10 Wrestlers That Dated Celebrities Outside of the Business

Many wrestlers have had relationships with celebrities from other worlds to create a romance that fans of multiple fields find interest in. Fans are used to wrestlers dating each other as that has become a common tale in wrestling history. However, it is still quite rare to see a wrestler getting involved in a relationship with a superstar from a different world. The high profile of wrestling will lead to fans and media coverage from each celebrity’s lifestyle following them.

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Celebrities to get involved in relationships with wrestlers include actors, musicians, athletes from other sports and everything in between. We will look at the stories of romance to find out just which wrestlers had love stories with other familiar names. These range from distant stories of many years prior to active couples. Here are ten stories of wrestlers dating other celebrities outside of the wrestling business.

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10 Dana Brooke (Enes Kanter)

One of the current relationships between a WWE star features Dana Brooke dating a basketball player. Enes Kanter has been a fixture in the NBA for many years now, and he even made news by entering a game of trash talk with LeBron James on the court.

The current home of Kanter is the Boston Celtics as he is still dating Brooke. Kanter attended a WWE house show in Madison Square Garden as a guest of Dana meeting The Undertaker. A few clips have shown Kanter working out in a ring claiming he may wrestle after NBA retirement.

9 David Otunga (Jennifer Hudson)

David Otunga’s love life leads to quite a few interesting stories about his life before WWE. The first appearances by Otunga on television would see him on the VH1 reality dating series I Love New York. Otunga transitioned his reality television career into wrestling.

The wife of Otunga in his early WWE days was successful singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. Wrestlers like William Regal and CM Punk even made fun of Otunga for it in the first season of NXT. The celebrity couple eventually split up with an ugly divorce settlement in the public eye.

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8 Gail Kim (Robert Irvine)

A high-profile relationship between two noteworthy names is still going strong. Gail Kim met celebrity chef Robert Irvine when WWE stars appeared on one of his shows. The two hit it off and started dating shortly after her appearance.

Kim meeting Irvine was the high point of her WWE career as she left shortly after to return to TNA. Irvine has appeared at many TNA shows and has even been a part of a few storylines involving Taryn Terrell and Tessa Blanchard. Their wedding was featured on an episode of his television series Restaurant Impossible.

7 Nikki Bella (Artem Chigvintsev)

The end of the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena surprised wrestling fans. Cena proposed to Nikki at WrestleMania 33 in a huge moment that was essentially erased months later when the couple finally split up.

Nikki recently revealed she is indeed dating another familiar name. Artem Chigvintsev is not a name most fans know instantly, but he has fame for his role as one of the lead dancers on the Dancing with the Stars reality series. Nikki met Artem when she was on the show and the two are officially an item now.

6 Paige (Kalan Blehm)

The love life of Paige has featured a few noteworthy names. Wrestling fans remember the romance with Alberto Del Rio leading to negative moments during their time together and breaking up. Paige has rebounded with a successful musician known as Kalan Blehm.

The couple made their relationship public when appearing together at an Orlando Magic NBA game together. Kalan is the lead singer of the band Attila and has his own brand in the public spotlight. Paige has stated this is the happiest she’s been in a long time thanks to this relationship.

5 Torrie Wilson (Alex Rodriguez)

One of the most high-profile romance stories to ever involve a wrestler featured the relationship between Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez. Wilson entered a relationship with Rodriguez after her retirement from WWE as the two were an item for the first half of the 2010s.

Rodriguez dated Wilson towards the end of his MLB career as a legendary baseball player. The two were spotted sitting ringside at WrestleMania 28 with WWE cameras highlighting them. Their relationship would not last much longer as they split up with Rodriguez eventually dating Jennifer Lopez.

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4 MVP (Sheri Shepherd)

A forgotten romantic tale of a wrestler dating celebrity focused on the love life of MVP. WWE would push MVP and he became one of their most important stars on the Smackdown roster. MVP went on a promotional tour for WWE where he met comedian and host Sheri Shepherd on The View.

The two reportedly entered a short-term relationship for a month or two. MVP and Shepherd appeared together on the red carpet of the BET Awards show. Shepherd even had a cameo on WWE television to help co-promote their worlds before the relationship ended.

3 Kelly Kelly (Jeremy Piven)

The relationship between actor Jeremy Piven and WWE star Kelly Kelly took place during the heights of their respective careers. Piven was still a huge part of the hit HBO series Entourage while Kelly was still involved in the WWE world. The two were on a date at a New York Jets game to take the romance public.

There were some detractors due to the 22-year age gap between both celebrities. The relationship did not last much longer as Kelly would get married to hockey player Sheldon Souray in the future. Piven appeared on WWE television as a guest host of Raw likely thanks to his relationship with Kelly.

2 Dolph Ziggler (Amy Schumer)

Comedian Amy Schumer had a memorable love scene with John Cena in the hit film Trainwreck, but that was not the wrestler she dated in real life. An appearance on the Howard Stern Show would see Schumer reference her past romance with WWE’s Dolph Ziggler.

The relationship was kept under wraps from start to finish until it was mentioned in the interview. Ziggler’s passion for comedy linked them together for a short time. Unfortunately for Dolph, Cena was the one fans will remember benefited from his time with Schumer in the movie.

1 Stacy Keibler (George Clooney)

Stacy Keibler entered a high-profile romance years after leaving WWE. Hollywood superstar George Clooney has been a top actor in the movie industry for over two decades now. The two celebrities entered a romance in 2011 that lasted for two years.

Keibler and Clooney were together on many of the red-carpet events for the biggest award shows. They eventually split up in 2013. Stacy started dating friend Jared Pobre quickly after culminating in them getting married and having two children. Love and happiness is the best rebound from ending a relationship with Clooney.

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