5 Wrestlers Better Than Their Sibling (& 5 Sibling Pairs That Were Equally Good)

The family ties of wrestlers have seen many siblings try their luck in the wrestling industry together. Some put their skills to the test as a tag team, while others wanted to have singles careers. As is always the case with wrestling, though, certain names just have the ability to connect with the fans or improve in the ring faster than their peers.

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The brother/sister duos with a stand-out performer would often see that sibling represent them on a higher level with more success and better results. Those who have equally-matched skills can easily mesh well together, as fans already view them as peers and comparable talents. Both sides will be examined here, as we look at five wrestlers who outshone their siblings in the ring and five who are (or were) just as talented as each other.

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10 Better: Bray Wyatt

One of the few sibling combinations on this list to never have a strong tag team run together is Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Both wrestlers have completely different characters that have led to their careers going in opposite paths.

Wyatt’s bolder risks have seen him win the WWE Championship and now return to the main event picture as The Fiend. Dallas has been a lower-card comedy act, as his potential just isn’t at the same level.

9 Equally good: The Usos

Jimmy and Jey Uso have worked together exclusively as a tag team since joining WWE. Even when one was out with an injury, the other rarely wrestled on television. WWE likes keeping the Usos together at all times. They're a well-oiled machine.

The twin brothers both have amazing in-ring skills on the same level. It makes it easier for fans to enjoy their tag team run, without having to worry about them breaking up any time soon. The Usos will likely tag for life in WWE moving forward.

8 Better: Nikki Bella

The Bella Twins both joined WWE together as a package act. WWE loved the gimmick of “Twin Magic,” where they could replace each other in matches to steal victories. The Bella Twins will likely always be remembered for their time teaming together, but Nikki certainly broke out over Brie.

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WWE would see Nikki break the record as the longest-reigning Divas Champion, with a dominant heel run. Her in-ring skills improved dramatically for this run. Brie made some improvements as well, but Nikki was clearly the better performer.

7 Equally good: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

This may be a tougher sibling pair to break down, since Cody Rhodes and Goldust are both known for their singles careers. Goldust had an incredibly underrated career in WWE, featuring great character work. Even his WCW matches as Dustin Rhodes showcased his ability to put on tremendous matches.

Cody Rhodes has had the shorter career, but is already matching his half-brother. The run after leaving WWE made Cody a star and helped create the momentum for the All Elite Wrestling launch. Goldust and Cody are evenly matched talents and worked perfectly together as The Brotherhood in WWE.

6 Better: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner had two incredible chapters in his long wrestling career. The first portion featured an all-time great tag team run with his brother Rick Steiner. Many old-school WCW fans would list them right at the top as the best team in company history.

Scott's talent always put him a little way ahead, which led to WCW splitting up the team and pushing him as a singles star. Scott became one of the final top stars for WCW, with an incredible heel run that’s kept his career going for another two decades.

5 Equally good: The Young Bucks

Matt and Nick Jackson came into the wrestling business together as a tag team, and have continued in this vein without ever splitting up. The Young Bucks had many ups and downs along the way, with struggles in TNA and Ring of Honor that made them question their futures.

A deal with New Japan changed their lives forever, as the run as part of the Bullet Club got them over at a high level. The Young Bucks helped create change in wrestling outside of WWE, by adding extra eyes on NJPW, ROH, and they are now VPs for AEW. Both Jackson brothers are superb performers.

4 Better: Charlotte Flair

Ric Flair would see two of his children be signed to major wrestling promotions in completely different eras. David Flair joined WCW with a huge push right away. WCW hoped that the son of a legend would improve quickly and become a big star, but David flopped as he wasn’t ready.

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Charlotte Flair signed with WWE and became one of the biggest stars in the company. She has cemented her legendary status in the women’s division, with nine Women’s Championship reigns. She even made history with the first women’s WrestleMania main event. David just wasn’t in the same league as his sister when it comes to wrestling.

3 Equally good: Bret Hart and Owen Hart

Many fans would argue that Bret Hart was better than his brother Owen, when looking at his success as a main-eventer. The legendary Stu Hart had many sons in the wrestling industry, but Bret and Owen were the only two to land legitimate runs in WWE.

Owen was just as talented as Bret in the ring and left a huge impact on the sport. Bret and Owen deserve to be linked together as two legendary wrestlers who happened to be siblings.

2 Better: Booker T

Harlem Heat dominated the WCW tag team division, with a record-breaking ten Tag Team Championship reigns in the 90s. Brothers Booker T and Stevie Ray worked extremely well together.

WCW started pushing Booker and he became one of the top rising stars. The final few years of WCW would see Booker excel in the main event scene. WWE made Booker one of the top priorities when buying WCW. He made the WWE Hall of Fame both as a singles and tag wrestler.

1 Equally good: The Hardy Boyz

Jeff Hardy achieved more singles success in WWE than Matt Hardy, but both men had equally impressive careers when looking at their accomplishments. Their run as a tag team was stunning; the Hardy Boyz were arguably the most important and beloved duo of the Attitude Era.

Matt would showcase his abilities as a singles talent during his recent Broken character stint in Impact Wrestling. The run helped make both Hardy brothers relevant again. Jeff and Matt are both icons and equally talented performers, true top tier wrestling siblings.

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