5 Wrestlers Who Went Into The "Other Industry"

Adults and children alike look up to professional wrestlers. In fact, many professional wrestlers who have wrestled started off as wrestling fans when they were young. Wrestling fans see the athleticism and entertaining side of their favorite athletes and see the positive side of their favorite faces and heels.

There is yet another side to these professional athletes that people may not know about. This side is not viewed in a positive light. Due to other pursuing interest or even a leaked video, these wrestlers are now stigmatized into going into another category known as adult performers. Who are these "wrestlers" exactly? Take a look.

5. X-Pac

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Someone with the name of X-Pac would be expected to appear in an adult film going by this type of ring name. After Triple H's and Chyna's tumultuous relationship ended abruptly, Chyna got involved in a relationship with X-Pac, otherwise known as Sean Waltman.

During Chyna and X-Pac's relationship, they were filmed having intercourse. Although the footage was only for their private enjoyment, the tape made its way into the hands of the adult film company Red Light District Video after the two went their separate ways. X-Pac appeared in the film "1 Night in China" with Chyna and would appear in one more adult film with Chyna in 2009 titled "Another Night in China."


4. Tammy Sytch

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Tammy Sytch has been in the spotlight several times throughout her career. Tammy Sytch rose to fame during the mid 90's when she managed the tag team known as the Bodydonnas. Sytch was the obvious attraction of the team which benefitted her career.

Tammy Sytch, who was known as Sunny in the WWE, became the most downloaded female on AOL in 1996.Tammy Sytch also had several backstage problems and flings with certain wrestlers. She and her boyfriend Chris Candido ended up in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Sytch would later go from one extreme to another when she appeared in Vivid''s "Sunny Side Up."



3. Mickie James

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Mickie James has been a major player amongst the diva division for almost twenty years. She has soared her way to the top of any wrestling company that she has been apart of, whether it be TNA or the WWE. She made her return to the WWE last year and she is being exposed to a new generation of young wrestling fans.

Before she achieved fame in the ring, she had a hard time making ends meet working in the independent circuit. She made ends meet by posing nude for Naughty Neighbors and Leg Show magazine.

2. Chyna

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Chyna's introduction into the adult entertainment industry was not intentional in the beginning. Chyna's adult film career began after she broke up with Sean Waltman after he gave their private intimate film to Red Light District Video. She appeared with Watlman in "1 Night in China" followed by "Another Night in China".

Chyna made her way through various other wrestling promotions after her WWE tenure and decided to get into the adult film industry by appearing in videos for Vivid. She even did a parody involving Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon in "Chyna is Queen of the Ring."

1. Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan was the epitome of what a larger-than-life wrestler was in the 80s and early 90s. He had children all around the world training, praying, and taking their vitamins. He has performed the most amazing feats such as the memorable Andre the Giant body slam at the "granddaddy of them all" at WrestleMania III.

Years after being in the spotlight, Hogan was shown in a not-so-favorable light when he was involved in a tryst with his friend Bubba the Lovesponge's estranged wife Heather Clem. Gawker.com released a clip of the footage on October 4, 2012, which lead to a lawsuit against Gawker and sullying the Hulkster's hero status that had been established years ago.


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