20 Wrestlers Who Want A WWE Contract That Vince McMahon And Triple H Disagree On

WWE may be going through a bit of a rough patch when you look at the overall quality and viewership of their weekly programs such as Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, but that certainly doesn't mean WWE isn't still the pinnacle of sports entertainment. Sure, perhaps wrestlers lack the creative freedom they'd have on the indies, but when you look at the potential money to made in WWE regardless of you're position on the card, tons of wrestlers are still trying to get into WWE even if it means sacrificing certain things that are possible elsewhere on the Indies and in other promotions. NJPW, ROH, Lucha Underground, and the soon-to-be All Elite Wrestling may offer wrestling fans a better overall wrestling product, but for the actual wrestlers themselves, nothing can really beat the juicy WWE paycheck.

Hence why so many WWE Superstars fans believe are being underutilized and mistreated remain with the company regardless of their seemingly monotonous job. Being released or fired from WWE is definitely not an awesome feeling by any stretch, but at the same time,  the door is never closed to a possible return down the line, as Vince McMahon and Triple H are both open to offering past Superstars second chances. However, despite sharing some similar views and opinions, Triple H and Vinny Mac undoubtedly have very different tastes in wrestlers, and when the opportunity arises to sign a certain wrestler, not all the time are Hunter and Vince in agreement. Today, we will look at 20 wrestlers who want a WWE contract that Vince McMahon and Triple H disagree on...

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20 Darren Young

via sescoops.com

Although Darren Young may not have possessed the traits of a main event caliber Superstar in WWE, Young certainly had some potential in the midcard title scene. Prior to getting released not long ago, Vince McMahon had attempted to push him alongside his mentor Bob Backlund, though unfortunately, WWE's efforts were fruitless considering fans reacted negatively (or not at all) to Young.

Following his brief and uneventful push, Darren was quickly swept into the imminent firings list, and he was forgotten by fans almost immediately after his release. Since leaving WWE, Darren Young has made mention of the fact that he'd love to return to the company, though Vince and Hunter would likely disagree with each other on whether or not Young should be brought back. Vince was always more fond of Darren Young than Triple H ever was, and it's probable that Hunter would rather utilize WWE's funds on a more prolific indie talent.

19 Hornswoggle

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Despite seemingly being a one-trick pony with a limited shelf life, Hornswoggle managed to stay amongst the fold in WWE for far longer than any fans could've imagined - nearly a whole decade. When the time came for Hornswoggle to receive his release papers from WWE, it certainly didn't come as much of a shock for most fans, but despite this, leaving WWE definitely wasn't going to be the end of good ole Hornswoggle.

Since his firing, Hornswoggle has continued to do his thing on the indies, and surprisingly enough, Hornswoggle has had no trouble finding consistent (and lucrative) bookings on the independents the past couple of years. With that being said, Hornswoggle would love nothing more than to return to WWE's roster with a stable salary, though Triple H may not be quite as welcoming as Vince McMahon, who has long been known for loving outlandish gimmicks like Hornswoggle...

18 Damien Sandow

via prowrestlingsheet.com

After his release from WWE, Damien Sandow's name was quickly written under "the most underutilized and underappreciated of all-time" list of Superstars, as there's no arguing that Sandow had far more to offer WWE than he was allowed to. For whatever bizarre reason, Vince McMahon was never a fan of the self-proclaimed "Intellectual Savior to the Masses" despite being over with fans and very talented, and not shockingly, Vince wasted Sandow's Money In The Bank briefcase storyline in the most unfavorable and unsatisfying way imaginable - being defeated by John Cena with ease.

While Damien Sandow has since put most of his time and energy into his budding acting career, he has noted that he isn't against the idea of returning to WWE down the line if the opportunity arises. Though Triple H may be open to the idea, Vince certainly won't be, unfortunately.

17 Chris Masters

via wrestlingnews.co

Without question, had Chris Masters not failed WWE's notorious Wellness Policy multiple times, there's a very good chance that "The Masterpiece" would be a multi-time WWE World Champion by now with a couple of mid-card title reigns mixed in there as well. Masters definitely had the look Vince loved in his top guys around the years 2006-2007, and it wasn't surprising in the slightest that McMahon pushed the shredded Superstar during his initial run in the company.

However, Chris Masters failing the Wellness Policy on more than one occasion sealed his fate as a "could've been" wrestler, and he was quickly released from WWE never to be seen again. Despite finding decent work on the indies, Masters has stated that he wouldn't mind finishing off his career in WWE. Though Vince may potentially be willing to forgive Masters and give him a second chance, Hunter on the other hand, well, let's just say that he isn't a fan of Chris...

16 Austin Aries

via ewrestlingnews.com

Austin Aries was definitely poised to become the future of WWE's Cruiserweight Division and had it not been for his supposedly poor attitude and behavior backstage, Aries would undoubtedly be at the forefront of 205 Live right now and potentially even on the main roster much like how Mustafa Ali has been added to the SmackDown roster. Ever since his stint in NXT, Triple H was fond of Aries, and there's no question that Hunter believed in Aries abilities not only in the ring but on the mic as well.

Vince McMahon, on the other hand, never viewed Aries as a big signing for WWE, and Austin's reported sourness behind the scenes only compounded his low standing with Vinny Mac. A-Double has mentioned that he'd like to return to WWE if he were to be presented the way he personally believes he should be, and while Hunter may agree with Aries, Vince certainly would not.

15 Carlito

via youtube.com

Vince has always had a pet peeve with his Superstars becoming either lazy or complacent (even worse... both), and that certainly was true when it came to the former United States and Intercontinental Champion Carlito. Despite being very good in the ring, decent on the microphone and having the aura of a star, Carlito's reported laziness and complacency put him in Vince's bad books.

Prior to getting that negative reputations backstage in WWE, Vince McMahon pushed Carlito fairly hard and had it not been for Carlito's shortcomings, it's possible he would've eventually captured either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship - not to mention still being employed by WWE right now in 2019. Triple H, on the other hand, never took Carlito's laziness to heart to the same extent as Vince, and he'd likely be more open to Carlito returning to WWE.

14 Mr. Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy was a perfect example of why you should always try to get along with your co-workers behind the scenes in WWE before you've fully established yourself as a permanent top star because, without a doubt, Kennedy was acting a bit carelessly amongst the locker room far too soon. As many of you are well aware, Kennedy managed to get on the wrong side of both Randy Orton and John Cena not only because of his poor attitude, but his recklessness in the ring as well, and as you'd likely expect, things didn't end well for the promising youngster.

He was quickly given his release papers after Orton and Cena complained to Vince. Kennedy would then try his luck in Impact Wrestling, where he did find some success, but there's no denying Kennedy has been resentful about his time in WWE and would like to leave things on a more positive note. However, considering Triple H was also rubbed the wrong way by Mr. Kennedy to a lesser extent, Hunter would not be on board with Vinny Mac bringing the real-life Ken Anderson back.

13 Chavo Guerrero

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Chavo Guerrero may not have been on the same level as his uncle Eddie, but there's no doubt that Chavo was about as solid as you could ever desire a wrestler to be. Chavo excelled wherever he was positioned on the card, and despite being saddled down with the ECW World Championship instead of the World Title or IC Title, Guerrero still made the most out of his opportunity and was apart of some great WWE television.

After leaving WWE, Chavo Guerrero moved on to other promotions, including Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, and he hasn't done badly for himself whatsoever. However, Chavo has always kept the possibility of returning to WWE in the back of his mind, and while Triple H would love to have the addition of a great talent like Chavo in NXT and then perhaps on the main roster, Vince has shown little interest in bringing back Guerrero - maybe Chavo's age is a factor.

12 Simon Gotch

via instagram.com

It's not arguable that WWE losing one-half of The Vaudevillains, Simon Gotch, was not a huge loss by any stretch, but there's no denying Gotch could've done a lot more in the company had he stayed on the right path. In other words, not getting on the wrong side of Vince McMahon and the entire locker room. Prior to his release, Simon Gotch had been reportedly causing scenes backstage, one of which involved Gotch reportedly getting furious after tipping over his own chair and falling in catering.

As well, Simon had just been involved in a dangerous botch with Enzo Amore, so Gotch's timing was terrible. Regardless, Gotch has been wrestling on the indies ever since his WWE firing, and while he seems to be somewhat content with what he's got going on, Simon has mentioned he'd like to return to WWE down the line. Triple H may be a bit more forgiving of Gotch, considering he was the one who created The Vaudevillains and had faith in his ability, but Vince? Probably not...

11 Melina

via sportskeeda.com

Before the likes of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks dominated WWE's Women's Division, former three-time Women's Champion and two-time Divas Champion Melina was atop WWE's now retired Divas Division. Perhaps Melina wasn't quite as talented in the ring as the three women's wrestlers mentioned above, but she was certainly good enough to be at the forefront of the division in her heyday. Melina was released from WWE in 2011 for unknown reasons, and for much of the past seven years, she has done fairly well for herself on the indies.

Although Melina is beginning to reach the tail-end of her pro wrestling career considering she's just shy of 40, Melina has alluded to the fact that she'd like to have one last run in WWE. Now we all know Vince McMahon had a soft spot for Melina, hence why she dominated the division for so long, but Triple H most likely would not view Melina as the kind of female talent NXT or WWE needs at the moment.

10 Kaitlyn

via starkovtattoo.spb.ru

Kaitlyn was definitely an intimidating and equally hard-hitting woman, and it was very sad news back in 2014 when the former Divas Champion basically announced her retirement from not only WWE but the wrestling business altogether. Although this is purely speculation, perhaps Kaitlyn getting on the bad side of Stephanie McMahon for reportedly  interrupting Stephanie's conversation backstage was partly the reason behind her abrupt departure from WWE.

Regardless, Kaitlyn decided to put forth most of her time and focus in her fitness clothing line, and though it has been successful to an extent, she recently got the itch to return to the ring. As most of you guys are aware, Kaitlyn took part in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, where she defeated Kavita Devi in her first-round match but was eliminated just a day later by Mia Yim. Now it was clear that Vince was a fan of Kaitlyn due to her attractiveness and intimidating presence, but after Kaitlyn rubbed Stephanie the wrong way, it's probable that Triple H would argue Vince against signing her to a full-time WWE contract.


via bodyslam.net

Despite never capturing a World Championship in WWE, Montel Vontavious Porter, otherwise known to fans as simply MVP, made the U.S. Championship as prestigious as it had ever been. MVP was solid in the ring, decent on the mic, had a great personality and lots of charisma, so when it had been announced that MVP was released from his contract in 2010, many fans were saddened by the unfortunate news.

However, MVP continued his craft in other promotions including NJPW and TNA Impact Wrestling, and even though MVP has done pretty well for himself and has kept his name alive, WWE has yet to reach out to him for a legitimate return despite Montel's interest in having another run in the company. Vince had always been high on MVP, but Triple H never really bought into the MVP hype whatsoever. Considering most new WWE talents have to first go through NXT, perhaps Triple H has argued against Vince resigning MVP, due to his age and other reasons.

8 Wade Barrett

via uproxx.com

Wade Barrett unquestionably ranks among the most underrated and underutilized WWE Superstars in recent memory, as the former multi-time Intercontinental Champion had all the potential in the world to become a permanent fixture in the main event scene. Although Wade had been given a few opportunities to become a breakout star, for whatever strange reason, WWE dropped the ball with Barrett each and every time. The final straw for Barrett would be getting misused as the last King Of The Ring winner, and if anything, King Barrett was buried even harder than ever before, unfortunately.

After the failed League Of Nations stable, Wade decided enough was enough and refrained from signing a new WWE contract. Triple H had always been a fan of Barrett and saw plenty of potential in the Englishman, but Vince clearly never fully got behind Wade. Despite finding work elsewhere, Wade has shown interest in possibly returning to WWE soon for another run, but Vince may not be as forgiving as Hunter would be for leaving WWE hanging and abruptly leaving.

7 Ryback

via boston.cbslocal.com

The Big Guy, Ryback, may be referred to by many fans as being a flop in WWE due to his failed run in the main event scene, and despite his rants regarding WWE since his release, there's no doubt Vince McMahon would love to have Ryback back in the company. As we all know, Vince has a thing for big sweaty men. Though Ryback wasn't the greatest in-ring talent WWE had to offer, he was steadily improving in the ring towards the end of his run in the company, and he put on many great matches against the likes of Kalisto for the United States Championship.

However, Ryback clearly believed he was worthy of far more in WWE than simply the US Title, and he decided to leave the company for health reasons as well as being frustrated over his position in WWE. Now we all know Vince doesn't like former Superstars who talk negatively about the company, but Ryback is certainly the kind of talent Vinny Mac may be willing to forgive. However, after the things The Big Guy has said about Triple H and because of the fact Ryback isn't the kind of wrestler Hunter is looking for NXT, he will likely disagree with Vince.

6 Cameron

via sbnation.com

Despite the fact that it seemed Cameron's future in WWE was doomed right from her stint in Tough Enough for naming Alicia Fox vs. Melina as her favorite match to Stone Cold Steve Austin, which rightfully garnered a negative reaction, Cameron remained among the WWE locker room for quite a long time - clearly, Vince McMahon saw potential in the former Funkadactyl. However, after being moved down to NXT, it was evident the company's higher-ups believed Cameron had little potential in WWE.

Not long after, Cameron was released from her WWE contract, and the company hasn't looked back since. However, while Cameron has seemingly been doing well herself in Hollywood, the former WWE Diva has expressed interest recently in returning to the company, and without question, this is certainly not music to Triple H's ears. WWE has moved on from the relatively talentless (ring-wise) female Superstars, and Cameron isn't the kind of performer Hunter's looking for NXT. Vince, on the other hand, well, let's just say that he's still very much about looks, so he may be arguing to give Cameron another shot...

5 Big Cass

via wwe.com

While we had mentioned that Mr. Kennedy was a perfect example of why you should always be on your best behavior backstage in WWE, Big Cass is perhaps even a better (and far newer) example of this notion. Despite being seven feet tall, nearly three hundred pounds, and a guy Vince McMahon saw boatloads of potential in for SmackDown Live, Big Cass found himself released from WWE within short order regardless due to his controversial behavior backstage.

To put things simply, Big Cass was not popular backstage whatsoever, and he was rubbing top WWE officials the wrong way with his poor attitude. Vince may have seen potential in Cass, but the negatives undoubtedly outweighed the positive, and McMahon was forced to release the lumbering giant. As most fans will attest to, this was no big loss to WWE, considering Cass had already garnered the reputation of being limited in the ring, but being fired hasn't stopped Cass' desire to return to WWE soon. Vince may be willing to offer Cass a second chance, but Hunter knows darn well WWE could utilize the money much better elsewhere.

4 Emma

via rohwrestling.com

When news hit the media outlets that Emma had been released from her WWE contract just days after her pay-per-view match with Asuka, most fans and the wrestling community, in general, was left completely and utterly speechless. Emma had proven that she was a valuable asset that WWE was simply misusing, and the Australian showcased the potential to become a top Women's Division star on numerous occasions. Apparently, Emma was always in the good books of Triple H, but Vince McMahon didn't feel the same - especially after the whole failed Emmalina shtick.

Perhaps Emma was fired from WWE partly due to her not taking her newfound persona as Emmalina seriously enough for Vince's liking's, but regardless, it was just a terrible gimmick right from the get-go and was doomed to fail in the long run. However, Emma's talent has shined elsewhere since leaving WWE, and Triple H has definitely kept his eye on Emma seeing she has the desire to return in the near future. With that said, Vince will probably refuse to allow Emma to return seeing she hated Vince's creation.

3 Batista

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One of the major stories over the past year or so has been in regards to "The Animal" Dave Batista's strained relationship with WWE, as the former six-time World Champion has expressed the interest and willingness to return to the company despite his busy Hollywood schedule, yet WWE has continued to keep Dave hanging. Apparently,WWE is somewhat jealous of Dave's successes on his own outside of WWE, and knowing WWE, this isn't much of a stretch in all honesty.

Batista has secured a role in the Marvel Universe for as long as he desires, and the acting gigs seem to keep on coming for the Guardians Of The Galaxy star. Though Vince McMahon wasn't a fan of Batista leaving the company to find success on his own, it has become clear that Triple H and Stephanie are the main culprits behind WWE keeping their distance from "Big Dave." While WWE teased the rivalry Batista has been asking for with Triple H on the 1,000th episode of SD Live, now that Hunter has been injured, Triple H may argue with Vince that bringing back Dave is not worth their time now.

2 Alberto Del Rio

via theshootonline.com

Alberto Del Rio definitely has to rank amongst the biggest main event flops in recent WWE history, because despite having four good and long reigns as the WWE World Champion, fans failed to buy into Del Rio as a legitimate top star. Alberto is a case of a Superstar who was pushed far too heavily and far too soon, and it really was no surprise that fans reacted negatively to Del Rio's super-push despite being nearly brand new on the roster.

However, Vince McMahon believed Del Rio was a real star in the making, and he tried and tried with Del Rio throughout his two runs in the company to no avail - to put things in perspective, Del Rio had re-signed with WWE his second time around for well over $1 million despite only being pushed in the mid-card title scene. Since his release, Alberto Del Rio has held little back when it comes to ripping Triple H and WWE in general, and though Vince is likely blinded by the potential he sees in Del Rio, Triple H wants no part in bringing Del Rio back to WWE.

1 Eva Marie

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When you look at Eva Marie, there's absolutely no denying that you can picture Vince McMahon plotting her push to the top in WWE. Regardless of the fact that Eva had no discernible talent in the ring or on the microphone, Vinny Mac tried his best to morph her into one of the companies top women's wrestlers. As most fans had anticipated, Vince's efforts were fruitless, and Marie flopped hard during all of her pushes. McMahon even tried sending her down to NXT to work out her flaws, but she didn't improve whatsoever.

Following yet another failed run on the main roster and a company policy violation, Vince had no choice but to send Eva Marie packing. While Marie has found some success outside of WWE with her clothing line and involvement in the fitness industry, she has stated that she wouldn't mind returning to WWE in the not-so-distant future. Vince may be clacking his heels at the thought of bringing Marie back, but there's no doubt that Triple H wants no part in re-signing "All Red Everything."

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