Father-Daughter Differences: 20 Wrestlers Vince And Stephanie McMahon Disagree On

Stephanie McMahon may have some very similar qualities to her father Vince, but without question, Stephanie doesn't always agree on Vinnie Mac's decisions when it comes to the WWE Superstars he pushes, demotes down the card and overlooks. As many of you are bound to be aware, while Stephanie McMahon is fairly agreeable with Vince behind the scenes, it's not arguable that Steph's views and opinions are beginning to sway in her husband Triple H's favor - Hunter has been doing a fantastic job with NXT and has been creating intriguing and solid new Superstars. However, many of Triple H's NXT creations have not fared well on WWE's main roster whatsoever, and promising talent such as Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode have been floundering as of late.

Perhaps there's a bit of a power struggle backstage, as Vince may not want to give up his control to Hunter and Stephanie just yet. Regardless, there are plenty of current WWE Superstars Vince and Stephanie McMahon disagree on, and while Stephanie has been given a bit of a hard time from fans in the past, you may be surprised about some of the wrestlers Stephanie has been fighting for to get more exposure and television time. Vince is somewhat stuck in the old days of WWE, and it's clear both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are trying to adapt to the times, whereas Vince still has his old ideals in place. Today, we will take a look at 20 wrestlers Vince and Stephanie McMahon disagree on.

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20 Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal has definitely had a whirlwind of a career thus far in WWE, with a couple of highs and many, many lows. It's still rather mind-boggling to imagine Jinder Mahal as a former WWE Champion because, for much of the past three months, Vince McMahon has certainly not been booking Mahal as such - in fact, Jinder has been on a losing streak against the likes of Zack Ryder and Apollo Crews.

Now we all know Vince's plan during Jinder's surprise push on SmackDown was to further their brand in India, and when this failed to pan out the way McMahon desired, Mahal was demoted back into irrelevancy following a brief United States Championship run. With that said, while Vince McMahon has had no issue in burying Jinder on Monday Night Raw lately, in the recent past, Stephanie made it known to the public that she believed Mahal's push was, in fact, a success, and that Jinder was doing well in his newfound role.

19 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy may not be the wrestler he was ten years ago, but that hasn't stopped Vince McMahon from pushing "The Charismatic Enigma." When Matt and Jeff Hardy returned at WrestleMania last year, right from the get-go, fans knew full well that Jeff would be the Hardy who'd be given the more substantial push once they split up. With Jeff Hardy on SmackDown Live, Vince has made an effort to recapture Hardy's past successes, and it's clear Jeff is one of the guys McMahon will be pushing as we near 2019 and the road to WM 35. However, that certainly wouldn't be the case if Stephanie McMahon was in charge.

For those unaware, Stephanie McMahon has reportedly never been a big fan of Jeff Hardy, as she believes he's unreliable due to his history of personal issues. On top of that, Steph also apparently never felt as though Jeff was a main event caliber performer. Regardless, whether Steph likes it or not, Vince will definitely be pushing the younger Hardy into the main event scene next year.

18 Kevin Owens

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Triple H may have been able to convince Vinnie Mac that Kevin Owens was a potential top-tier star following his debut a few years back, but after a mediocre Universal Championship run which ended with "The Prizefighter" receiving the squash treatment from Goldberg, Vince slowly but surely lost interest in KO. While it's clear that Vince McMahon values Owens as a solid in-ring wrestler, he has consistently been booked far below the current crop of top talent on Monday Night Raw, and had it not been for his recent injury, you can be assured Owens would've taken more losses at the hands of Braun Strowman.

However, much like Triple H, Stephanie McMahon definitely views Kevin Owens as a worthy main eventer, and it's highly probable that she's unhappy with the way Owens has been booked lately on the main roster. As many of you are well aware, Owens is one of Hunter's "golden boys" from NXT, and Stephanie's opinion on Kevin definitely doesn't stray far from her husband's.

17 Mandy Rose

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Although Vince has been on board with the Women's Revolution, which has steadily been picking up steam over the past year or so, McMahon is still somewhat stuck in his ways when it comes to the women's wrestlers he pushes to the top. In the past, Vince attempted to push looks-based female performers such as Eva Marie, and in 2018 heading into 2019, Mandy Rose is likely going to be McMahon's next pet project, so to speak.

Without question, Mandy Rose undoubtedly looks the part of a top women's wrestler, as she's very reminiscent of Trish Stratus - arguably the greatest WWE female Superstar ever.  However, Rose definitely isn't the type of women's wrestler Triple H or Stephanie McMahon would be pushing first, as they've made a point to value in-ring talent over simply having the right look. That being said, Stephanie may not be the biggest fan or supporter of Mandy Rose, but it can be guaranteed that Vince will attempt to push Mandy to the Women's Championship picture sometime in 2019 regardless.

16 Bobby Roode

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Coming out of NXT, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had extremely high hopes for Bobby Roode on WWE's main roster, so it can be assured that they weren't the ones responsible for Roode's lackluster booking on SmackDown and Raw thus far - Vince is. In NXT, Roode had everything going for himself - a great look, a respectable moveset, a fantastic theme song, a great catchphrase, and he was insanely over. Most believed Bobby would instantly become a star on SD Live or Raw.

However, since getting called up to the main roster, an ill-advised face turn and absolutely poor booking which soon followed has cemented Bobby Roode's fate in WWE as a glorified enhancement talent, and quite honestly, many fans hope Roode either turns heel in hopes of recapturing his past successes or leaves WWE altogether. Had Triple H and Stephanie McMahon been running the main shows, Bobby certainly wouldn't have become the afterthought he is today, and there's even that possibility Roode would've been vying for a WWE Championship.

15 Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews is seemingly starting to get a bit of a push the past few weeks on Monday Night Raw, as Crews has just defeated a former WWE Champion in Jinder Mahal as of this week. However, as many fans will attest to, this push is arguably two years too late, as Crews has absolutely no momentum left in the tank whatsoever. Apollo was undoubtedly called up from NXT prematurely because Crews hadn't even developed as a performer before he was thrust on the main roster, where he'd quickly be exposed for lacking a personality (smiling continuously doesn't count).

Apollo Crews received a mini-push upon his debut on Raw, but following a couple token fluke wins, Crews was booked atrociously and was either left off television completely or jobbed out to anyone needing an easy win. Regardless, this certainly wasn't Triple H's or Stephanie McMahon's vision, because both of them believed Crews had tons of potential in WWE. Vince obviously felt differently, and it's doubtful Apollo's newfound push will be lasting very long.

14 Cesaro

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Cesaro may have found some success in WWE alongside "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus, but once upon a time, fans were desperate to witness "The Swiss Superman" reach the top of WWE. Cesaro has always been a vastly underrated wrestler in WWE, and it's truly unfortunate that Vince McMahon never saw much potential in Cesaro as a singles competitor. For those unaware, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon (especially Hunter) have been firm supporters of Cesaro right from his debut, and had they been in charge of the main roster, Cesaro would've undoubtedly reached the main event scene on SmackDown or Raw by now.

Unfortunately, Vince felt as though Cesaro lacked a connection with the WWE Universe, as well as lacking the overall "it" factor. Clearly, Vince and Stephanie and Hunter disagree with each other strongly when it comes to Cesaro, but it's highly probable that Cesaro will be wrestling his remaining years under Vince's creative control, so it's doubtful Cesaro will be receiving a major singles push anytime soon, if ever.

13 Ember Moon

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Despite being one of the most promising NXT talents in recent memory, Ember Moon has failed to make an impact on the main roster thus far - and yes, Vince is undoubtedly to blame for this being the case. In NXT, Ember was one of Triple H's brightest young stars, and it can be assured that both Hunter and Stephanie McMahon has very high hopes for "The War Goddess" on Monday Night Raw.

According to multiple sources, Ember Moon's push is being called off right now due to Ronda Rousey, as Vince clearly has plans to keep Ronda the Raw Women's Champion until WrestleMania 35. It's sad and unfortunate that Ember Moon will likely continue to be overlooked and misused much like Asuka on SmackDown Live because Ember truly deserves to be in contention for the title. While there's always that possibility that WWE will move ahead with an Ember Moon push once Ronda Rousey loses the Women's Championship, it'll probably be "a little too late" kind of situation.

12 Titus O'Neil

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Despite not being one of the first WWE Superstars most fans would desire to see get pushed, Titus O'Neil is definitely an underrated wrestler in his own right. O'Neil certainly possesses the size and look of a top guy, and regardless of the fact that Titus can be a bit sloppy and uncoordinated in the ring, O'Neil could likely keep up with other top big man wrestlers. However, Vince has refused to push Titus seriously on any occasion, even with Dave Bautista's praise, and it's clear O'Neil's controversial run-in with McMahon a couple years ago after Daniel Bryan's retirement speech was the final straw.

Stephanie McMahon, on the other hand, has always viewed Titus O'Neil as a WWE Superstar with tons of untapped potential, as well as being a reliable and trustworthy talent, and O'Neil's continuous work outside the ring with WWE's charities and partner programs has kept him in good stead with Steph. Titus may have brought on good PR for WWE when he won the Celebrity Dad Of The Year award in 2015, but Vince has continued to utilize O'Neil in a jobber to the stars or glorified manager position regardless.

11 Nia Jax

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Nia Jax has seemingly been demoted since Ronda Rousey's debut in WWE, and it's unfortunate considering Jax was just beginning to pick up steam as the companies resident women's division monster when her title reign was fairly abruptly ended. While Vince McMahon has been on board to some extent with pushing Nia Jax regardless of her larger frame compared to other female performers (great PR for WWE), the past couple of months has proven that Jax isn't one of Vince's favorites by any stretch.

However, Stephanie McMahon has been a huge supporter of Nia Jax ever since her run in NXT, and Steph has recently stated that she believes Nia is a very special talent. If Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were in charge of booking Monday Night Raw, you can be assured that Jax would be presented at the forefront of the women's division continuously, and it's unlikely her title reign would have ended prematurely.

10 Shinsuke Nakamura

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The signing of Shinsuke Nakamura was an absolutely huge deal for the wrestling community a couple of years ago, and as most had predicted, Nakamura succeeded in NXT greatly and instantly became a huge star for the brand. However, despite having tons of momentum and the fans behind him, Shinsuke Nakamura has underwhelmed on the WWE main roster, and regardless of his Royal Rumble win this year, Nakamura has made little to no impact on SmackDown Live - Nakamura lost all of his big matches against Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles.

Nakamura was one of Triple H's and Stephanie McMahon's favorite NXT prospects, and it's not arguable that they're both fed up with the way Shinsuke's been booked on SmackDown Live with Vince at the helm. Clearly, Vinnie Mac isn't a huge fan of Nakamura like Hunter and Steph are, and going by past records, Nakamura's lack of success in WWE isn't too odd when we look back on other non-American talents.

9 Samoa Joe

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Although Samoa Joe may not be Stephanie McMahon's favorite NXT call-up, he was unquestionably one of Triple H's personal favorites, so it can be assured that Stephanie was fully on board with Samoa Joe potentially breaking out as a new star on the WWE main roster. However, poor timing (injuries mainly) and terrible booking has somewhat cemented Samoa Joe's fate in WWE as a glorified jobber to the stars much like Bray Wyatt, and considering Vince McMahon once believed Joe was nothing more than a "fat Samoan," Joe's booking lately isn't all too surprising.

Despite vying for the WWE Championship and having some big matches against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in the past (most of which he lost), Joe is continuously losing the momentum he had going for himself in NXT. Samoa Joe may perform on "The Land of Opportunity" SmackDown Live, but WWE simply haven't given Joe the opportunity to truly succeed thus far. Now we all know Samoa Joe would be a World Champion by now if Hunter and Stephanie were at the helm, but until that happens, Vince will continue to demote Joe, unfortunately...

8 Asuka

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Many fans continue to discuss the notion that NXT Superstars are doomed to fail on the main roster, and there truly isn't a better supporting example of this notion than "The Empress of Tomorrow" Asuka. It's very hard to believe just how far one of the most dominant NXT stars has fallen down the ranks in WWE over the course of just one year, as Asuka is about as relevant these days as Tamina - that fact alone certainly doesn't sit well with most. Regardless, despite winning the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble and having a big WrestleMania match against Charlotte Flair, Vince McMahon has refused to give Asuka a real push of any sort, and she has instead been portrayed as a small shell of her former NXT self.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are definitely furious with how Asuka's been booked on the main roster, because had Hunter been in charge of creative, Asuka would've likely continued on with her dominant winning streak as the SmackDown Women's Champion - Stephanie would've been all for it. Vince has proven on numerous occasions that he's far from being an Asuka fan, and her booking certainly reflects it.

7 Braun Strowman

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Now, this may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but Braun Strowman is definitely a wrestler Vince and Stephanie McMahon disagree on. Although it has been established that Braun is unquestionably one of Vinnie Mac's pet projects and a Superstar he's high on, the push Strowman has sustained thus far isn't exactly what Stephanie would have in mind. For those of you unaware, Stephanie isn't (and has never been) a big fan of Brock Lesnar as the top guy, and Steph's disdain for Lesnar has only gotten stronger following "The Beast's" controversial comment a while back about her. Brock's comment basically summed up that he doesn't care what Stephanie has to say...

Now it can be assured that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would love for WWE to have an active Universal Champion, but Vince has refused to fully commit to Strowman's push despite what they think. Vince clearly doesn't believe Braun Strowman is ready or worthy to carry the Raw brand, and this has inevitably hurt Strowman's momentum greatly - Braun may end up becoming another Ryback at this rate, unfortunately.

6 Bayley

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For the hardcore women's wrestling fans in the WWE Universe, the treatment and overall booking of Bayley on the main roster is sure to upset and anger many. Perhaps Bayley isn't the best mic worker in the women's division, but by all accounts, Bayley is, bar none, one of the best in-ring wrestlers in the entire company - male or female. When given the time, Bayley is able to put on some absolutely fantastic matches, and her NXT rivalry with yet another underrated and underutilized Sasha Banks was classic, to say the least.

However, Vince McMahon clearly hasn't bought into the Bayley hype like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have, and Bayley's booking over the past two years has definitely reflected that. Despite being one of the most capable women's wrestlers on the Raw roster, Bayley has been shoved aside time and time again in favor of Vinnie Mac's chosen ones like Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey, and though Stephanie is typically on board with her father's decisions creative-wise, the continuing misuse of Bayley is undoubtedly something that annoys her.

5 Brock Lesnar

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As we pointed out in the Braun Strowman entry, Stephanie McMahon surely isn't one of Brock Lesnar's supporters backstage in WWE. While Stephanie can acknowledge Brock's star-power and ability to draw in fans, Lesnar is certainly not one of her first choices for the face of the company. However, Vince McMahon, on the other hand, views Brock Lesnar as WWE's top commodity, and he's continued to offer Lesnar outrageous sums of money to keep him a part of the WWE Universe despite Brock's lack of interest in the company or the business itself.

Brock is now enjoying his second reign as the Universal Champion following his surprising win over Braun Strowman at the Crown Jewel event, and without a doubt, this decision was all Vince. Stephanie McMahon may not be against pushing the part-timer occasionally to the top, but considering it has not only hurt the company by not having an active World Champion on Raw and lessening the fan intrigue of the show, it has also stifled Braun Strowman's momentum - as we said, he's a wrestler both Steph and Hunter saw big potential in.

4 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins may be "The Man" in Triple H's and Stephanie McMahon's eyes, but to Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Seth is quite simply another wrestler who plays a supporting role to Roman Reigns. Rollins is undoubtedly one of the best in-ring performers WWE has at their disposal, but regardless of Seth's talent and overness with fans, Vince has refused to cement Rollins in WWE as anything more than Roman's sidekick.

With "The Big Dog" currently out of action to undergo treatment for leukemia, Seth Rollins may receive a mini-push to the top for the time being, but beyond that, Seth will never truly be the main eventer most fans desire him to be under Vince's watch. Stephanie McMahon has always favored Rollins over many of her fathers chosen top talents, and if the decision was up to her, Seth would undoubtedly be the true "Man" on Raw. Hopefully, Vince will soon realize the importance of Seth Rollins during Reigns' absence, so that when Roman does eventually return, "The Architect" won't be pushed to the sidelines.

3 Daniel Bryan

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If we were to look at Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon's relationship from an on-screen standpoint, it certainly wouldn't make a bit of sense to be placing Daniel's name amongst current wrestlers that Stephanie and Vince disagree on. However, the character Stephanie portrays on television is vastly different compared to her real-life self behind the scenes, and as surprising as it may seem, Stephanie is, in fact, a big Daniel Bryan supporter. Despite being labeled a "B+ player" by both Steph and Hunter in the past in storyline, Stephanie has acknowledged that she truly believes Daniel is an A+ player, and that he was the right guy to push to the top.

With that being said, Vince clearly has a different outlook or viewpoint on Bryan, and it's certainly not one that appeals to most fans. Vince has never regarded Daniel Bryan as being main event worthy material, and had it not been for an outrageous fan response, Bryan probably wouldn't have become the star he is today. Bryan has seemingly been on a bit of a downward spiral recently on SD Live, and his current booking is undoubtedly an aspect Stephanie strongly disagrees with her father on.

2 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has definitely got to be very frustrated over her current position amidst the women's division on Monday Night Raw, and judging by recent booking, it doesn't look as though "The Legit Boss" will be on the receiving end of better treatment anytime soon. Much like Bayley, despite being one of the best talents WWE has to offer, male or female, Sasha Banks has been demoted constantly so that Vince can continue pushing his obvious favorites - Alexa Bliss (one of Sasha Banks' real-life rivals) being one of them.

Perhaps Sasha's disdain for Alexa Bliss backstage has caused Vince to keep Banks out of a top spot on Raw, but whatever the case may be, Sasha Banks is nowhere near where she should be on the card in Stephanie McMahon or Triple H's opinion. Stephanie has long since regarded Sasha Banks as being an integral part of the Women's Revolution in WWE, and it can be assured that Steph would love nothing more than to prove that notion by keeping Banks at the forefront of the company.

1 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor may have convinced Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that he was a worthy main event caliber talent, but unfortunately for Balor and his fans alike, Finn has not been able to convince Vinnie Mac the same. While Finn received a substantial push following his initial debut on the main roster, a terribly-timed injury forced Balor to take a seat on the sidelines, and since then, Balor has never quite recovered. Though it can be said that Finn Balor isn't the best mic worker in WWE, Balor's definitely above and beyond in other aspects. Still, Vince has still refused to buy into the Finn Balor hype.

"The Demon" has been booked as a mid-carder without any real direction as of late on Raw, and much like Sasha Banks, things don't look as though they'll be getting any better for Finn anytime soon. Despite the fact that Stephanie McMahon's recent idea of having Finn Balor play an LGBT character was slightly outlandish (or a lot), it showcased how highly she views Finn, and it's not arguable that she'd like Finn to receive more shine in the spotlight.

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