10 Wrestlers Who Need A Hair Cut, Right Now

Wrestling has had a painful history with hair styling. Let's face it, the dominant hairstyle of professional wrestling has been the mullet. For those who don't know, a mullet is that inimitable style where the hair is cut short at the front and sides but left long at the back. It is, without doubt, one of the worst haircuts in all history; and that includes when we still lived in caves and hadn't invented scissors yet.

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Despite the mullet now thankfully being absent from wrestling, that doesn't mean there aren't haircut horror shows in the modern scene. Here are the wrestlers in most desperate need of a quick trim.

10 A.J. Styles

The hair of A.J. Styles is like the rings on the trunk of a tree: follow the hair and you'll follow the career of Styles. From the cropped look of his iconic TNA run to the windswept style that marked his time in New Japan. Then there's the long flowing locks that accompanied his time as WWE champ.

Now, though, things have gone far too far. A.J. Styles has so much hair that the drain of his shower must be clogged with the stuff. Time to trim that hair, Styles, it just looks silly.

9 Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is an incredible wrestler, certainly one of the best to ever lace their boots in NXT. His brilliant matches with Tyler Bate, his humongous NXT UK title reign and that performance at NXT War Games prove him to be a standout talent. The same can't be said for Dunne's hair.

With consistency and texture that is best described as straw-like, Dunne now bears an uncanny resemblance to the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. The situation can easily be resolved, though: Pete looked fabulous when he and Moustache Mountain were replicating the look of the Peaky Blinders - just do that again, Pete, and you'll be off this list.

8 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is boring. Not when it comes to wrestling, you understand; as a wrestler, he is both at the top of the mountain and at the top of his game. Rather, it's his hairstyle and beard combo that inspire yawns from haircut lovers the world over.

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Seth's critical error is that his current look is way too similar to Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre and Elias. A key aspect of being a wrestler is to stand out from the pack, not blend in with an identikit look. Come on, Seth, take a chance and get those locks snipped. A lovely mohawk is undoubtedly calling you.

7 Moustache Mountain

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Moustache Mountain are brilliant. They boast a slick offence, and, thanks to Trent Seven's sympathetic selling, one of the best hot tags in the game. Why, though, are they still called Moustache Mountain? There's nary a mustache to be seen around here any more.

Rather, they should be called Beard Mountain. The good news is, WWE love changing their wrestler's names, so we can expect this to happen soon.

6 Nia Jax

With Nia Jax being absent from WWE TV, now is the perfect time to reboot her look. Nia is meant to be a monster, an unstoppable force who crushes anyone foolish enough to get in her way. The problem is, she just looks too nice to play this role.

Her outfit is sparkly, her make-up is tidy and her hair is lovely; soft, glossy and feathered. She needs to look dangerous. A trim would help with this change. Something short, sharp and nasty would do the job.

5 Undertaker

Undertaker needs to take a tip from Shawn Michaels. Just shave it off, Mark, just shave it off. It's getting a little embarrassing. Pretend if you want, but the hair on your dome is starting to look mighty thin. It's time for it to go.

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Undertaker hasn't been shy with getting his hair cut in the past, rocking both a shaved head and a mohawk. Why not return to one of those looks? You can't have a mullet again 'Taker. No matter how hard you try, you haven't enough hair for it.

4 Tyler Breeze

Most wrestlers on this list need to cut their hair, but for Prince Pretty it's the other way round; he needs to grow his hair out. For Tyler to properly pull of his model gimmick, he needs the long flowing Disney prince locks to flick around with unbridled abandon.

The only thing Tyler would have to be careful of is that his long hair doesn't become intertwined with his furry waistcoat. It doesn't matter if you're a huge muscular wrestler or not, pulled hair makes anyone shriek.

3 No Way Jose

If any haircut can give you nightmares, it would be the green monstrosity currently being sported by No Way Jose. Now, clearly, Jose has had a rough time of it. He's been lumbered with a silly gimmick for years now and was called up from NXT way too soon. He's had  nothing to do on the main roster since.

That's no excuse for this haircut, Jose. It's not bringing you the kind of attention you need, and it's far too bright to be allowed.

2 Tony Nese

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Tony Nese is another guy who has a beard and long hair. As such, his look is intensely generic. This needs to change. Nese is an excellent worker, there's no doubt about that. He just needs a look that grabs attention.

His body is already hair-free and dowsed in baby oil, so maybe his head, chin and face should follow suit?

1 Everyone With A Beard In NXT UK

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NXT UK is a cracking TV show and has delivered two superb Takeovers, but it's fair to say the brand hasn't caught fire yet. A big problem is the cookie-cutter look of the majority of the wrestlers. Most male wrestlers in NXT have a big bushy beard. The fact is, once you've seen one big sweaty man with a fluffy beard, you've really seen them all.

NXT UK needs a desperate infusion of variety amongst its roster's looks and gimmicks, and a quick way to do this would be to vary up the hairstyles on offer.

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