10 Biggest Moments From The Monday Night Wars, Ranked

For many wrestling fans, the Monday Night Wars were the most exciting time in the history of professional wrestling, as WCW and WWF battled it out to be the number one wrestling company in the world.

In what was a legitimate ratings war, the two companies had to battle it out for audience members' attention every single week, which forced some of the most creative and incredible moments in the history of the sport to be born.

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With AEW's television debut on the horizon, there could be a new wrestling war for the first time since WCW's demise. So with that in mind, let's take a look back at the 10 greatest moments from the original war, the Monday Night Wars.

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10 Montreal Screwjob

It is one of the most talked-about and infamous moments in wrestling history, with WWF deciding to screw Bret Hart out of the WWF Championship after he refused to drop the title in Canada against his main rival.

Vince McMahon didn't want to allow the chance of the title appearing on WCW, where the Hitman was headed next, and therefore opted to screw him out of the match, despite Shawn Michaels not actually making him tap out.

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One of the biggest turning points was the fact that this really helped to spawn the Mr. McMahon character that became one of the biggest heels in professional wrestling and a key component in the Monday Night Wars.

9 Madusa Takes Out The Trash

Madusa may now have patched things up with WWE, but one of the most iconic moments of the entire Monday Night Wars completely burnt the bridge between her and Vince McMahon for many years.

When Madusa (Alundra Blayze) made the leap from WWF to WCW, she was holding the WWF Women's Championship after the company had built their entire division around her, only for her contract negotiations to fall apart.

Madusa was offered more money to jump ship and instead she joined WCW and was convinced by Eric Bischoff to dump WWF's Women's Title into the trash, live on air, the ultimate sign of disrespect.

8 Major Talents Make The Leap

Throughout the Monday Night Wars many talents jumped between the two companies as both WCW and WWF attempted to land the biggest names possible. One of the biggest moments was when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall landed in WCW.

The Outsiders quickly made their mark in WCW, showing up as Scott Hall cut an incredible promo in what was one of the hottest angles at the time in the Monday Night Wars and showed how serious WCW was.

Kevin Nash joined forces with Scott Hall and the rest was history as the duo quickly became major players for WWF's rivals, helping to change the tide.

7 The Millennium Man

Whilst Kevin Nash and Scott Hall joining WCW was a major win for Eric Bischoff, WWF managed to pull off a top signing of their own when Chris Jericho appeared at the end of the famous WWF Millennium countdown.

WWF had been hyping up something important with the Millennium countdown clock and it just so happened to be Chris Jericho who was making the leap this time around as he interrupted The Rock and made a huge name for himself in the process.

It was clear that WWF didn't plan to keep Jericho in the mid-card as WCW had done, using him in a major segment with The Rock straight away. Y2J was able to be taken seriously right from the very beginning.

6 Time For A Beer Bath

When you look back at past moments from wrestling, one of the most well-remembered and iconic comes from the beer bath that Stone Cold Steve Austin gave to Vince McMahon and his son Shane.

Driving a Coors Light beer truck into the arena was a hilarious sight, but nobody expected what came next as Austin took his love of cold ones to a totally different level by drenching his rivals in the middle of the ring.

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Everyone inside the ring sold the moment to perfection, with Vince even swimming for his life at one point as WWF helped push Stone Cold as the biggest name in wrestling.

5 The Fingerpoke Of Doom

Unlike the vast majority of moments on this list, the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom wasn't actually a good situation, as it provided more of a negative than anything else for WCW, with many fans being frustrated at what they were seeing.

The match between Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan had been seriously hyped up as the leaders of their two nWo factions collided, but in the end, all it took was a poke to Nash to end the entire match.

It was a slap in the face to every wrestling fan who was watching the show and made a complete mockery of the entire business, serving only to help WWF.

4 NWO Arrives

One of the greatest factions of all time arrived during the Monday Night Wars with the New World Order, which helped change the game for WCW, helping the company become as popular as it did.

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Whilst Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had been running riot for a while, it wasn't until they brought in a surprise third name, and nobody expected it to be Hulk Hogan of all people, with the Hulkster turning heel for the first time in his career.

No wrestling fans ever thought that Hulk Hogan would ever turn heel, and it was a moment that nobody would ever forget.

3 D-Generation X Invades Nitro

Who can forget this moment from the Monday Night Wars? It was the moment in wrestling history when D-Generation X really made a stand.

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WWF decided to send the popular group to the gates of WCW's Nitro event, with Triple H and his group being armed on a tank as WCW refused to let them in, nor let their stars go out to fight, which was a poor look for Eric Biscoff's men.

Even though the idea was incredibly risky, both from a health and PR standpoint, the moment was legendary and had the wrestling world buzzing for months as the wars heated up more and more.

2 Tyson Lands A Knockout

During the Monday Night Wars, both WWF and WCW attempted to draw in as many celebrities as possible in order to attract a casual audience, and Vince McMahon certainly won that battle when WWF brought in Mike Tyson.

That famous night on Raw saw the Steve Austin-Vince McMahon storyline begin, which helped WWF win the war, but it was Iron Mike Tyson's involvement that really played a crucial role.

The pull-apart brawl that took place between the boxer and Steve Austin made the Rattlesnake look like a rock star as he became the biggest name in wrestling as the company really pushed to sell WrestleMania to the masses.

1 Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy

Despite how many incredible moments there were throughout the Monday Night Wars, the biggest game-changers was without doubt Mick Foley winning the WWF Championship against The Rock.

WCW at the time was making a habit of spoiling WWF's product, with Tony Schiavone announcing: "Mick Foley, who once wrestled here as Cactus Jack is going to win their world title tonight...ugh that gonna put some butts in the seats."

It is now an infamous line as it totally backfired, sending audiences to go to WWF in order to see Foley's crowning moment live, helping WWF start to win the ratings war once again.

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