5 Wrestlers Who Would Benefit From The Wild Card Rule (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)

With the ratings consistently dropping, the WWE has been hastily throwing things at the audience, in the hope that something sticks. Whether it's their plan to bury The Revival or a focus on Roman feuding against the Mc Mahons, it is clear that the WWE's current efforts have done little to reinvigorate the fans.

In an effort to improve the ratings, the WWE has introduced the Wildcard rule. With the wildcard rule, 3, NO WAIT 4, hang on, is it 5? Nope, its definitely 4 superstars can go from RAW over to Smackdown Live. Here are 5 WWE Superstars that would benefit from the wildcard rule, and five that wouldn't.

Just don't call it a shake-up!

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10 Would: Bray Wyatt

With the apparent success of the Firefly Funhouse, having Bray Wyatt act as a wildcard should be a no brainer. We've yet to see a match under his revamped persona, but he could easily be one of the more entertaining Wildcard draws.

Picture this, we've seen Bray listen to his gloves, labeled "Hurt" and "Heal". It would be interesting, perhaps even unique, to have him show up on both brands, acting the heel one, and babyface on the other. We daresay his current gimmick might also work as a warped version of the "Smiling Babyface" that most superstars portray.

9 Wouldn't: Braun Strowman

The story of the monster among men is one of ebbs and flows, rises and falls. When given time, direction and focus, Braun Strowman proved he was a WWE superstar who harkened back to some of the more over the top elements we miss from the Attitude Era.

Braun works best when dealing with the preposterous. To get his character back over with the fans would require a small team, perhaps even one dedicated writer to arranging his spots. Showing up across both brands is likely to lead to a "too many cooks" scenario and diminish his value even further.

8 Would: Daniel Bryan (and Rowan)

Since turning his back on us fickle fans, Daniel Bryan has become must-watch TV for any fan of wrestling. Be it the stories he tells in the ring or the passion he puts into every promo; The New Daniel Bryan has yet to play a flat note.

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Having just taken the Smackdown titles, Daniel Bryan delivered a hellacious promo about what he thinks of the division and what is needed to make it the main event. Making Daniel (and Rowan) a Wildcard seeking to unify the tag team belts could be exactly what the tag division needs right now.

7 Wouldn't: Kofi Kingston

After 11 years of giving his all, Kofi Kingston has fulfilled his dream and become the WWE Champion. Kofi is one of the top faces of the company and has been a crowd favorite for years, it is easy to see why the WWE would try to push Kofi onto both shows.

However, as he is now the reigning champion of the top belt on Smackdown Live, that is where he should be, especially after turning Kevin Owens heel to spark a feud. Oversaturation risks losing both Kofi's support and possibly even the goodwill the New Day have rightfully earned these past few years.

6 Would: Randy Orton

It's no secret that Randy Orton always does his best work when playing the villain, and that's precisely The Viper is perfect for the wildcard ruling. The only caveat here is they need to make sure not to announce his arrival.

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With his knack for using the RKO from out of nowhere, a surprise RKO here and there would do a lot to keep people watching at home.

5 Wouldn't: Seth Rollins

After what felt like forever, Brock Lesnar has finally lost the Universal title (hopefully for good this time!) and Seth Rollins has become the face of Monday Night RAW. And that is absolutely where he should stay.

Not to say he wouldn't be able to deliver as Wildcard, but what makes Seth so special is that regardless of it being a 5-minute match or the main event, Seth Rollins gives his all. To have Seth as the Wildcard could either lead to another injury for the top star or force him to lose that match quality that initially won him the fans to begin with.

4 Would: Ruby Riott (or the whole Riott Squad)

Since the superstar shake-up, we have seen less and less of Ruby Riott. Having often been used as talent enhancement for the top babyfaces of the women's roster, she has all but disappeared since Wrestlemania.

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Splitting up the Riott Squad was a mistake. Heels or no, their constant camaraderie was one of the few shining lights on RAW, as they genuinely felt like a team. Have Ruby flit between the brands to unite the Squad and reunite a faction that should never have been disbanded in the first place.

3 Wouldn't: Alexa Bliss

Without a doubt, Alexa Bliss is one of the most successful call ups in NXT history. Having recently come back to RAW, that is where she needs to stay.

The trouble with Alexa is the WWE's need to have her dominant in practically any feud she is a part of. If she were made one of the wildcards, it would likely lead to babyfaces failing time and time again across both brands. Not only that, but she is more than comfy with prolonged promo time, which is exactly what a 3-hour show like RAW needs.

2 Would: Drew McIntyre

The last few months have been unkind to Drew Mc Intyre. Since teaming up with Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley, Drew has stagnated. Having had a relatively hot storyline dismantling opponents like Kurt Angle and Dean Ambrose, it wouldn't take much to make Drew's status rise once more.

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The Wildcard would work wonders for a character like Drew. Have the Scottish Psychopath show up on both brands and take down anyone who gets in his way. WWE likes to fall into the concepts of good guy vs bad guy, but a rule like this could be used to truly freshen things up and give us a character who fights anyone, regardless of alignment.

1 Wouldn't: Lars Sullivan

Since coming to the main roster, Lars Sullivan has been on the warpath, attacking superstars new and old. With him being a likely candidate for the wildcard treatment, we are here to strongly suggest otherwise.

Statements made by Lars a few years ago have recently been acknowledged by the WWE's sponsors, and since then, Lars has responded with an apology. Whether his apology was earnest or not is not for us to debate here, but with so many things coming to light, it would be nothing if not naive for the WWE to keep such a spotlight on him.

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