15 Wrestlers Who Want To Take Back That Selfie

If selfies existed during the Attitude Era, there is no telling who out of our favorite Superstars would have been fired before they had a chance to become a big star. Social media has changed the world and changed how many experience the world as well - that's also true as it pertains to the world of sports entertainment.

This first generation of wrestlers to become professionals during the social media age are learning on the fly. Wrestlers aren't exactly the most guarded people either, so social media is perhaps not the best medium for them. There have been more than a few wrestlers who have gotten themselves into hot water for how they've used social media. Selfies are particularly dangerous because it becomes much harder for the person to distance themselves from their post. Some wrestlers listed in this article have badly damaged their careers as a result of their ill-advised selfies. Others, however, were able to get away with it either because they are such a big star or because it somehow flew under the radar.

Of all the selfies which have ever been posted by a wrestler, these are some of the most regrettable.


15 Rusev & Lana

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In 2015, Rusev and Lana got engaged. The real-life couple is believed to have been together since both were in WWE developmental. They announced their engagement on Instagram and gave TMZ an exclusive look at Lana's engagement ring. The only problem was that the couple was broken up in WWE storyline. Lana was seeing Dolph Ziggler and Rusev was having a "hot summer" with Summer Rae.

Ever a stickler for kayfabe, Vince McMahon was said to be furious with the couple's decision to broadcast their engagement on social media to WWE fans. WWE ended up dropping the angle they were involved in, which was probably a good thing.

14 Jimmy Jacobs

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Jimmy Jacobs was fired not long after posting the above selfie of himself with the Bullet Club during their WWE invasion skit. Cody and other Bullet Club members were nearby and decided to do a D-X style invasion of Monday Night Raw. Vince wasn't the happiest about the angle and Jacobs felt his wrath. That one of his writers later popped up in a selfie with the group most likely pleased him even less. Jacobs was fired not long after.

Nowadays, Jacobs can be found on Impact Wrestling where he appears to be the manager of Kongo Kong. He's also been keeping a regular schedule on the independent scene going back to his roots prior to his days as a WWE writer. Jacobs appears to be content with his current situation despite the release.

13 Chris Jericho & Kelly Kelly

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The above selfie of Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly was the catalyst for numerous rumors relating to the both of them. Jericho is married but evidently felt confident enough in the strength of his marriage to post a selfie with a woman whose reputation in the wrestling industry falls into the Sunny or Missy Hyatt category. There will be rumors about Jericho and Kelly Kelly for years to come even though aside from the above photo there is no evidence to suggest they were anything other than friends.

Kelly Kelly made her return to the WWE in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match. Her previous stint with the company lasted from 2006 to 2012. She is expected to remain with the company in some capacity even if she doesn't return full-time.

12 Enzo Attends Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight


The recently unemployed Enzo Amore posted a series of tweets and photos on August 26th, 2017. That was the date he went to the much heralded Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas. Among the selfies, Enzo also posted a picture of his ticket which cost $10K. Suffice to say, Enzo probably would like to have that money back right about now.

Enzo was fired earlier this month after allegations of assault came out against him. He was suspended at first but was later fired even though he denies the charges. According to the rumor mill, WWE was growing tired of Enzo's actions even if he was fully cleared of any charges. It's not quite clear what is next for Enzo Amore but whatever it is should be newsworthy.

11 Naomi & Kevin Hart

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At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this selfie posted by Naomi alongside Kevin Hart. She is not the only person on WWE's roster to ever post a selfie with the famous comedian but she ended up catching a lot of flack with the office for this picture. Any guesses as to why?

Although they aren't in focus, John Cena and Kane are behind Hart and Naomi. On this episode of Monday Night Raw from 2014, Kane and Cena would wrestle in the main event in a stretcher match. Naomi posting a picture which featured Cena and Kane talking to each other backstage and it was considered a violation of the show.

Nowadays, whatever heat was on Naomi for the photo has cooled off considerably. Naomi has become one of the top acts on SmackDown putting the ordeal far in the past.

10 The Luke Harper Fan Club Photo

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In 2015, Chris Jericho deleted a posted photo of himself and several other wrestlers wearing "Luke Harper Fan Club" t-shirts. Harper himself was involved in the photo along with the Colons, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, and Cesaro.

That Chris Jericho deleted the post soon after it went out is evidence someone from the office did not like it and wanted it taken down. Vince McMahon is not a fan of photos which break kayfabe, that's the reason why this photo was taken down. Thankfully, Chris Jericho was the one that posted the pic, given his reputation backstage nothing came from it in terms of discipline but you to believe if it was a younger talent posting such a photo, things would not have been the same.

9 Renee Young & Corey Graves

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To some, this Instagram post by Renee Young shows two co-workers innocently having fun on their travels with WWE. Both Young and Graves are married, however, this photo made a bunch of people on the internet believe there was something more going on between the two.

Young normally takes such a response from fans in stride and is careful to never feed the trolls. In this case, however, fan response was too much for her to put up with. She sent the following message out to those making negative comments about her or Graves, “focus on more important things in their own lives rather than stay up way past (their) bedtimes on a school night and try and tear down other people.” Wisely, she's remained on the down low with such comments since.


8 Braun Strowman


Braun Strowman is a very large man. WWE refers to him as a monster. A quick glance at his social media accounts revealed him to be something more of a large silly man than one you need be frightened of, however. Strowman's sense of humor is something that surprises lots of fans given his on-screen gimmick with the WWE. It's clear from his social media posts that Strowman loves to joke around as the above shampoo Mohawk look attests.

On-screen as we know, his character is no joke. Many feel Strowman could become a big star in 2018 and some have even stated he could become as big of a star as Brock Lesnar. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen but Strowman certainly has a bright future in sports entertainment. He seems to be enjoying the ride as well.

7 The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

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Articles like these often poke a little fun at how the Undertaker looks when he's not in character. Yes, Undertaker looks his age alright and there are plenty of "Grampa Taker" memes and gifs available online.

In this case, we think Michelle McCool might regret posting this selfie. McCool is looking to make her best Undertaker-esque scary face. The problem is that McCool is not very scary, which is part of the reason her and Taker are such an odd couple. He looks like death incarnate and she looks like she still owns a bedazzler and My Little Pony set.

McCool's unsuccessful scary attempt really just resulted in a clean shot up her nose, which is never a great look. But worst of all, it's a selfie that shows 'Taker breaking character, something we've rarely seen him do in the past two decades plus. 

6 The New Era Photo

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This one could use a little explaining. This photo was taken following Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2011. The idea was that everyone in the photo was from the new generation coming up and had a title belt to show for. There ended up being some confusion around who actually posted the photo, however.

In December last year, Cody again posted out the photo but this time with a caption which read: "Punk: 'this is not for Twitter...just for us' ...2 seconds after this picture was taken, Ryder put it on Twitter".

Evidently, Ryder disagreed with Cody's story. Later that day Cody came back on Twitter to state: "My story is actually inaccurate. Punk tweeted it. Just now Zack asked me to apologize and then told me to 'f*** off'". So suffice to say, Cody probably wasn't expecting the reaction he got.

5 Paige & Alberto Del Rio

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There isn't one particular selfie that Paige and Alberto Del Rio regret posting, it's probably all of them. As time goes on, it's likely both end up with feelings of regret and embarrassment for the entire context of their relationship. He left WWE and his family. She ignored her family's request to leave him and spent over a year away from WWE. They both made fools of themselves in public on multiple occasions.

Sadly, things aren't any better for Paige in the ring. Rumors are that Paige's WWE career is over and that she might never be medically cleared to compete again. Alberto is still in Impact Wrestling but with the new management team coming in, it's unclear how long he will be there for. He's still a big star in Mexico, however, and the drama with Paige has not impacted his drawing power in his home country.

4 Aliyah

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23-year-old Nhooph Al-Areebi is better known to NXT fans by the name, Aliyah. She's near the bottom of the rankings in the NXT women's division but in a couple of years could be competing on the main roster. She got into some serious hot water not long after she signed with the company in 2010 for posting several racially insensitive posts.

In the above Instagram post, Aliyah refers to the man carrying her as a slave and wonders where her whip is. Previous posts by Aliyah also used racially insensitive language. WWE conducted an investigation into Aliyah's social media posts and concluded that it wasn't enough to deem a release. She has since been much more guarded on social media, which is a wise choice given her past.

3 Emma

While the above photo may have been a photoshopped selfie, it's still one we think Tenille Dashwood regrets posting.

In 2017, Emma was trying to get WWE to give her a chance. She began posting selfies, tweets, and posts of all kinds with the #GiveEmmaAChance hashtag. In the above post, she even posted the hashtag #PushEmma. Speculation behind the scenes is others weren't exactly happy that Emma was stooping to such measures to be given more television time.

Emma was given more television time in 2017 and then suddenly she was fired before the year was out. One has to wonder if the backstage heat on her had something to do with her release that turned out to come out of nowhere.

2 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton caught some heat for this posted selfie. Naturally, referring to a fan as the "Latino Ms. Piggie" is never a good move for someone looking to avoid trouble.

The backstory to this photo is that Orton alleges the woman had been sending harassing messages to his girlfriend. Orton had even blocked the fan on Twitter but evidently, they met up at the gym.

This is a perfect example of an older generation wrestler not fully understanding how big a reach something they post on social media can have. Orton may have wanted to share the joke with his wife but he shared it with WWE fans everywhere as well. Karl Gotch and Bruno Sammartino never had to worry about such things. There doesn't appear to have been much backlash from management towards Orton for this but fans were quick to jump all over him.

1 The Rock

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It is perhaps the most famous and regrettable photo in wrestling history. Arguably the greatest performer in the history of the industry is shown in the mid-90s rocking a fanny pack, turtleneck tucked into jeans, a borderline "Kid N Play" haircut, and an overall goofy demeanor. This is the man many wrestling fans hope will be President one day. At his inauguration, perhaps he will wear a similar outfit....The Rock would later decide to recreate the famous photo, only this time The Rock's face looked even goofier and way less proud of himself.

Those who have read Jim Ross' recently released autobiography will have received the background of The Rock's life at this point. His football career in Canada was over and he told Jim Ross he had to succeed in WWE because he had no money and "had to". Ross then paid for their meals. Rock did pretty good for himself we can all agree.


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