8 Wrestlers You'll Never See In A WWE Ring Again (And 7 You Just Might)

Wrestling is kind of a fickle business. One day an athlete can be on top of the world and the very next their future in pro wrestling can be done for. That tends to be what happens when so much power regarding who is and who is not successful in an industry rests entirely in one person's hands.

In WWE that is exactly the case. Vince McMahon decides which wrestlers we see and which wrestlers we don't. If he decides someone may never return to his Universe then they never will. Who he does decide can come back is often left up to how much money he thinks he can make off them. Therefore, a popular and marketable wrestler who commits a heinous act will often be let back into the company later whereas an unpopular star who does the same thing won't be.

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There is no fairness in pro wrestling, those who draw more money are given preferential treatment. Wrestling has never denied this to be the case. WWE is not a democracy it is a dictatorship that Vince McMahon runs. Based on the whims and wishes of Vince McMahon, here are eight wrestlers you will never see in a WWE ring again and seven you just might.

15 Daniel Bryan - Never See Again

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Despite what Daniel Bryan hopes will be the case, he will never perform in a WWE ring again. At least not as a wrestler. Daniel Bryan has been open about his desire to return to in-ring action despite WWE doctors not clearing him to compete. Bryan's own doctors disagree with WWE and believe there is no reason why he couldn't return to the ring.

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The problem is, however, Bryan has a history of seizures which has been associated with head trauma. Seizures are a potentially serious consequence of Bryan returning to the ring. There is no way WWE is ever going to look past that and clear him to compete again. The risk-reward ratio is simply not where the company would need it to be. What is more likely, however, is Bryan leaving WWE and wrestling for a company that is willing to clear him.

14 Hulk Hogan - Just Might

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It's likely we see Hulk Hogan in WWE again sometime but there will have to be a process mapped out for it to occur. Hogan said some bad things - Mark Henry said that for Hogan to return he would need to apologize to every WWE employee of color. Well, that's a start. Perhaps the ruling will be that Hogan has to stay locked in a room with Mark Henry for an entire afternoon... Then Henry decides everything Hogan has to do to redeem himself.

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There is a lot of money to be made in a Hogan return and WWE knows this. They want him to return, they just don't want to be associated with comments he was heard making. Somehow, Mark Henry seems like a person who will eventually get this all sorted out for the company.

13 CM Punk - Never See Again

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You will never see CM Punk in WWE again but that's his choice, not the WWE's. Vince McMahon stated on the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast he would work with Punk again. This was even after Punk appeared on the Colt Cabana podcast and ran the company and their medical staff down. Vince has brought back several wrestlers who he's been involved in lawsuits against in the past and there's little doubt Punk would be the same.

The reason Punk will never be in WWE again is he'll never choose to go back. Punk is a guy who sticks to his principals and he's decided WWE is bad and he'll never go there again. There is less chance of him appearing in WWE than there is him winning a UFC fight and those are some pretty long odds.

12 Alberto Del Rio - Just Might

As much as most fans don't want to see him back in WWE, it could happen. Rumors are Del Rio met with Vince McMahon recently and discussed him possibly returning to WWE someday. His contract status is coming up for renewal and he is a big star in Mexico.

While Del Rio might be worth more to companies in Mexico, Vince McMahon has always been high on Del Rio. That Rey Mysterio might be returning to the company soon as well only adds to the chances that we might see Alberto back as the two of them have worked so frequently together in the past. It would also allow WWE to run a successful tour of Mexico with the both of them headlining the cards. So long as Vince is in charge of the company, Alberto could potentially be brought back to add to his WWE resume.

11 Scott Steiner - Never See Again

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Scott Steiner will never be in a WWE ring again. Ever. He is one of the most black-listed people the company has ever stayed away from. In fact, at WrestleMania 31, WWE distributed pictures of Steiner to security to make sure he was not allowed anywhere near their talent. The reason for this was Steiner was caught on security camera at an airport making what were described as threats towards Hulk Hogan's wife. Apparently, Steiner blames Hogan for the demise of WCW (he could have a point there) and told Hogan's wife as soon as her husband's plane lands he is going to hurt him.

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Nothing ever seemed to come of the charges but smart money says WWE never gives him a formal invitation to any of their events ever again. Also hurting Steiner's chances of ever returning to WWE is that Triple H is not a fan of his.

10 Emma - Just Might

Despite being released from her WWE contract last year, there is a mighty fine chance Emma ends up back in WWE sooner rather than later.

WWE just booked a large 100,000 seat outside venue for a special event in Australia later in the year. It would only make sense that they include the Australian born woman to be on WWE's main roster for the show.

Real name Tenille Dashwood, Emma has been wrestling with Ring of Honor's Women of Honor division recently. The women's independent wrestling scene really needed a good influx of talent like the one Emma provides. Unless someone has locked her up to an exclusive contract, it's likely she ends up back in WWE. She has too big of a fan base for WWE not to see the value in her later.

9 Enzo Amore - Never See Again

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Enzo Amore's life has been full of ups and downs. Just last year, he was heading to WrestleMania as part of a popular tag team with Big Cass. He was even dating Liv Morgan!

Nowadays, Enzo Amore is an accused predator and unemployed. You'll never see him in a WWE ring again. If Enzo is found guilty, it will only further tarnish his reputation. Even if Enzo is found not guilty, just the fact that his after-show partying has brought such negative attention to the company pretty much solidifies they will never decide to bring him back.

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Enzo's pro wrestling career is likely done. The chances of independent wrestling companies choosing to sign a guy who can't wrestle and is believed to be morally reprehensible (allegedly) is not going to bode well for him. He may even have trouble getting his job at Hooters back.

8 Neville - Just Might

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Despite walking out on WWE recently, there is a good chance we see Neville back in WWE sometime later this year.

Neville left WWE as he had grown upset over how he was being handled. After having a successful run as the Cruiserweight Champion and dominating the division, Neville was forced to lose the title to Enzo Amore. He then decided he would prefer to make his living outside of WWE and told the company as much.

In response, WWE is said to be making him sit out the remainder of his contract. Now that Enzo is gone, however, there are rumors that the two sides have begun talking again. With Triple H now running 205 live, a returning Neville would certainly be a boost to the division. With new talent such as Hideo Itamin and Roderick Strong in the mix as well, WWE's Cruiserweight division is starting to show some promise.

7 Raven - Never See Again

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Granted, Scott Levy, better known to wrestling fans as Raven, is now 53 years old. Still, there are many who believe Raven is one of the greatest minds in the history of the business. One of the people who believes this to be the case is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Raven and Austin spent a good deal of time on the road together and Austin speaks fondly of him in his biography.

The reason Raven will never be back in WWE is a recent lawsuit he filed against the company. Raven sued WWE over royalties for the WWE Network and made a derogatory claim about the company's legal tactics on a podcast. He ended up settling out of court with the company and received no financial compensation. Basically, WWE agreed not to sue him for slander if he dropped his lawsuit.

6 Wade Barrett - Just Might

Wade Barrett left WWE in 2015 to pursue some acting goals but never closed the door fully on his wrestling career. He has been with Defiant Wrestling and some other European promotions as of late but usually as an authority figure and not a wrestler.

At only 37 years old, the door is not closed for Barrett to return to WWE. Most likely, Barrett returns in order to provide some name value for the upcoming United Kingdom division.

He left WWE on good terms, agreeing to lose on his way out and be ceremoniously booted out of the League of Nations for being a weak link.  In total, his WWE career lasted ten years, though four of those were spent in developmental. His most memorable time in the company was in the Nexus angle.

5 Ryback - Never See Again

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You will never see Ryback step foot back in a WWE ring. He's burned his bridge with the company in too many ways. He had a messy breakup with WWE in 2016. He publicly stated that he wasn't being paid enough (not as much as the top guys) and was unhappy with what he had been given creatively. He was released that August.

Since leaving WWE, Ryback has run down anyone and everyone on his podcast. He's sort of garnered a reputation as a hater. For the most part, he isn't someone independent promotions are booking and it doesn't appear Impact, ROH, or Lucha Underground have any desire to put him on their programming.

At only 37 years old, it's not certain what is next for Ryback. At one time, Ryback was a popular face but for some reason, it just didn't work out for him in the end.

4 Jack Swagger - Just Might

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It's entirely possible we see Jack Swagger back in a WWE ring. That's not to say it is going to happen but it definitely could. One of the main reasons Swagger left WWE is because he wanted to try his hand at MMA. Now, this is not a CM Punk type situation where he has no training in a relevant sport. Swagger was an amateur wrestler in college and that pedigree should help him in MMA.

Swagger is signed to Bellator and is expected to fight in their heavyweight division sometime in 2018. Should Swagger prove to be successful in MMA, he could make himself far more valuable in the pro wrestling world. As you may remember, Brock Lesnar did something similar. A couple of fights and a couple of wins and Swagger might have a new offer coming his way from WWE along with a new booking.

3 Adam Rose - Never See Again

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There was a chance Rose would end up back in WWE after he was released in 2016 but that door appears to be closed now.

Rose was released following a series of bizarre and unfortunate events in the spring and summer of 2016. First, he was suspended for a WWE Wellness Policy violation that turned out to be a result of prescribed ADHD medication. While on suspension, he was arrested following a domestic disturbance call to his residence. Following that incident, he was released although he would later claim he asked for his release.

Rose, however, then decided it would be a good idea to put his mugshot on a t-shirt and sell it. People didn't take kindly to someone marketing their own domestic disturbance arrest for financial gain. WWE may decide to pass on the Rosebud Express from here on out and he also made the claim that his day in the business are coming to an end.

2 Rich Swann - Just Might

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You just might see Rich Swann in a WWE ring again, though it's also possible you won't. Despite being arrested for allegedly putting his wife in a headlock and dragging her into a car, all charges were eventually dropped against Swann. Despite this, he was still gone from the company a couple of months after.

He was not released, however, as WWE stated that they and Swann had agreed to "mutually part ways". The way they phrased that is important as it is much different than what they say for someone they have fired and don't want back.

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It's possible WWE just lets the heat around Swann for the incident cool and then bring him back. Triple H is said to be high on Swann which might work in his favor. However, according to recent news, he might be done with the business altogether after working his final set of indie dates.

1 Sunny - Never See Again

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Unfortunately, we will never see Tammy Lynn Sytch, aka Sunny, in a WWE ring ever again. Despite being in the WWE Hall of Fame and arguably being the first to convince Vince McMahon that female performers can make him money, Sunny is black-listed due to her repeated run-ins with the law. Sunny has even spent some time in jail due to her frequent DUI charges.

She also sold her WWE Hall of Fame ring on eBay. At one point, WWE had stated they would no longer pay for Sunny's rehab stays as she repeatedly demonstrated poor decisions. They are quietly believed to have gone back on that statement, however, and paid for a court-ordered rehab stint for her last year.

When she was a performer, Sunny demonstrated a strong knowledge and love for the wrestling business. Unfortunately, problems outside the ring prevent her from ever contributing to the wrestling industry in any significant way ever again.

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