. With Lynch as his new partner, Rollins is moving on to a new chapter in his journey.

1 Charlotte Flair

The personal life of Charlotte Flair is no secret at this point. She had been married twice to Riki Johnson from 2010 to 2013 and then Bram from 2013 to 2015. It was rumored that Charlotte dated Alberto Del Rio sometime afterward, but Flair kept a quiet profile.

This year, news emerged that Flair was no longer on the market as she started a relationship with fellow WWE Superstar Andrade. Some speculation later and it was confirmed by both sides. With every passing month, it seems like they are only growing closer and more serious.

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