10 Legendary Wrestlers With The Worst SummerSlam Records

SummerSlam is one of WWE's 'Big Four' PPVs, with many considering it to be the summer version of WrestleMania, and because of that Vince McMahon always ensures that the show is stacked with incredible matches and WWE's biggest stars. Many of WWE's biggest legends have all competed in countless SummerSlam matches, from main event blockbusters to everywhere else on the card, but not all of them have great records at the Biggest Party Of The Summer.

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Within this article, we will take a look at 10 WWE legends with the worst SummerSlam records, having failed to get as many victories as people might think.

10 Kane (4 Losses)

The Big Red Machine may not have achieved as many title runs as other top WWE legends, but that doesn't mean he isn't one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots.

However, even though he has been one of WWE's top big men throughout the years, Kane hasn't always been protected and has often done the job for other talents, including at SummerSlam.

Kane took a loss in 2013 to Bray Wyatt in order to help Bray Wyatt get over, and a loss in 2012 to Daniel Bryan which helped start their Team Hell No relationship, amongst others.

9 Bret Hart (4 Losses)

Bret Hart is, without doubt, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, hence why he is a top WWE Hall Of Fame talent, however, the Hitman was still defeated four times at SummerSlam throughout his career.

Hart's biggest defeat came against the British Bulldog in the main event of SummerSlam 1992 in England, in what is considered to be one of the greatest matches in the history of professional wrestling.

The fact that he was able to pull off such an amazing match and look fantastic in defeat really shows just how good the Hitman truly is.

8 Shawn Michaels (4 Losses)

There's a reason that Shawn Michaels' nickname is Mr. WrestleMania and not Mr. SummerSlam, with the Heartbreak Kid having been beaten on four different occasions at the Biggest Party Of The Sumer.

Michaels failed to pick up a victory in the second-ever Elimination Chamber, with Triple H coming out on top inside the steel structure, whilst he has also had a double count-out draw against Rick Martel in 1992.

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However, arguably the biggest defeat Michaels suffered was against Hulk Hogan in 2005 where he comically oversold everything that the Hulkster did as a way of burying the legend.

7 Rey Mysterio (5 Losses)

You don't become WWE's biggest underdog without picking up a string of defeats along the way, even at some of the biggest shows in the history of wrestling, which is likely why Rey Mysterio has five defeats to his name at SummerSlam.

WWE has always positioned Mysterio in a way that allows a major comeback and retribution victory, but to get there defeats have to happen, even though he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of WWE.

The Master of 619 has been beaten by some top names throughout his time, with a casket match loss against Kane, Chavo Guerrero, and Kurt Angle.

6 Chris Jericho (5 Losses)

Chris Jericho is one of WWE's greatest ever Superstars, but he has managed to keep his legendary status despite being known for putting over other talents when necessary, showing just how skilled he really is.

Because of the fact, Jericho has been known to put over other stars, it isn't a massive surprise to learn that he has five losses to his name at SummerSlam, picking up defeats against the likes of; Edge, Bray Wyatt, and John Cena.

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Now that Jericho is a major player for WWE's competition in AEW, there is a good chance WWE will be more open about talking about Jericho's losses at SummerSlam in order to try and bury him.

5 The Undertaker (5 Losses)

The Deadman is well known for his incredible undefeated streak at WrestleMania, but his record at SummerSlam isn't quite as impressive, with The Undertaker having been defeated five times at the show.

Whilst he has also picked up 10 victories, he does have one of the highest loss records at the show, having been defeated by the likes of; Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, and Mankind.

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The Undertaker even has a draw to his name after his battle with Kane ended in a no contest during SummerSlam 2000, narrowly escaping adding another loss to his name.

4 Triple H (5 Losses)

Another WWE legend that sits in the 5 losses club is Triple H, with the Game having surprisingly taken a defeat five times on such a big show, which goes against the common story that he never puts people over.

The Game was defeated by Brock Lesnar in 2012 in what was one of his biggest matches at SummerSlam, and he has also been beaten by the likes of Shawn Michaels, in their incredible street fight, and a triple threat against The Rock and Kurt Angle.

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However, Triple H does have plenty of victories to his name as well, including the second-ever Elimination Chamber match, as well as a win over King Booker following his return from injury.

3 Jeff Hardy (5 Losses)

Jeff Hardy has one of the worst losing records in WrestleMania history, and unfortunately for the Charismatic Enigma, he also has one of the worst records at SummerSlam as well, which is probably why he is such an underdog fan favorite.

Hardy's most famous loss at SummerSlam came back in 2009 where he competed in the main event of the show in an amazing TLC match against CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship, where the Straightedge star come out on top.

Hardy has also suffered defeats against RVD, with his most recent loss coming at the 2018 event where he was beaten by Shinsuke Nakamura in a United States Championship match.

2 Randy Orton (6 Losses)

The Viper is another top WWE Superstar with a surprisingly poor record at SummerSlam, having been defeated six times at the show, even though he also became the youngest World Champion in WWE history at the event as well.

Orton has been defeated by some of WWE's biggest names though, with losses against the likes of John Cena and Hulk Hogan to his name, which might make his poor record look a little better.

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Of course, few will also forget the bloody and brutal defeat he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar as well. Will he add another defeat this year when he competes for the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston?

1 John Cena (9 Losses)

He may very well be one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time, but nobody in WWE history has a bigger losing record than Cena who has been beaten nine times at SummerSlam, winning only five matches on the show.

Despite people constantly claiming he never puts over other talents, Cena has actually done an amazing job at helping other talents go over, with Seth Rollins beating him in the 'Winner Takes All' match, and AJ Styles picking up a clean victory over him.

The losing record just goes to prove that wins and losses have never really mattered too much in WWE as Cena has always felt like a top star regardless of his poor results at one of WWE's biggest shows.

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