10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

AEW is finally putting on their first show this month, with Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. Rumors have it that they will start their weekly television show in September or October, too. At that time, the upstart promotion will be off and running, and titles will surely come sooner rather than later.

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There are major stars signed to AEW, from former WWE stars like Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes and Pac (Neville) to some of the best wrestlers from the indies, including Christopher Daniels, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega. With such an impressive talent pool, there will be plenty of people vying for title opportunities. Here is a look at 10 wrestlers who have a great shot at holding AEW gold by the time 2020 comes to a close.

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10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020
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10 Hangman Page

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

When AEW held their first press conference about starting up their promotion, the first person to even mention a title was Hangman Adam Page. The former Ring of Honor star is young and exciting, and he came out and said that he had designs on becoming the first ever AEW champion.

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Hangman Page will have lots of competition, as the former Neville from WWE showed up to stare him down (the two men will fight at Double or Nothing). At the age of 27, Page is someone that AEW can build into a star -- someone who showed promise in Ring of Honor and can take the next step in All Elite Wrestling.


10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

When Hangman Adam Page said he wanted to become the first ever AEW champion, that brought out PAC. WWE fans know PAC as Neville, and he has returned to the name that made him popular on the indies before he became the NXT (and later WWE) cruiserweight champion.

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PAC has the credentials, as he was one of the best cruiserweight champions in WWE for a long time and has the personality of a legitimate star. He has been a champion in Dragon Gate in Japan and the U.S, PWG, and WWE, and it will not be a shock to see him as one of the first champions for All Elite Wrestling.

8 Cody Rhodes

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

Cody Rhodes is one of the top names in AEW, and is also running things behind-the-scenes. While Cody has said that he wants to push younger stars and have AEW build their own talent, there is no reason not to expect him to hold a title in the company sometime in its first two years.

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Cody being a champion is important for one big reason. Whoever beats him --especially if it is a young talent that AEW builds-- will become an instant star by taking the title from Rhodes. Cody wants to discover the stars of tomorrow, and this is the best way to create excitement at All Elite Wrestling.

7 Young Bucks

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

The Young Bucks are easily the top tag team in the company, and there is no way they won't hold the tag titles at least once during the first two years of the company's existence. There is no one that delivers more excitement than Matt and Nick Jackson when it comes to tag team wrestling, and they should be pushed hard.

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There is also the fact that they are vice presidents of the company, along with Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. However, as with Rhodes, the best way to put over new young tag teams and make them stars is by having someone take the titles away from them.


10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

SCU includes two of the longest-tenured veterans in AEW: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. These two men are Impact Wrestling originals and have been putting on quality matches for two decades now. Add in Scorpio Sky as a top talent, relative to Kaz and Daniels, and this is a unit that should bring a lot of excitement to AEW.

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There is no telling what titles AEW will create, but if there is a trios title, this is the team that will be in the mix. Kaz and Daniels will be in the mix for the tag team titles as well, and Scorpio Sky is someone who could contend for a secondary title immediately.

5 Dean Ambrose

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

When Dean Ambrose left WWE, many thought it was a temporary break and he would be back soon. However, when Ambrose released a promo video minutes after his contract expired, showing him breaking out of jail and finding freedom as Jon Moxley once again, it caused a lot of fans to get excited.

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There were dice with the numbers "2" and "5" on them, and since Double or Nothing is in Las Vegas on May 25, that made people start to put two and two together. If Jon Moxley joins AEW, he will be one of their top stars and will be a quick champion for All Elite Wrestling.

4 Kenny Omega

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

Out of all the men who signed with AEW, the one that the company will build itself around as the top star is Kenny Omega. One of the top wrestlers in the world today, Omega was a monster star in New Japan Professional Wrestling --the second biggest wrestling promotion on the planet-- and was turning in five-star matches on a regular basis.

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Kenny Omega will fight Chris Jericho first at Double or Nothing, and it doesn't matter what anyone else plans: Omega will be in the world title mix from the start and will always be at the top of the card. Yes, he is a vice president as well, but Omega is the best wrestler in All Elite Wrestling and should be pushed as a title contender and eventual champion.

3 Chris Jericho

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

Chris Jericho is the biggest name in AEW and he should hold a title at least once in the company's first two years. There is no one on the roster that will give a young star the rub better than Jericho. Anyone who is homegrown in AEW that beats Jericho will be an instant star, not only in AEW but in the world of professional wrestling.

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When trying to bring in mainstream professional wrestling fans to watch AEW, Chris Jericho is the man the company needs to rely on (because everyone who has watched wrestling in the last 30 years knows who he is). He is the man who can bring new fans to AEW, and then the young stars can work to keep them around.

2 Lucha Bros.

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

The Lucha Bros. are a wildcard when it comes to holding a title in the first two years of the company. The problem with Pentagram Jr. and Fenix is that they are not exclusive to All Elite Wrestling. They will battle the Young Bucks at Double or Nothing, and AEW wants to keep them around, so they are letting them wrestle around the world.

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They are also Impact Wrestling stars, and that is where the idea of giving them AEW gold is a risk. However, if AEW can trust the Lucha Bros., there is no reason that they won't be one of the first tag team champions between launch and the end of 2020.

1 Nyla Rose

10 Wrestlers That Will Win AEW Gold By 2020

There are some great women signed to AEW. Names like Hikaru Shida, Britt Baker, Kylie Rae, Allie, Nyla Rose, Bea Priestly, and Penelope Ford. That is a solid list of talent, all vying to become the first ever All Elite Wrestling women's champion.

The top contenders are varied, with Allie and Britt Baker both possibilities. Aja Kong and Yuka Sakazaki are also both coming to Double or Nothing. However, Nyla Rose was pushed as a monster at the Double or Nothing press conference, and there is a good bet she is the debut AEW women's champion -- or at least will hold the gold sometime before 2020 ends.

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