20 Wrestling Children And The Likelihood Of WWE Signing Them

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and in the case of wrestling, whenever a wrestler's kid comes along and starts expressing a desire to get involved in the wrestling business, there's immediate pressure placed on them. While some favoritism can happen as far as the WWE, or other prevalent companies, wanting to give a shot to a wrestler with the family pedigree, they also tend to be judged more harshly. At a certain point, many start to ask whether the next generation has a chance of carrying on their family legacy in the wrestling business. It becomes more prevalent as the kid grows older Sometimes it’s just astounding how much a girl or a boy can share the characteristics of their mother, their father, or both.

Conversely, sometimes the kid doesn’t share any similar skills like their folks. It's almost as if they’re the mailman’s kid. They share a whole ton of characters traits with their parents. They might even sound like their folks. But for some strange reason, genetics didn’t create a near carbon copy.

On the grand stage of wrestling, there are currently all kinds of children of superstars running around. Some are forging their own name for themselves. Fans who grew up watching names like Ric Flair, IRS, Pillman, Davey Boy Smith and plenty of others certainly get a nostalgic kick out of seeing all of these wrestling offspring in the ring. Here are 20 wrestling kids, and let's take a look at the chances of WWE signing them.

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20 Harry Smith

via youtube.com

Harry Smith debuted nearly a decade ago in WWE as one part of the Hart Dynasty. Showing some potential, he wouldn’t realize even a modicum of it under the WWE banner. He would do what a lot of guys did, albeit he wasn’t as high a profile star at the time. He left WWE for the Land Of The Rising Sun. In NJPW, he made his bones as one half of the Killer Elite Squad.

Now he’s in MLW, taking his rightful place in the Hart Foundation alongside Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman, Jr. He also looks more and more like his dad, the sure-to-be Hall Of Famer, Davey Boy Smith. Especially with the extra muscle, Harry is going to be one of the driving forces of MLW. That is until the WWE comes calling, or vice–versa. There should always be a Hart in WWE, and while Nattie is there now, there’s always room for a few more.

Likelihood – DH Smith is coming back the instant he is offered a deal.

19 Xia Brookside

via wwe.com

As the youngest competitor during this year’s Mae Young Classic, Xia Brookside showed a lot of fire, but she was clearly out of her league against Io Shirai. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot of upside to her. At 20 years old, she has a lot more to learn before truly earning a spot on any of WWE’s various rosters.

She took part in the inaugural NXT UK Women’s tournament and got defeated by the winner and inaugural champion, Rhea Ripley. But again, no one is expecting the 20-year-old to take over the world. With her dad, the UK’s beloved Robbie Brookside as a trainer in NXT, it’s only a matter of time for Xia to get a full-time slot on either side of the NXT pond.

Likelihood – As soon as the trainers think she’s ready (read: perhaps graduates from college, or spends more time on the road), she’ll be part of the roster.

18 Brian Pillman, Jr.

via twitter.com

More than anyone else on this list, Brian Pillman, Jr. looks so much like his father that it's scary. The Loose Cannon was beloved by many in the business that plenty of legends have reached out to him. He’s currently in MLW, following in his father’s footsteps by siding with the Hart Foundation.

As evidenced by this pic and others, not only does Pillman look like his dad, he has embraced the look and now uses it to his advantage. More likely than not, it’s a matter of not if he winds up in WWE, but when.

Likelihood – Plenty of old-school fans remember fondly just how much of a firecracker and an innovator Brian Pillman was. The pop his kid is going to get is going to be something for the ages.

17 Cody Hall

via youtube.com

He’s been a member of the Bullet Club. He’s even rocked the red blood-drip vest and tights his dad used to. Cody Hall is a humongous greenhorn. But he is another second-generation star who is rapidly picking up the business. With “uncles” like Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, he’s clearly NXT-bound once the time is right.

While Cody rocks the bald look, he’s deceptively huge like his dad and they have very similar faces. Cody is the spitting image of his dad and has already found a way to differentiate himself, it’s gonna be survey time again real soon.

Likelihood – Bet the farm that any kid of a Kliq member at least getting a shot in the WWE.

16 Dominic Gutierrez

via instagram.com

To be fair to the kid, let’s all right now acknowledge that Rey Mysterio is a one-of-a-kind superstar who almost singlehandedly brought Lucha Libre to U.S. audiences in the nineties. To put that kind of pressure on Dominic just wouldn’t be fair. But with Lance Storm teaching him, and his dad guiding him, the “son” of Eddie Guererro should be able to have a great career.

Likelihood – If the WWE doesn’t take a look at the kid, Rey’s current run might feel a little wasted. Getting his son’s foot in the door is one of the reasons Rey decided to come back.

15 Colt Toombs

via twitter.com

There are so many wrestlers on this list that have a lot to live up to. None might have more though that Colt Toombs, the son of Roderick Toombs, aka Rowdy Roddy Piper. Besides loaning Ronda Rousey his dad’s jacket, Colt is an aspiring MMA fighter and wrestler.

If he makes it, it’s doubtful that Colt would resurrect Piper’s Pit. But the giant grin and wild-eyed stare are unmistakably Roddy’s. If Colt is even a fraction of how good Roddy was on the stick, fans will see another legend take center stage.

Likelihood – He’s currently juggling options of an MMA career or a WWE career. His dad’s shadow will forever loom over him. But that shouldn’t stop him from getting a shot someday.

14 Ted DiBiase Jr.

via youtube.com

While he did choose to exit the business, the booking committee didn’t exactly do Ted DiBiase Jr. any favors. Aside from Legacy, just about everything they did with Jr. had him trying to copy his dad or play the “Fortunate Son” at every turn. WWE even gave the kid, Meatsauce himself when they partnered him with Virgil.

What else would you expect WWE to do? When they had Teddy Jr. WWE didn’t have a lot of experience in second generation athletes running around. The company was bound to make a few bloopers, and if he grew a beard, he’d literally be a carbon copy of the original Million Dollar Man.

Likelihood – The Fortunate Son had a falling out with his love of the business. There’s no chance he wants to come back or the company would want to have him.

13 Cedric Rougeau

via omerlocdn.com

The Rougeau Brothers had one of the funniest theme songs a heel could have. Jacques went on to have a decent singles run as the Mountie and again had success in the tag team ranks with PCO as The Quebecers. But man, did that guy not just burn up some bridges, he burnt them down. If you believe the stories, he liked to make booking himself in Quebec a priority over everyone else.

His son, Cedric, while looking like someone Vince might fawn over, has yet to crack into the WWE political universe. Unfortunately, he might be taking too much after his dad. He supposedly got into it with Arn Anderson during his tryout.

Likelihood – Until Cedric can shake the sins of his father off of his own back, don’t look forward to seeing Cedric anytime soon.

12 Teddy Hart

via prowrestling.com

Teddy Hart was part of WWE developmental at one time. He was only 18 years old then, and he has since claimed that he roomed with Kurt Angle. As most people who have been 18 should be aware of, that’s a crazy time in someone’s life. Toss in Teddy’s Hart legacy and the wild world of wrestling and you have a kid who received too much too soon.

But Hart has been wrestling ever since and has recently been a force on MLW. While he has been a bit of a firebrand in the past, he has seemingly cleaned up his act. If he can keep the cats at home, perhaps there actually is a future with him, especially if he, Harry Smith, and Brian Pillman Jr. try to stay a package deal.

Likelihood – If he can keep his antics in check, his current run might help people forget about his past and perhaps there’s a spot for Teddy on the roster.

11 Amy Hennig

via missouriwrestlingrevival.com

Mr. Perfect might be the greatest professional wrestler of all-time. Without a world championship, however, he stays second fiddle to a lot of other greats. But he’s also always on the top of a lot of fan’s lists. His son Joe, aka Curtis Axel, might not have ever lived up to the lofty expectations of being Perfect’s kid, but he has done a decent job at being a comedy act as of late as part of the B Team, and previously, with the Social Outcasts and with Damien Sandow as the Meta Powers.

For some reason, his daughter Amy has yet to make her debut on WWE TV. She’s trained under Harley Race and is the spitting image of her dad, similar to how Charlotte Flair looks like Ric. You would think she would have at least been a part of the Mae Young Classic, but so far, she hasn't.

Likelihood – There’s seldom anyone talking about Amy, except for articles like these. Chances are, WWE has no interest in her.

10 Shaul Guerrero

via pinterest.com

Eddie Guerrero is heralded by just about every fan as one of the greatest ever. He had finally hit his stride towards the end of his life and had everything cooking on all cylinders. In the years since his death, his widow Vickie took up that torch and became an awesome heel in her own right.

Their daughter Shaul has been working to do the same since her debut in 2010. As Raquel Diaz, she started her career in FCW and NXT. She would leave due to personal issues but is currently part of Lucha Underground, but perhaps coming back to the WWE might be in her future.

Likelihood – She didn’t leave on bad terms, and the company’s only link to the family right now is her husband, Aiden English. It's high time she takes the family’s mantle and runs with it.

9 Cody Rhodes

via tumblr.com

Several WWE superstars have famously asked for their release over the years and to various results. Cody asked for it and has been on a roll ever since. For a superstar that was “WWE-trained,” the indies have taken to him and vice-versa. He became “The Nightmare,” playing off his dad’s nickname.

It’s easy to differentiate between father and son when Cody happens to not look like his dad at all. His charisma comes from being part of this generation of fans. Most fans are within his age group. While The Dream is loved by all, Cody not looking like his dad helps his career immensely.

Likelihood – The instant both sides come to a good deal, Cody’s back and better than ever.

8 Simone Johnson

via latimes.com

The wrestling world currently has a fourth-generation star in NJPW's David Finlay Jr. While he might make it to the WWE one day, that fact would clearly be downplayed in favor of a greater historical name – Simone Johnson. She’s the daughter of The Great One – the Rock, and that makes her a member of the Anoa’i family and should she pursue a career in WWE, she will become WWE's first-ever fourth-generation star, male or female.

It was big time news in the wrestling world when she recently visited the WWE Performance Center. Hairs stood up at the electric thought of what might come someday.

Likelihood - All Simone has to do is ask.

7 Noelle Foley

via wwe.com

Perhaps Noelle Foley realized the physician taxation of being a worker and gave up on hopes of becoming a pro. While it’s doubtful that anyone would think Noelle would be expected to perform nearly half of the risky moves her dad, Mick would pull off, for whatever the reason, news of Noelle training has slowed to a halt.

Maybe she just enjoys being wrestling’s first socialite daughter. After all, she’s ridiculously in demand on the convention circuit without ever taking a bump. Presumably, because she looks a whole lot more like a beauty pageant winner and less like the Hardcore Legend.

Likelihood – Should she still seriously want it, Noelle is a lock for NXT.

6 Miss Natural

via Wikipedia.org

Before Mark Henry, Ken Patera was the WWE’s resident Olympic strong man. When he was in the AWA, he fell on hard times. Vince McMahon has famously foot the bill for him and let him know he had a home in WWE. Part of that bill included Patera’s daughter Heather.

She trained under Harley Race and works in the indies as Miss Natural. She’s been a part of Shimmer for a while and is in her late 30s. While she’s not retiring anytime soon and is the same age as NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler, it might be a hard road for her to even get to the PC.

Likelihood – Never mind her age, Vince stuck his neck out for her dad a long time ago. In return, Patera sued the company, that’s not her fault. But Vince might be hard pressed to show Miss Natural any support.

5 The Guerrillas Of Destiny

via orlandosentinel.com

Since 2009, Jimmy and Jey Uso have been showing the WWE Universe a different side of Samoan tag teams. Instead of being stereotypical Samoan heel wrestlers, they were just hyped-up babyfaces, complete with a war cry before each match. Nowadays they’re one of the top teams of SmackDown Live and borrowing a little from their spiritual cousins - NJPW’s GoDs.

Tama and Tanga have been tearing up New Japan, feuding with the Bullet Club. In Tanga's case, he has completely shaken off the bad taste of Camacho. If they’re coming in at all, a blood-feud with the Usos could turn SmackDown Live into must-see TV.

Likelihood – With a loaded Tag Team scene now on both shows, and some great teams barely being seen, it could be a long time, if at all before the Guerillas hit a WWE ring.

4 Tessa Blanchard

via wikidata.com

As another Horsemen daughter, hopes are really high that Tessa Blanchard will make her way up north one day. But for now, she’s doing her best to hone her craft in Impact Wrestling, where she’s currently the Knockouts champion. Her pedigree is one of the more unique. She's a third-generation female wrestler, and her stepdad is Magnum T.A., on top of all that.

Tessa is another "not if, but when" prospect when it comes to the WWE, as one day she’ll be able to show everyone just how tough she is in the ring. If only Arn Anderson had daughters...there’d be all kinds of zany Horsewomen feuds getting primed and ready.

Likelihood – If you think Triple H isn’t salivating at the prospect of having two Horsemen daughters in the WWE, then you haven’t been paying attention all of these years.

3 Dave Finlay, Jr.

via twitter.com

Between the Attitude Era Divas and this generation’s female superstars; between guys like William Regal and other brawling Brits who grew up on World Of Sport – there aren’t a lot of guys that are held up on a higher pedestal than the Belfast Bruiser, Fit Finlay. That might be hard to understand for kids who grew up as little Stingers or Hulkamaniacs, but as far as work rate and training go, Fit is top notch.

That’s why some wrestling fans are curious to see what becomes of Finlay’s son, David Jr. He’s still very young and learning in NJPW. However, with Fit currently working for WWE, there should be a door open for him at any point he’s ready.

Likelihood – As NXT grows, the UK division would be happy to add Finlay to their roster.

2 David Benoit

via twitter.com


It's unknown whether David Benoit still has aspirations of being a pro wrestler, but there was a period when he was known to have been entertaining the thought. David has been backstage as various WWE events, as he made many friends there, growing up around the business. Given David's physical similarities to his father and with what his father did, it's very unlikely WWE would even consider signing him. But he'll surely always be welcome to visit.

Likelihood – Being that David hasn't yet shown a propensity for taking a wrestling career seriously and WWE looking to avoid the Benoit name, it's extremely unlikely.

1 Jesse White

via twitter.com


Jesse White, going by Jake Carter on the indies, is the late great Vader's son, and unlike many father/son pairings on this list, these two actually wrestled side by side. Being that Vader wrestles well past his prime and towards the end of his life, he got to live out his dream by wrestling alongside his son. The younger White shares some similarities of his father, although his build is far more athletic. His skills aren't quite refined yet, but if he keeps taking his craft seriously, he'll at least get an invite to the WWE Performance Center for a tryout.

Likelihood - If he sticks with it, a WWE offer may well be on the way in the future.

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