5 Wrestlers Shawn Michaels Loved (& 5 He Strongly Disliked)

Shawn Michaels is a beloved wrestler who is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. As a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, he is also one of the greatest to ever step between the ropes, but that doesn't mean that he was loved and respected by everyone behind the scenes.

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HBK was well-known for having a poor attitude during the first half of his career, and because of that, he found himself falling out with many wrestlers during his career, making plenty of enemies. On the other hand, HBK did forge some incredible relationships throughout his time in wrestling and made plenty of friends for life. Within this list, we will take a look at five examples of wrestlers that HBK didn't like, and five that he did.

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10 Liked: Kevin Nash

The Heartbreak Kid and Big Sexy, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash, have a long and storied history together throughout their careers. Nash worked as Michaels' heavy in the 1990s until he turned on HBK to become World Champion in what was a memorable feud.

Both men have gone on record many times to praise each other for their in-ring work during that time, and that is one of the reasons why they gained such a close bond outside of the ring. Nash and Michaels became members of the famous Kliq group and were both involved in the infamous curtain call moment, with both men staying close friends ever since.

9 Strongly Disliked: Hulk Hogan

Despite the fact that both men are two of the greatest names in the history of professional wrestling, that doesn't mean that they get along, with their personalities and desire to be the number one star seeing them have major issues with each other. When Hogan made his WWE return in 2006, WWE had planned to book the two in three matches together.

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Hogan went over in the first, but then outright refused to lose to Michaels in the second match as planned, which led to HBK becoming incredibly annoyed with the Hulkster. As a way of getting his own back, Michaels sold everything that Hogan did in a ridiculous, comic-like fashion during their SummerSlam encounter, which Hulk has since complained about in interviews, claiming it made a mockery of the match.

8 Liked: Ric Flair

The Nature Boy might have randomly called out Shawn Michaels recently during a YouTube video, but Ric Flair and HBK are incredibly close friends, with Flair being one of Michaels' idols in the wrestling business.

They became incredibly close after their epic WrestleMania XXIV match that saw Shawn Michaels retire the WWE Hall Of Famer, with Michaels buying them matching Rolex watches after so they would always remember the moment. Both men get along very well outside of the ring, with Flair recently claiming Shawn was in his top two favorite ever opponents inside the ring.

7 Strongly Disliked: Shane 'Hurricane' Helms

The Hurricane and Shawn Michaels barely ever crossed paths in WWE due to HBK being a top main event talent and Shane Helms finding himself much lower down the card, but for some reason, the two men simply didn't get along.

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Like many wrestlers of Helms' age, HBK was his idol growing up and was someone he was excited to meet when he broke into the business. However, Helms has claimed that he was incredibly let down by Shawn and his attitude. For some reason, HBK didn't take a liking to Helms and gave him the cold shoulder, with Helms stating that Michaels would often keep talent down in order to stay on top of the business.

6 Liked: X-Pac

Much like Shawn Michaels himself, X-Pac has had a lot of highs and lows in his personal life, which he has been very open and honest about with his fans. That's one of the many reasons that the two men are able to connect so well.

With like-minded personalities, X-Pac and Michaels have become incredibly close throughout their careers, spending tons of time together both in and out of the ring, whether with DX or the Kliq. HBK and X-Pac have always been there for each other and, because of that, they are set to be friends for life, which is just too sweet.

5 Strongly Disliked: CM Punk

Whilst the vast majority of Shawn Michaels' issues with wrestlers tend to come from the first half of his career when HBK was known to be a party animal who had serious attitude problems, that doesn't mean he was always perfect when he returned.

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When CM Punk first arrived in the company, Michaels was apparently one of the men who were against him getting a push and didn't like his attitude, joining his friend Triple H in claiming that he was no good. Thankfully, it seems like the two men managed to patch things up during their time working together in the company, with Michaels claiming he has always been a fan of Punk's work.

4 Liked: Stone Cold Steve Austin

During the 1990s, when Shawn Michaels was known for having a poor attitude, Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the people who really did not like the Heartbreak Kid, with Michaels almost refusing to lose to him at WrestleMania 14 until The Undertaker stepped in backstage. However, as both men grew up and matured, they realized they had plenty in common and quickly grew a fantastic friendship that remains to this day.

With a common love of hunting and wrestling, the two men hit it off. Stone Cold goes out of his way to praise Shawn on his podcast, claiming he had the greatest career of all-time. Michaels often appears on the show to shoot the breeze, too.

3 Strongly Disliked: The Rock

You've seen his Instagram account and his press interviews. It seems almost impossible to not like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, but the incredibly popular WWE legend and movie star did not see eye to eye with the Heartbreak Kid.

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Wrestling is a very competitive business and one filled with jealousy, which can create issues backstage. This is how problems between The Rock and HBK were created, as Michaels reportedly tried to stop The Rock's push several times. The Rock's issue with Michaels actually dated further back than that, with HBK reportedly being rude to his grandma before he even broke into the business. So, it's not a big surprise they never faced each other in WWE.

2 Liked: Triple H

Best friends in the ring and best friends out of the ring, the bond that Triple H and Shawn Michaels had throughout their time in D-Generation X was very much real, which is likely why it caught on so well. At times they might have fought on-screen, but Triple H and HBK have always gotten along well off-screen.

They both have a deep love for the business and a similar sense of humor, which is why it isn't really a surprise that they clicked so well. The two men are now continuing their close friendship in Florida, as Triple H recruited Michaels to coach at the WWE Performance Center and play a major role in helping to develop NXT.

1 Strongly Disliked: Bret Hart

The relationship between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart might be the most talked-about in the history of professional wrestling, with the incredible on-screen rivalry being very much real behind the curtains. Even though both men have since patched things up to some degree, the level of hatred and resentment that was between the two men ran incredibly deep and actually kept the Hitman out of WWE for many years.

With both men wanting to be the number-one guy in WWE at the time, they often came to blows over wanting to be the best, and with the well-documented Montreal Screwjob, the personal situation between the two men was blown up for the whole world to see.

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