10 Pairs of Former Wrestling Enemies That Somehow Made Peace

The wrestling industry often sees drama grow between top names. History has shown us that almost every top star will have issues with at least another performer in the promotion they work for. Some of these wrestling beefs have lasted decades, with those involved still taking sly shots at each other in interviews today. Luckily, many of the pairs of wrestlers to dislike each other have made peace throughout the years.

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These stories would see time heal the wounds between talents who had issues with each other. Some of them were more volatile, with threats and rants directed at each other. Most legendary wrestlers are forced to interact at some point, whether it’s for a WWE return or independent wrestling convention. The wrestlers often realize their drama was pointless. Here are ten pairs of wrestlers who somehow made peace after having a long run as enemies.

10 Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels

The backstage war between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels dominated the WWE locker room environment in the 90s. Both wrestlers were exceptional talents, but they could not get along when they competed for the top spot in WWE.

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Locker room fights, personal insults in promos and the Montreal Screwjob ending would showcase just how much Hart and Michaels disliked each other. The two finally made peace after many years when Hart returned to WWE in 2010. Michaels claims they became friends and still text each other to truly make peace.

9 Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin

The rivalry between Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin in their past would see Austin refuse to work with Hogan in WWE. Both wrestlers were the biggest icons of the 90s, but their short time together in WCW caused issues.

Hogan received power right away and one of the first changes would see Austin lose his United States Championship to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in a few seconds, destroying Austin’s credibility. The beef between the two ended when Hogan appeared on Austin’s podcast after Raw Reunion. Austin revealed he had beef with Hogan to turn down a singles match in WWE, but they are now buddies.

8 Chris Jericho and Triple H

Chris Jericho and Triple H did not get along when Jericho made the move to WWE from WCW in the late 90s. Jericho's claims featured stories like Triple H trying to sabotage him during a feud with Chyna, personal insults when Jericho asked for directions and other instances of personal drama.

Jericho and Triple H had a lot of animosity during their respective battles to climb to the top of WWE. They finally made peace and became friends when Jericho returned to wrestle while Triple H had a backstage role.

7 Big Cass and Enzo Amore

One of the more recent instances of drama between two wrestlers on the roster featured Enzo Amore and Big Cass having a falling out. Enzo criticized Cass for not continuing in a match between the two after suffering a serious injury. Cass responded by stating they had no relationship.

The former tag team would reunite after both men got released from WWE. Enzo and Cass are once again friends, trying to bring back the tag team act on the independent circuit. Ring of Honor tried to bring them in, but the fan response ended the idea. Regardless, Cass and Enzo are now friends hoping to find success as a team.

6 Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff

The heated drama between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff in WCW made them hate each other. Flair lost his role as a top star once Bischoff pushed the New World Order, with other names coming in to feud with them.

Things would get ugly enough for Bischoff to threaten to sue Flair for every penny he had when Ric missed a show to attend his son’s amateur wrestling event. Flair even tried to fight Bischoff when they were both in WWE after WCW ended. The two have since made peace, even taking part in appearances together in recent years.

5 Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior

The on-screen feud between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior found great success at WrestleMania VI. Despite working well together in WWE, both men started to develop issues with each other. The 2000s would see Warrior unleash strong tirades threatening Hogan.

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Fans wondered what would happen when both Hogan and Warrior were in the same place during the events of WrestleMania XXX weekend. WWE cameras would catch a shocking moment of Hogan approaching Warrior to apologize for all the drama backstage at WrestleMania. Warrior forgave him and they made peace before Warrior passed away days later.

4 Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston

WWE is using the prior real-life heat between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston as a storyline for the WWE Championship. WWE moved Kofi back to the mid-card after some great moments gave him momentum.

The two have made peace through the years, though WWE found some magic with their prior heat to put together a strong feud between Orton and Kingston. It is playing out in entertaining fashion for the best-case scenario of a former backstage rivalry.

3 Goldberg and Triple H

The WWE run of Goldberg would see two different stories over the years. Goldberg’s first run in 2003-2004 disappointed big time. A feud with Triple H essentially killed all the magic behind Goldberg, giving him his first loss and removing the dominant win factor.

Triple H and Goldberg reportedly disliked each other, with heat going back to the Monday Night Wars. That ended when Goldberg returned to WWE in 2016. Backstage footage on WWE XXIV showed them having fun together, as Triple H tried to help Goldberg this time in his role as an executive.

2 Matt Hardy and Edge

The love triangle between Lita, Matt Hardy and Edge created some shocking WWE moments. A decision by WWE to fire Matt made the story even bigger. Fans started chanting for Matt during the segments of Lita and Edge.

They had enough professionalism to work together when Matt returned to make it a storyline, but the drama was still there. Edge and Matt would make peace in recent years with a few shows working together.

1 Bret Hart and Ric Flair

The incredible in-ring work of Bret Hart and Ric Flair made them legends in their respective careers. Despite having similar success, Flair and Hart did not like each other and gradually developed a relationship as enemies. They each ripped the other apart in their books, discussing why they thought little of the other.

Hart and Flair made peace after decades of heat when they worked together in NXT. Ric was in Charlotte’s corner against Natalya with Bret in her corner. They became friends after this moment.

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