10 Wrestlers You Forgot Held Championships In The Attitude Era

The Attitude Era still gets love from the fans that witnessed WWE thrive in the late 90s and early 2000s. This is the most successful period in WWE history when looking at the ratings, buy rates and general popularity of the product. Major names like Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley and Triple H won quite a few titles to further cement their legacies as icons of the time.

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However, not all the title holders of the Attitude Era would have the same level of success as the household names. There were so many titles during this chapter of WWE that many forgettable wrestlers held them. We will look at some of the champions that flew under the radar and rarely get discussed for their reigns today. These are ten wrestlers you likely forgot won championship gold during the Attitude Era.

10 Shane McMahon (European Champion)

One of the few title reigns to come for Shane McMahon in his career was the European Championship. The WrestleMania 15 match between Shane and X-Pac would see Triple H turn on D-Generation X to join The Corporation by helping Shane win the title.

Shane would vacate the title after “retiring as champion” to keep his heel heat. It was a surprisingly entertaining match with Shane showing he could be a competent wrestler in his first big attempt. Shane’s title reign fell under the radar with the constant title changes in the Attitude Era.

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9 Right to Censor (Tag Team Champions)

The Right to Censor provided positive results for WWE as a heel group that fans truly loved rooting against. Steven Richards led the group with members Ivory, The Goodfather, Bull Buchanan and Val Venis trying to stop the wrestlers that crossed the line with edgy content.

It was a forgotten moment when the Right to Censor won the WWE Tag Team Championship for a short reign. The combination of The Goodfather and Buchanan won the titles with the implication that any members could have defended it. Right to Censor ended faster than expected or they could have won a second reign.

8 Crash Holly (European Champion)

The Hardcore Championship did not necessarily count the same as the other WWE titles when it came to credibility. That made it more impressive when Crash Holly jumped from his work in the hardcore division to win the European Championship for a short run.

Holly and William Regal had a couple of matches for the secondary title. It was one of the biggest wins of Crash’s career to hold one of the respected titles in WWE. The European Championship did not have a long run in WWE, but Holly was able to have a successful reign.

7 The Godfather (Intercontinental Champion)

The Godfather had quite a few different characters in his WWE career. Papa Shango showcased a spooky gimmick, Kama Mustafa was meant to spotlight his real fighting background and The Godfather provided more comedy with a face run.

Fans did cheer The Godfather and his ladies enough to make him a popular act on his own after the Nation of Domination ended. The Godfather used this short run of popularity to win the Intercontinental Championship for a short run. It was an accomplishment that helped him land in the WWE Hall of Fame.

6 Perry Saturn (European Champion)

The Radicalz making the jump from WCW to WWE was an underrated moment in the Monday Night Wars. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit became relevant players in WWE, but Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko struggled in the mid-card.

The run of Saturn did see him win the European Championship to hold a relevant title in WWE. Saturn didn’t have a main event run and lacked the longevity of his peers, but he did find a way to become a champion during his shorter stint in WWE.

5 Debra (Women's Champion)

The Women’s Championship was treated like a prop during the Attitude Era when it was a part of the women’s division. One of the low moments came when Sable faced off with Debra in an Evening Gown Match with the title on the line.

Sable won the match by stripping Debra, but Commissioner Shawn Michaels awarded the title to Debra for looking good in her underwear. Debra had a short run as the Women’s Champion that just further hurt the credibility of the title. Luckily for WWE, most fans have no memory of this today since it was that disappointing.

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4 Mideon (European Champion)

Mideon won the European Championship in embarrassing fashion during the Attitude Era. Following Shane McMahon winning the title and claiming to retire as champ, Mideon found the title in Shane’s bag and it was awarded to him as the new champion.

The title reign only lasted a month before D’Lo Brown won it to become a co-champion with both the European and Intercontinental Championship belts. Mideon was a lower tier act as one of the lackeys of the Corporate Ministry making his title reign quite improbable.

3 Vince McMahon (WWE Champion)

One of the few WWE Champions that was easy to forget was Vince McMahon. The character of Mr. McMahon was a face in 1999 during his feud with Triple H. McMahon shocked the world when defeating Triple H to win the WWE Championship on Smackdown.

The title reign is forgotten due to McMahon vacating the title on the following show. Vince never had a real title run despite winning the championship. Triple H would win the title back at the following PPV as Vince’s shocking win was meant to provide a ratings boost.

2 Albert (Intercontinental Champion)

Most fans would never guess Albert held any singles title in WWE during the Attitude Era. The most relevant run for Albert during that time came when teaming with Test as Trish Stratus debuted as the duo’s new manager to make up T & A.

Albert however did manage to win the Intercontinental Championship in 2001 defeating Kane for an upset victory. The title reign didn’t do much to boost him as a singles star. Lance Storm ended Albert’s title run to get some momentum for the Invasion storyline. Albert never held another title in his WWE career.

1 Diamond Dallas Page (European Champion)

The legendary WCW run of Diamond Dallas Page did him no favors when joining WWE. Page instantly fell down the card following a horrible introduction feud with The Undertaker. The short year in WWE did see DDP win a singles title that many fans would forget.

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Page defeated Christian during their feud against each other to win the European Championship. Their feud would see DDP win again at WrestleMania 18 to retain the title. William Regal eventually ended his run as Page transitioned out of WWE. The European Championship reign at least gave him one small moment in his disappointing WWE run during the Attitude Era.

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