10 Wrestlers That Want Triple H To Take Vince’s Place Running WWE

The eventual change in WWE is expected to see Triple H replace Vince McMahon as the person in charge of the company at some point. Triple H has been learning the ins and outs of the job over the past decade. The success of NXT as a product and the Performance Center as a developmental program made fans more excited to eventually see what changes will come with Triple H’s vision clearly different from Vince’s.

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Many wrestlers on the WWE roster and a few former stars would benefit greatly from the change in power. McMahon’s preference has led to a few wrestlers being used poorly while Triple H still believes in them. Time will tell if the change will happen soon enough to help these wrestlers and just differently things will go for them. These are ten wrestlers that hope to see Triple H replace Vince McMahon sooner than later.

10 Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is one of Triple H’s biggest success stories during his time in NXT. The journey for Zayn to the top of NXT was pivotal for the brand’s future. Zayn’s matches made fans start watching the NXT show and the emotional nature of his storyline got fans invested.

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Vince McMahon however did not push Zayn in the same way as his main roster run has been quite inconsistent. Even when Zayn gets television time, he is usually slotted into the losing spot as the wrestler that puts over bigger names. Zayn will not receive a real push any time soon unless Triple H takes over.

9 Asuka And Kairi Sane

The tag team of Asuka and Kairi Sane features two wrestlers that found amazing success in NXT as former NXT Women’s Champions. Triple H went out of his way to keep Asuka in NXT longer due to her value to the brand, and he was responsible for the decision of Sane winning the Mae Young Classic.

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Both ladies are currently in a tag team on Smackdown with Paige as their manager. It is easy to forget since they rarely get any television time and there’s no chemistry there yet. Unless Triple H can portray them the way they were in NXT, it remains unlikely things will change any time soon under Vince’s guidance.

8 Cedric Alexander

The cruiserweight division is another project of Triple H after the Cruiserweight Classic tournament on WWE Network found great success. Unfortunately, the 205 Live show has never been able to gain momentum since debuting on the WWE Network a few years ago.

Cedric Alexander is one of the few breakout stars from the division to deliver great matches consistently. WWE called Alexander up to the Raw brand as a promotion, but he has not received much of an introduction. Alexander is another wrestler that needs Triple H to replace Vince McMahon to get relevant again.

7 EC3

Triple H’s team made the decision to sign EC3 to a contract coming back to WWE after his great run in Impact Wrestling. EC3 did not have the greatest run in NXT, but he was at least portrayed as an important player worth paying attention to.

The call-up to the main roster at the start of 2019 has seen EC3 become a glorified enhancement talent. EC3 only gets television time in the 24/7 comedic segments as Vince McMahon has not cared to do anything with him. Triple H might at least give him a chance to prove his worth before it’s too late.

6 The Revival

The tag team of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder gets hit with ups and downs quite often on the WWE roster. Their NXT run made The Revival one of the top tag teams in the world after having amazing matches against the likes of DIY and American Alpha.

Vince McMahon reportedly has never been high on The Revival which led to them being used as jokes for quite some time. The duo of Dawson and Wilder have been able to win the Raw Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions, but they will never get used to their full potential with Vince running the show.

5 Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley may not be on the WWE roster any longer, but he made his opinion known about the Triple H vs Vince McMahon dynamic. The popular interview on Talk is Jericho allowed Moxley to release all his frustrations about his time in WWE as Dean Ambrose.

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One constant complaint was that Vince is the problem since he creates the system that fails many wrestlers. Moxley went as far as to say Triple H running the show would lead to a positive change that would benefit most of the locker room.

4 Bray Wyatt

The vision of the Bray Wyatt character found its way to relevance thanks to Triple H’s creative freedom in NXT. Wyatt was name-dropped in the early days of the NXT system thriving by Triple H as the example of how time in NXT can benefit wrestlers before getting called up.

Vince McMahon’s guidance on the main roster would feature many ups and down for Bray. The decision to end the Wyatt Family ended up hurting him in the long run. Wyatt has a unique new gimmick that fans are interested in, but it’s hard to imagine Vince won’t slow down the momentum once again.

3 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is trending upwards in WWE after a couple of great works unleashing memorable promos against Dolph Ziggler and Shane McMahon. The booking of Owens has been disappointing over the past few years until this recent rise.

Triple H’s support of Owens made his early WWE career a huge success winning the NXT Championship within a few months and getting called up in record time to the main roster. Vince however is hit or miss on KO as seen with his anger towards Owens’ WrestleMania 32 match against Chris Jericho. The optimism is here for Owens’ future, but Triple H running the show would be a safer bet for him.

2 Sasha Banks

The absence of Sasha Banks still has her away from WWE since requesting her release after WrestleMania 35. Banks has been significantly unhappy with the booking of her over the past few years and wants to leave the company for a fresh start.

Vince McMahon reportedly has been down on Banks for many years now never viewing her as a top star. Triple H was the one to book her as the top female performer in the industry for NXT. A change at the top with Triple H gaining control might be enough to see Sasha come back to WWE.

1 Finn Balor

Triple H utilized Finn Balor as the face of NXT during its biggest stage as a touring brand. Balor even remained in NXT longer than most of his peers to continue carrying NXT without losing any of its momentum.

The main roster run of Balor has been a tad disappointing given the lack of importance. Aside from the Universal Championship reign that ended after one night due to injury, Balor has not done much of note at the top level. Vince McMahon apparently views his size as an issue as Triple H would be the one to push him harder.

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