10 Wrestlers Who Should Have Been Vince McMahon's Son Instead Of Hornswoggle

WWE ran a huge storyline in 2007 about Vince McMahon having a long-lost son on the WWE roster from a fling. The angle would run for months with various talents being viewed as legitimate contenders for the role. Fans waited each week to eventually see the reveal that would have created a new star. The son of McMahon was going to have a huge opportunity to find major success.

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Fans expected a heel to get the role and receive a monster push. However, variables would force WWE to make it a comedic angle as their original plans fell through. Hornswoggle was revealed as the son of McMahon. The comedy storyline continued playing out with McMahon eventually turning against his son. We will look at wrestlers on the roster that would have been better choices. All the selected talents would have added more to the angle. These are ten wrestlers who should have been Vince’s son instead of Hornswoggle.

10 Mr. Kennedy

The original plan for the storyline was going to see Mr. Kennedy revealed as the son of Vince McMahon. WWE had high hopes for Kennedy to become a main event player. Kennedy unfortunately saw the biggest opportunity of his career taken away due to a suspension for violating the wellness policy.

The hope was for Kennedy to become a top heel under the leadership of McMahon. WWE wanted a huge Kennedy vs Triple H match at WrestleMania 24, but the angle never taking off held it back. Kennedy would never receive another opportunity like this in WWE.

9 Gregory Helms

Gregory Helms was one of the most underrated performers in WWE at the time. The transition from the comedic face character The Hurricane into the serious heel in the cruiserweight division was going well on the Smackdown brand.

Helms lacked the big push needed to truly make waves in WWE. This storyline could have worked with the same intent of the Kennedy plan if WWE committed to it. Helms was a tremendous heel at the top delivering great matches and effective promos.

8 Edge

An established top name may have been the ideal route to go here. Edge was already among the top overall performers coming off the prior two years of main event success. The heel work of Edge made him the ideal rival for John Cena to skyrocket his career.

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Fans would have been more entertained with the storyline of Vince McMahon’s kid getting revealed as Edge. It would have given Edge more power on the roster to abuse and continue stacking the odds in his favor.

7 Chris Masters

WWE saw something special in Chris Masters that led to a noteworthy push from 2005 to 2006. Masters started to fall lower down the card in 2007 with fewer storylines booked for him. A wellness policy suspension completely slowed down his momentum.

Masters could have been rebuilt instantly if he was the wrestler revealed as Vince McMahon’s son. The heat for Masters was already impressive, but the addition of Vince endorsing him could have put him over the top as the missing ingredient for main event success.


There was a tease that MVP could have been Vince McMahon’s son making him a biracial character. The entire heel run of MVP around this time was outstanding. MVP had one of the most impressive United States Championship reigns in WWE history.

Unfortunately, he would never truly move into the main event picture. The reveal as Vince’s son would have given him even more incentive to boast about his skills. MVP would have had his first real chance to become a main eventer if the angle played out this way.

5 Randy Orton

The heel character work of Randy Orton was starting to take off in 2007 as a consistent main eventer. Orton’s father was already part of the show since he was marketed as a third-generation star. It could have been interesting to see Orton be revealed as Vince’s birth son.

Randy could have turned on his established father Cowboy Bob Orton to align with Vince and gain even more heat. Fans would have viewed Orton as the most detestable wrestler on the roster already as a good heel now with Vince’s power helping him out.

4 Cody Rhodes

Another second-generation wrestler on the roster that could have had a unique story with Vince McMahon as his birth father would have been Cody Rhodes. The love fans had for Dusty Rhodes would have made it even more heartbreaking to see Cody align with Vince as his father.

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Cody was a bit inexperienced at the time which could have been an issue, but sometimes you have to give a young talent the chance to run with the ball. Vince would have been better off giving Cody the chance instead of Hornswoggle.

3 Kenny Dykstra

WWE always saw something special in Kenny Dykstra, but it just never played out that way. Kenny was the leader of the Spirit Squad always getting to be one of the main members interacting against top names. A short run as the sidekick in Rated RKO didn’t put him over the top like WWE expected.

The push of Dykstra ended shortly after his name change. WWE could have given him the push to move up the card by having him revealed as Vince McMahon’s son. A young star getting such an opportunity was the main intent of the storyline that never had a real payoff.

2 Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was a year away from his big heel turn that changed his career for the better. WWE could have moved that up by having Jericho turn heel shortly into his WWE return. The new role as Vince McMahon’s son could have finally given him revenge against Triple H.

Their rivalry could have restarted with Jericho now having Vince in his corner to take down his now brother in law in storyline. Jericho luckily did get to complete his heel turn the following year as most other wrestlers on the list never had their big chance.

1 Drew McIntyre

The debut of Drew McIntyre on the WWE main roster came in 2007. Vince McMahon revealed McIntyre was the “chosen one” with a huge boost to his relevance. If WWE believed in McIntyre this much, he should have been called up with the role of Vince’s son right away.

McIntyre would have received an instant top spot instead of the loose association to Vince. The entire run of Drew in WWE was a disappointment until his recent return finally moving into a relevant role. McIntyre arguably could have been the best overall choice for a storyline like this.

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