8 Wrestlers WWE Won't Know How To Use In 2018 (And 7 Wrestlers They Will Push)

Several talented wrestlers have been wasted throughout the years by WWE.

More times than not, the WWE tends to listen to their audience when creating new stars. Often, but certainly not always. When push comes to shove, Vince McMahon is going to push the wrestlers who he sees as stars and he will hold back those who he doesn't. Sometimes, the wrestlers who Vince sees as stars are not the same as who the fans view, however. As a result, several talented wrestlers have been wasted throughout the years by WWE. In their place, there is usually lesser talented wrestlers who have been pushed to the moon.

In 2014, CM Punk figured out that being a good wrestler has little to do with who is put in the WrestleMania main event. It had been Punk's goal to main event the show and he felt he had done enough to prove he belonged there. The problem was, there is only one person who makes that decision and he makes it based on his own opinion. WWE is not a democracy and it's not a place where the most deserving talent is given their due.

Taking a look at wrestlers currently on the WWE roster, we break down eight good wrestlers WWE will waste in 2018 and seven bad wrestlers the company will push instead.

15 Cesaro - Good Wrestler Wasted


In 2018, WWE will continue to waste Cesaro just as they've wasted his talents since they signed him in 2011. Cesaro is a long-standing inclusion in articles such as this one, a talent so obviously wasted that few fail to notice.

14 Nia Jax - Bad Wrestler Pushed


A decade or two ago, Nia Jax would not be considered a bad wrestler. Today's modern day wrestling fan wants fast and crisp looking wrestling, however. This can be difficult for any larger performer such as Nia Jax.

Despite what wrestling fans may want from their women's division, expect Vince McMahon to push Nia Jax to the moon in 2018. The 33-year-old has been signed to WWE since 2014 and it's believed the company wants to give her a push soon, given her marketable look as a major heel moving forward.

13 Bayley - Good Wrestler Wasted


28-year-old Pamela Rose Martinez is better known to wrestling fans as Bayley. She was so popular in NXT that fans, old and young alike, would often show up to Full Sail  dressed up just like her. You'll still see many kids in the audience do the same during Raw these days.

12 Elias - Bad Wrestler Pushed


Just recently, Elias won the biggest match of his career defeating both John Cena and Braun Strowman in the main event of Raw. The victory cemented himself as the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match. It's clear, he's in line for a monster push.

11 Sasha Banks - Good Wrestler Wasted


There is a chance that WWE decides to push Sasha Banks in 2018 but it's not a very good one. If this calendar year goes much like the last, Banks will continue to fall down the rankings. While the company has given her multiple runs as champion, they have never had her successfully defend the title on WWE television. They have used her more as a performer to help get Alexa Bliss over than they have as a Superstar who deserves her own spotlight.

10 Mojo Rawley - Bad Wrestler Pushed 


Mojo Rawley is an okay wrestler. He's not that talented but brings great enthusiasm to his matches. The WWE is also really high on the Superstar despite his short-lived experience.

While nobody involved would ever admit to this, there is good reason to believe Rawley is only receiving the push because of his relationship with Rob Gronkowski. Oh, by the way, Triple H and Stephanie just so happened to be huge New England Patriot fans.

9 Neville - Good Wrestler Wasted


In terms of wasted talent, they don't come much more egregious than Neville. The 31-year-old walked out on WWE last year and rumors are the WWE will just have him sit out the remainder of his contract. Considering he is one of the most talented guys on the roster, it goes without saying that Neville on the sidelines is a gigantic waste of talent.

8 Baron Corbin - Bad Wrestler Pushed


After he lost the Money in the Bank briefcase, it seemed as though WWE had given up on Baron Corbin. The WWE rumor mill believes that even though he has rubbed some the wrong way in WWE, that Vince is still high on Corbin. In fact, the push Corbin was on to start 2017 and will most likely be reinstated in 2018.

7 Becky Lynch - Good Wrestler Wasted


Becky Lynch is one of the best women's wrestlers in the world but at the moment she is lost in the shuffle. Lynch has even fallen behind Sasha Banks in terms of good women wrestlers falling down the rankings in WWE. Lynch is only 31, however, could easily get a second-wind to her character in a year or two. At the moment, it feels as though WWE has run out of ideas for the Irish Lass-Kicker and that really is too bad because she's great.

6 Big Cass - Bad Wrestler Pushed


A big reason for the split between Cass and Enzo was not intended to elevate Amore, instead it was done so as a major push towards Cass. As we've discussed in the article, Vince loves himself a big man and that's exactly what Cass exemplifies.

Now he lost a lot of momentum following a lackluster feud with Big Show and an untimely injury, however, don't expect Vince to give up on his push that easily. Just like Baron Corbin, we expect Cass to continue on his with push once he returns as a dominant heel. He's proven he can hang with the big guys in the past, something that was noticed by WWE personnel behind the scenes (Universal Title Fatal Four Way Match). Although he's not blessed with A.J. Styles type talent, expect a push regardless of his slower pace.

5 Eric Young - Good Wrestler Wasted


It's not exactly clear what Eric Young has to do to finally earn a shot on the main roster. While his former Team Canada stablemate, Bobby Roode, is now the United States champion, EY is still in the same place he has been ever since signing with NXT in 2016.

4 Kane - Bad Wrestler Pushed


Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, has been with WWE since 1995. He is seeking out other employment, however. Kane is looking to run for Knox County mayor in 2018. If he wins, forget about seeing him in WWE for a long time. If he loses, he'll be right back in the mix of things. After all, he's got to pay for what will surely be an expensive political campaign.

3 Luke Harper - Good Wrestler Wasted


38-year-old Luke Harper isn't getting any younger. Still, WWE seems to have no interest in pushing Harper above a tag team level Superstar. There are many in WWE who feel Harper has the ability to be so much more. With an interesting look and the respect of his co-workers, you would think the promotion would give him a chance beyond the Bludgeon Brothers.

2 The Undertaker - Bad Wrestler Pushed


The rumor mill believes The Undertaker could return to WWE sometime in 2018. Speculation is he'll be back for Mania but speculation in wrestling circles tends to be wrong as often as it's right.

1 Daniel Bryan - Good Wrestler Wasted


Whether or not Daniel Bryan wrestles in WWE again or not is a question left for the company's doctors. Daniel Bryan wrestling outside of WWE again or not is a question left up to Bryan and his doctors. From the sounds of it, however, Bryan's doctors are okay with him wrestling again but WWE's doctors are not.

This means WWE will be holding onto Bryan's contract until September 2018 and using him only as an on-air performer and not a wrestler. His contract also contains a 90-day no-compete clause which means Bryan also won't be able to wrestle elsewhere for the final three months of the year. Meaning Daniel Bryan won't be wrestling at all in 2018 unless WWE's doctors clear him, something they seem hesitant to do.

It's safe for Bryan to wrestle again. However, seeing his in-ring talent back in WWE seems to be wasting away at this point.

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8 Wrestlers WWE Won't Know How To Use In 2018 (And 7 Wrestlers They Will Push)