Sugar Daddy: 15 Wrestlers With Women Way Younger Than They Should Be

Wrestlers are put on pedestals throughout their careers, which means that many women all over the world are basically throwing themselves at them on a regular basis. Wrestlers relationships become public knowledge quite quickly these days. This leads to a lot of public scrutiny and judgement. This is especially true when one considers that many relationships that wrestlers have been in over the past few years have seen some huge age gaps. These relationships have led the WWE Universe to question what the motivations of these women are and whether or not they could be considered to be about money more than love.

There are a number of WWE stars over the past few decades who have been in relationships with women who are much younger than them. There are still some wrestlers who are in this relationship right now and they have been able to remain together despite the WWE Universe proving to be one of their biggest obstacles. Regardless of what the fans think, we'll give the wrestlers the benefit of the doubt and chalk up the age gap to just a coincidence.

The following list looks at 15 wrestlers both past present who are currently in relationships with women who are much younger than they are. Make your own minds up as to whether or not it is love that is motivating some of these women in these to remain in these relationships.

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15 Batista And Sarah Jade

via greekreporter.com

"The Animal" Batista is currently breaking through with a career in Hollywood but will always be remembered by the WWE Universe as the former World Champion who was once one of the focal points of the company.

When it comes to his personal life, there are a number of things that have put Batista's name in the headlines over the past decade including an affair with Melina while he was still married to his first wife. Batista has since moved on to marry competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade since he left WWE back in 2014 and began to focus on a career in acting. This new wife is an astonishing 19 years younger than the former World Champion. She is just 29-years-old while he is 48.

14 Hulk Hogan And Jennifer McDaniel

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Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. Throughout his incredible career he was married to Linda Hogan. The couple were together for more than 24 years before Linda filed for divorce back in 2007. Linda took a number of Hogan's assets with her when she divorced him and it left him in a bad place where he even contemplated taking his own life.

Hogan married his second wife Jennifer McDaniel back in 2010 after the couple had been in a relationship for two years. Jennifer is an astonishing 21 years younger than her husband. The past few years haven't been easy on Hogan either since Gawker leaked a tape that caused WWE to shun him and many of his longtime fans to turn their back on him. He managed to win his lawsuit against the company and was awarded $115 million in 2016.

13 Kurt Angle And Giovanna Yannotti

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Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist and a former World Champion in WWE, a company that he was able to return to last year after a break of almost 11 years. Kurt returned to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before he was given the job as The General Manager of Monday Night Raw the night after WrestleMania 33.

Kurt Angle has gone through a number of struggles in his personal life over the past decade after his first wife was revealed to have been cheating on his with Jeff Jarrett. It seems that Kurt has managed to move on with actress Giovanna Yannotti, whom he married back in 2012. Giovanna is an astonishing 18 years younger than her husband. She is 31-years-old and Kurt is set to celebrate his 50th Birthday later this year.

12 Bubba Ray Dudley And Velvet Sky

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Bubba Ray Dudley is a tag team legend in WWE. He confirmed his retirement from professional wrestling last year after more than two decades in the business. While The Dudley Boyz are no strangers to controversy, it seems that one of the biggest scandals that Bubba was part of in his career centred around Velvet Sky.

The former TNA Knockout was in a relationship with Chris Sabin before she decided to move on to Bubba Ray. This led to something of a Twitter feud between the two. Bubba Ray and Velvet Sky have been together now since 2016 and despite the 10 year age gap the couple seems to be defying the odds and making their strange union work. Even though Bubba Ray has retired, it seems that his girlfriend still continues to be linked to a move to the company that Ray first found fame.

11 Shawn Michaels And Rebecca Curci

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Shawn Michaels has been retired from WWE now ever since WrestleMania 26, but it seems that he is still widely considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The Heartbreak Kid doesn't only have a storied history inside the squared circle either since his personal life has also been a topic of conversation throughout his career.

Michaels met and married former WCW Nitro Girl Whisper back in 1999. The former valet was the woman to help HBK to get his life back on track and start a family. Rebecca was exactly what Michaels needed at that point in his life and she is one of the reasons he was able to return to wrestling back in 2002. Michaels is a shocking 10 years older than his wife since she is just 42-years-old while he is 52.

10 Undertaker And Michelle McCool

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Undertaker has had a near three-decade career in WWE where he has arguably been one of the top stars in the company throughout. Undertaker's accomplishments over the past 27 years will never be replicated in a wrestling ring. Even though Undertaker has been a pretty busy star, he still has a storied personal life.

Undertaker has been married three times. His current wife is former Women's Champion Michelle McCool. The duo started dating back in 2006 while both stars were still married to other people before their subsequent divorces, and the couple later married in 2010. The couple welcomed their first child together back in 2012 but it seems that the couple is hiding an incredible 15 year age gap. Michelle is just 37-years-old while her husband is 52.

9 Jerry Lawler And Lauryn McBride

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Jerry Lawler is a legend behind the commentary desk, but the issues in his personal life have plagued what should have been a Hall of Fame career. Lawler was also a successful wrestler before he switched over to commentary, but his career has calmed down since his heart attack a few years ago.

Lawler has always been a star who has been linked with women who are much younger than him. It comes as no surprise that his current girlfriend has continued to follow this trend as well. Lauryn McBride is just 28-years-old while Lawler is 67. This means that there is a shocking 39 years between the couple. Lauryn is actually less than half Jerry's age, it's a shock that their relationship hasn't met more obstacles over the past few years.

8 Bray Wyatt And JoJo Offerman

via pwmania.com

Bray Wyatt was happily married when he came to WWE. From the outside looking in he seemed as though he was a happy family man. That was until 2017 when it was revealed that his wife of five years (Samantha Rotunda) was filing for divorce because her husband had been cheating on her with WWE ring announcer and former Total Divas star JoJo Offerman.

JoJo and Bray haven't come out and confirmed their relationship but they have been seen a number times together travelling from venue to venue. JoJo is still one of the youngest stars in the company at just 23-years-old while Bray Wyatt turns 31 later this year. This means that there is a seven-year age gap between the duo. JoJo is clearly used to age gaps at this point.

7 The Rock And Lauren Hashian

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The Rock is one of the best-known former wrestlers in the world. He is a former World Champion in WWE but he has made much more of an impact in Hollywood, having starred in some of the biggest blockbuster films over the past decade.

The Rock may be one of the busiest men in the world at the moment, but he has still had time for a private life. After he divorced his first wife Dany Garcia back in 2007 after a decade of marriage, Dwayne began dating Lauren Hashian. The couple has been together now for more than 10 years and welcomed their first child together back in December 2015. Lauren is an incredible 13-years younger than her boyfriend. They are another couple who haven't allowed the age gap to be an issue.

6 Finn Balor And Cathy Kelley

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Finn Balor is a former NXT Champion and was crowned the inaugural Universal Champion back at SummerSlam in 2016 before an injury put him on the shelf for the better part of a year. Finn hasn't been on the same level since his return, but it seems that the past year has seen a huge change in his personal life.

At 36-years-old, Finn has finally decided that it's time to start dating. He is reported to be in a relationship with WWE Social Media Correspondent Cathy Kelley, who is just 29-years-old. Cathy and Finn have yet to confirm their relationship, but Cathy has been dropping a number of hints on Instagram over the past few months. These have led many fans to believe that they are a couple.

5 Edge And Beth Phoenix

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Edge is a former 11-time World Champion in WWE. He was forced to walk away from the company back in 2011 when it was revealed that he was suffering from cervical spinal stenosis. Edge relinquished the World Championship and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2012 before he began an acting career instead.

Edge has been married three times in his life and was part of one of WWE's biggest love triangles in their history back in 2005 with Matt Hardy and Lita. Edge has been able to get his personal life together over the past few years though. Edge married Beth Phoenix back in 2016 on his 43rd Birthday. The couple has two daughters together, but Phoenix is just 37-years-old, which means that she is seven years younger than her husband.

4 CM Punk And AJ Lee

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CM Punk is perhaps one of the best-known wrestlers in WWE history as a former WWE Champion. He still holds the record for holding that Championship for 434 days, while his wife is a former three-time Divas Champion. CM Punk and AJ Lee began dating under controversial circumstances. It was since revealed that Punk was dating former Women's Champion Lita at the time.

After a few years of dating, AJ Lee and CM Punk married back in 2014. That was just a year before AJ decided to walk away from WWE for good as well. CM Punk is a man who is used to dating women who are much younger than him. AJ follows this trend since she's eight years younger than her husband of almost four years.

3 Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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Tye Dillinger is seen as The Perfect 10 on WWE TV and currently performs on the SmackDown brand after spending a lengthy amount of time on the NXT brand. While Dillinger was down in NXT he began dating Peyton Royce, who currently still performs on the NXT brand.

After two years of dating in secret, the couple finally made their relationship public last year. Even though the duo are considered to be on the same level in WWE they are almost a generation apart when it comes to their age. Peyton is just 25-years-old and Tye Dillinger is 36. As they say, age is just a number. This duo seems to be making their relationship work despite the huge age gap.

2 Bret Hart And Stephanie Washington

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The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be (also known as Bret Hart) is one of the biggest legends of the wrestling business. Hart had a lengthy career in WWE before moving over to WCW surrounded by controversy back in 1997. Hart has since returned to WWE and put his issues with Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels behind him.

Bret Hart has been able to support his niece Natalya over the past few years when it comes to her WWE career but has mostly been focusing on his family. Bret has been married a number of times throughout his career. Most recently he married Stephanie Washington back in 2010 at 59-years-old. Bret is nearly double Stephanie's age who is just 33. This makes their age gap a shocking 26 years.

1 Matt Hardy And Reby Sky

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Matt Hardy is a former Tag Team legend in WWE alongside his brother, but over the past few years it seems that his Broken Matt Hardy character has seen him become a star in his own right, which has led to WWE resigning their former stars and allowing him to use a "Woken" gimmick on Monday Night Raw.

Hardy was part of one of WWE's biggest scandals during his first stint with the company when his ex-girlfriend Lita was revealed to be cheating on him with Edge. It seems that Matt has finally ben able to move on with his life since and married fellow wrestler Reby Sky back in 2013. Reby is 12-years younger than 43-year-old Matt, but the couple already has two children and seem to be one of the most popular couples in WWE right now.

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