10 Wrestlers Who Will Never Come To WWE (And 5 Who Will Chase The Money)

WWE is constantly on the lookout for new talent, scouting the independent scene for the very best wrestlers in the world to bolster their roster and make the product more entertaining for fans. For the most part, independent wrestlers are excited about the prospect of working for WWE as that is the ultimate goal for most people. Names such as Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are recent examples of wrestlers who have followed their dreams and made it to the big leagues, and there are countless of top names available in the world right now.

But with the growth of independent wrestling, the options are becoming wider for wrestlers, people are becoming less interested in WWE. With places like Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling now hosting regular shows and offering good pay, talent can now make a strong living away from WWE. However, there are other reasons why talent will never wrestle in a WWE ring, with some wrestlers style, look, or personal life going against everything that WWE stands for, meaning the company will never bring them into work.

On the other hand, there are still countless people who are desperate to work for WWE at some point and this list will look at both of them, discussing 10 wrestlers who will never work for WWE and five who will chase the money to the big leagues.


15 Never Come: Zack Sabre Jr.

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While the Englishman has technically worked for WWE, competing in the Cruiserweight Classic, hence his low ranking on the list, he has never officially been signed by the company. Out of everybody on this list, it is most clear that Zack Sabre Jr. turned down the chance to work with WWE after not signing a contract at the end of the tournament. This is a clear indication that the Technical Wizard has no real desire to work on a full-time basis for Vince McMahon and company.

And who can blame him? Zack Sabre is working all around the world from Europe and America to New Japan Pro Wrestling and he is winning championships everywhere he goes, so he is not exactly going to rush to be thrown into 205 Live's struggling show.

14 Never Come: Jay Lethal

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Jay Lethal has been one of the greatest wrestlers for a long time and fans have been eager to see him work in the big leagues throughout that period. While he has done great work for places such as TNA or ROH, seeing him in WWE would be incredible. However, while fans might want to see Lethal work for WWE it would appear that the former ROH Champion doesn't feel the same way. There is no doubt that with the latest influx of independent stars, Lethal would have been approached at some stage, and he just doesn't seem interested.

Whether it boils down to timing simply not working out or other reasons, Lethal appears to be more than happy doing what he is doing, after all, not every wrestler has a desire to work for WWE.


13 Chase The Money: Cody Rhodes

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Chasing the money is likely not what Cody Rhodes would be doing should he ever return to WWE, with the Bullet Club member making it very clear that he is just fine in the financial department working on the independent circuit. However, the chances of Rhodes eventually returning to the place where he made his name are incredibly high, for many reasons. With his families rich history with WWE and the respect the company has for the Rhodes family, they would likely welcome him back with open arms.

Not to mention that he is now a much bigger star that they could use in a different way, it is also likely that Rhodes himself will want to return at some stage to prove he belongs in WWE's main event scene.

12 Never Come: Briscoe Brothers

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One look at the Briscoe Brothers and you could understand why the popular tag team is likely never going to compete in WWE, as they simply don't fit WWE's usual look, or style and behaviour. However, despite their look and trash mouth style, both men are incredibly talented and WWE would likely make things work to sign them with certain gimmicks like SAnitY being perfect for them.

But controversial comments they have made during their wrestling careers will likely put a stop to the brothers ever making it to WWE. With Jay Briscoe tweeting anti-gay remarks that go against WWE's PG policy.


11 Never Come: Jessicka Havok

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With women's wrestling on the rise in WWE seeing somebody as talented as Jessicka Havok not be given a chance to work for the big leagues is a real shame, as she is certainly one of the most talented female wrestlers around. WWE clearly agreed with that, giving her a tryout in 2015 that was seemingly going to be the moment Havok would be signed, until her past came to back to haunt her and cost her the chance to work with the company.

A fan had unearthed some tweets from her past which were racist and homophobic, which of course didn't go down well with WWE and cost her the chance, which is likely to be the case forever.

10 Chase The Money: Will Ospreay

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For someone so talented and someone so young, it is inevitable that Will Ospreay will eventually wind up working for Vince McMahon as he is simply too talented to never have a match on that stage. Ospreay has already achieved an incredible amount in just a short space of time and with WWE's current focus on expanding wrestling, especially in the UK, someone like the Aerial Assassin will be on WWE's radar.

While they might think he could be thrown into 205 Live, Ospreay has so much star power that he can and will be a major success whenever he eventually lands in the company.


9 Never Come: The Great Muta

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Arguably one of the greatest wrestlers to never make the jump to WWE at some point in his career and while he is at the age of 52, he can certainly still go in the ring. He has worked for countless promotions and always been a highlight, but never WWE. Unfortunately, because of his age, WWE is likely not going to make a move for him as they focus on young upcoming wrestlers from NXT, which means The Great Muta will probably never lace up his boots in a WWE ring.

This is a big shame as a wide range of wrestling fans will never get to see what he is capable of, but the company did bring in Jushin Thunder Liger for a one-shot deal, so there is hope yet.

8 Never Come: Jimmy Havoc

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One of the UK's top independent stars, Jimmy Havoc offers something totally unique to anybody working in England right now, hence why he would be an attraction to the WWE due to his ability. Havoc has surprisingly worked a match for WWE, at Axxess weekend for WrestleMania 33, which means that the company is well aware of his talent. But even William Regal tweeted about how funny he found it watching Havoc attempt to work a WWE style match in a PG environment.

While he is certainly talented enough to change up his hardcore persona to make it work in WWE, the appeal of Havoc is that part of him and it seems like he is destined to simply work on the independent scene instead.


7 Chase The Money: War Machine

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Tag Team wrestling is returning in WWE in a big way, with incredible teams such as The Usos, The Revival and New Day, there has been a clear shift in focus when it comes to tag team wrestling, which has attracted the attention of other top teams. Fans have recently been treated to the arrival of reDRagon, who currently sits as the NXT Tag Champs, and they could be soon to see War Machine arrive on the scene as well. Offering something totally unique to everything on the WWE roster, this dominant and destructive pair could be major stars in WWE.

Mixing size and strength with explosive speed and agility, these huge men can fly from the top ropes better than most wrestlers, making them a true attraction that WWE won't be able to deny signing.

6 Never Come: Joey Ryan

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If you have ever seen Joey Ryan wrestle, you will know exactly why he will never work for WWE, at least while the company remains a PG product. Had Ryan wrestled during the Attitude Era, there's no doubt he would've been signed in a heartbeat. But the fact his entire gimmick is based on his penis, and the power and strength that it has are exactly why he won't be appearing on Raw or SmackDown in the future. Ryan is an entertaining act, but it isn't a family-friendly one.

Should he ditch his current gimmick then it would not be surprising to see him pop up for WWE, but that is unlikely due to how popular it has become, which means if you want to see Ryan in action and catch his famous lollipop, you'll need to head to the indies.


5 Never Come: Kenny Omega

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Arguably the greatest wrestler in the world right now, and the leader of the Bullet Club, Kenny Omega has taken the wrestling world by storm. Every company in the world wants him, which means he is incredibly in demand. While all wrestling fans would love to see Omega in WWE at some point, it is sadly unlikely to happen as he has expressed multiple times that he doesn't have a desire to do that, happily working in Japan and on the indie scene instead.

Omega has previously worked for WWE, something that a lot of people forget, as part of WWE's developmental system, prior to the rise of NXT, of course. But ended up leaving to become the star he is today instead.

4 Chase The Money: Dalton Castle

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The current Ring Of Honor champion Dalton Castle is an incredible wrestler who has all the charisma and personality to match. He is already ready to work in a WWE environment because, despite the fact he is an independent wrestler, he has a brilliant gimmick which he promotes just as much as his in-ring work.

Castle is going to be working with ROH for the foreseeable future due to the fact that he has just become the ROH Champion, providing him with a chance to be the main event talent, only rising his stock when he does eventually move to WWE. Because he already has the character locked down it is obvious that WWE would want someone as entertaining as him to be part of their roster and it is only a matter of time.


3 Never Come: Young Bucks

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WWE might be sending them cease and desists but make no mistake about it, they would love to have Nick and Matt Jackson on their roster. However, that is likely never going to be a reality with one of the greatest tag teams in the world having no desire to work for WWE. Young Bucks are arguably the biggest stars in the world outside of WWE and make an incredible amount of money on their merchandise. Their creative freedom is the key to their success and that is something they wouldn't have with WWE.

The brothers enjoy mocking wrestling and pulling the curtain back a little, things that WWE doesn't do and Vince McMahon likely doesn't understand. Because of this, the Young Bucks will simply keep flying the flag for independent wrestling instead.

2 Never Come: Kazuchika Okada

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The Rainmaker is also in the debate for best wrestler in the world right now, which obviously makes him a hot commodity. He has the in-ring talent and the personality, gimmick, and fanbase to back it all up. While WWE would certainly love to bring Kazuchika Okada into the company, he is currently the top star for New Japan Pro Wrestling, a company that is only continuing to grow with Okada at the face of it.

He has the chance to make wrestling history by being the man at the top while NJPW becomes a global property and that is something that he is sure to be focusing on before anything else. Not to mention the fact that Okada is the longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight champion in history, even if he wanted to go, New Japan clearly don't plan on allowing that anytime soon.


1 Chase The Money: Ricochet

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Whether you know him as Ricochet or Prince Puma if you have seen him wrestle you will know he is one of the greatest in the world today. There are some major rumors that he is heading to WWE at the start of 2018, meaning we could see Ricochet very soon, which would be great news for everyone involved.

He has worked all around the world, picking up championships everywhere he goes, working for all the biggest companies, against the best wrestlers, entertaining everybody as he goes. Ricochet has done everything there is to do and therefore a move to WWE is the next logical step for him and thankfully it looks like we could be set to witness it very soon.


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