10 Wrestling Children With No Future In WWE And 10 Who Can Still Become Stars

In any job, the occasional nepotism helps you get your foot in the door. Most jobs aren't expecting you to perform as well as the family member that helped get you the interview. But in professional wrestling, the fans and the company hiring you expect you to not only live up to the family name, but in some cases, surpass it.

There are at least eighteen members of the current roster who are second or third generation superstars, and that's not including the boss or his kids, who are third and fourth generation promoters. Obviously, there's way more than that running around in other promotions.

They're often times held to a different standard because of growing up in the business, which somehow means they know how to behave and perform. But that's not always the case, some next-gen superstars have what it takes and some don't, just like non-legacies in the company. Some have promising futures to become stars, and some for whatever the reason have no future with the company. Some entries on this list haven't even started formally training to be wrestlers, but have expressed a great interest in following in their parents' footsteps. We all know they'll have the best possible trainers to make it happen.

With that in mind, here are 10 Wrestling Children With No Future In WWE And 10 Who Can Still Become Stars.

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20 No Future - Teddy Hart

via sportskeeda.com

Teddy Hart is classified by some as having too much too soon. He's also classified by others as being certifiably crazy. After all he does train his cats to do spots, after all. As the oldest Hart grandkid, Teddy was signed to a developmental deal at the age of 17, and supposedly didn't know how to handle the pressure of what it takes to be a WWE superstar.

He has kept wrestling despite being released what is now nearly twenty years ago, and between his bombastic personal demons and all of the rumors and truths about him going into business for himself - which is a huge no, no in the WWE - released nearly 20 years ago is exactly where Teddy will stay.

19 Still A Chance - Noelle Foley

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Noelle Foley is a unique legacy in the industry. She has her mom’s bombshell model looks, and her dad’s passion for the business. While she has expressed interest, there is absolutely no way either Mrs. Mick Foley or the Hardcore Hall Of Famer would ever let their baby girl take on her father’s violent mantle. But that doesn't mean she can't still step in the ring, does it?

She's also still young and probably making decent bank just making appearances, so time will tell if Mr. Foley’s Baby Girl will be donning tights any time soon or not.

If she does, hopefully no one expects her to dive into thumbtacks or wrestle in boiler rooms anytime soon.

18 No Future - Jesse White

via twitter.com

When your dad is hands down one of the best super heavyweights ever in the squared circle, you might feel a little pressure. Jessie White, aka Jake Carter, the son of the late, great Big Van Vader tried his hand at both of his father's prior professions on the grid iron and the wrestling ring. But the shadow of the Mastodon loomed tall.

Carter wasn't making a lot of noise and found himself released in 2013. It's been five years and the guy hasn't been seen much if at all on the indie scene, and the WWE hasn't come calling back. Chances are they won't at this point.

17 Still A Chance - The Guerrillas Of Destiny

via jestpic.com

The name of Haku inspires dread in plenty of superstars. The guy is still considered one of the toughest wrestlers to ever to walk the Earth. His sons, Tama and Tanga, the Guerrillas Of Destiny might not inspire the same fear in their opponents, but perhaps they should. Along with Haku, The G.O.D. took out the entire Bullet Club at the recent G-1 Special.

These two brawlers are ready made for the WWE. Heck, the Usos have a similar look and feel, the storyline of an Island boys war practically writes itself. Like their fellow former Bullet Club members, the instant pop from the crowd could create a wave that would create a buzz to ride out for the rest of their careers.

16 No Future - Richie Steamboat

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As all of us fans know, there are a lot of legacies on this list with tremendous boots to fill, none more technical than Richard Blood Jr’s boots.

As the son of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, not only did Richie have the potential to live up to his dad’s legacy, but also could have carved out his own.

But injuries piled up and even though Richie Steamboat was firmly entrenched in the WWE’s FCW territory at the time, he had to retire from the ring, his biggest moment in the company actually coming as “The Little Dragon,” accompanying his daddy to the ring.

15 Still A Chance - Xia Brookside

via wwe.com

At 19 years old and full of life, Xia Brookside could have a full and vibrant career. She has already garnered acclaim and championships all across her native England and is the current IPWUK Women's Champion. A recent signee of NXTUK, look for her to establish herself as a cornerstone of the emerging UK Women's Division.

She's also the youngest competitor in this year's Mae Young Classic. She has the chance to be a true star, leaning at the WWE PC, under the tutelage of the entire PC training staff, including her father, the UK Wrestling legend, Robbie Brookside.

14 No Future - Lacey Von Erich

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As far as wrestling dynasties go, in Texas, there were none greater and unfortunately, more tragic than the Von Erich family. Patriarch Fritz had six sons, five of which made it into the business and one of which is still alive, but the memories of the family and the Sportatorium have long been held dearly in the hearts of wrestling fans for decades now.

One of the Fritz’s grandkids, The Texas Tornado’s daughter, Lacey tried to follow in the families footsteps and was a part of FCW, before being released. She then headed to TNA for a short run with The Beautiful People. Age wise, there's still plenty of time for her, but between having three kids and running her own advertising agency, it's a safe bet to say Lacey is retired.

13 Still A Chance - Brian Pillman, Jr.

via twitter.com

Boy does he look like his father, especially when he’s wearing one of his father's old shirts. Brian Pillman, Jr. looks eerily similar to the Loose Cannon. Even more eerie is that he too is nursing a leg injury. But if this kid has even a modicum of his dad’s charisma or smarts for the business and he will become a major star for any company that hires him.

Flyin Brian Jr. wants to finish what his father started.

Currently, he's part of the MLW roster and teams up with Teddy Hart and DH Smith (sounds familiar) and the trio have been reeking havoc all over the MLW roster. But truly finishing what his dad started would mean coming to the WWE and causing all kinds of mischief.

12 No Future - Alberto Del Rio

via pwmania.com

There was a point in time, several years ago, that Alberto Del Rio would have been on a much different list, perhaps a list of “the best superstars of the past 15 years.” The son of Dos Caras and nephew of the legendary luchador, Mil Mascaras had every tool needed for success and been given a huge opportunity in the WWE somehow found a way to fail epically.

He would let his personal life become tabloid fodder, not to mention openly criticize important brass like Triple H before opting out of his contract. Del Rio might wind up still having a decent run in the business, but when you rip into the boss or the boss’ son-in-law, it's a sure fire way to never be seen in WWE again.

11 Still A Chance - Tessa Blanchard

via wikidata.com

Although his WWE career came to an abrupt end, Tully Blanchard’s career run as one of the Brain Busters and of course the Four Horsemen had him inducted into the Hall Of Fame as one of the Horsemen and he is generally considered one of the smoothest in-ring workers ever.

Tully’s daughter, Tessa, who is also the stepdaughter of Magnum T.A. is a shoe-in to make it to the main roster, should she ever choose to head to the big time. Currently honing her skills on the indies, it's really just a matter of time before she comes to possibly claim her own Horsemen mantle from Charlotte.

10 No Future - Bray Wyatt

via wwe.com

As the first active WWE superstar on this list, Bray Wyatt probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Both literally and figuratively. Wyatt, the son of IRS and grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, nephew of Barry Windham, Wyatt certainly has a job for life being the good hand that he is. But it's all about how he's been handled.

The constant losses in big matches against John Cena, The Undertaker, and Randy Orton at several WrestleManias have rendered him pretty illegitimate as a top guy.

There's always a possibility he can be heated back up again, but with the way creative has treated him, that's not likely to happen.

9 Still A Chance - Dominic Gutierrez

via twitter.com

It's the least kept secret in wrestling that the legendary Luchador, Rey Mysterio is possibly winding down his career, and he is currently training his son, Dominic (yes the very same “Custody On A Pole” match, Dominic) and having others train him as well on his way to a pro career.

With Mysterio having such a distinct style, Dominic would probably do well not to try and fly like his legendary father. But a solid in-ring style that avoids comparisons to Rey-Rey and Dominic might could wind up going far, and with Mysterio’s genuine likability, he hasn't burned any bridges and the door would have be wide open for his son to make a splash.

8 No Future - Curtis Axel

via espn.com

Curtis Axel got a brief resurgence this year on RAW when The Miz was moved to SmackDown and Axel maintained his allegiance with a fellow multi generation wrestler in Bo Dallas. However, their brief moment in the sun has passed and it's unlikely Axel is ever going to be anything more than the occasional mid card standout. He'll likely go back to being a jobber when his alliance with Dallas ends. At this point, Axel should try his luck on the indies, because WWE clearly doesn't see much in him. He's already been on the roster for a long time, without breaking through in a major way.

7 Still A Chance - Simone Johnson

via insider.com

The Samoan dynasty, as all wrestling fans know stretches all the way back to the High Chief, Peter Maivia and stretches all the way to current starts Roman Reigns, the Usos, and Nia Jax. The biggest success story is unquestionably, the Rock. If you have a pulse and working grey matter, then you know exactly who the Rock is.

Strangely enough, for the longest time, fans would seldom hear about any of the Great One’s great offspring.

In theory, we'll be hearing a lot from his daughter, Simone Johnson in the next few years. She's still in high school, and there is no doubt that Rocky would want his daughter to finish college before stepping in the ring. But that doesn't mean she can't continue to hone her skills at the WWE Performance Center, which she recently started attending.

6 No Future - Cedric Rougeau

via getbig.com

If you haven't seen the massive powerhouse, Cedric Rougeau, just take a moment and look at the impressive size and physic of the kid. He is exactly the kind of specimen that Vince McMahon would cultivate and push to the top of the card. Sadly for Cedric, his father is Jacques Rougeau, and by the former Mountie’s own admission, he has more heat that you can shake a stick at.

Cedric had a tryout at the performance center. According to Jacques, the kid got himself into hot water with Arn Anderson and didn't have a great tryout. A bad tryout, landing himself on the bad side of the Enforcer, and your dad being supremely disliked are three ingredients to ensure that you're probably not going to be working for WWE anytime soon, if at all.

5 Still A Chance - Cody Hall

via youtube.com

We'll probably never see a new generation Kliq, the way a bunch of Harts are running around. But Cody Hall is doing his best to live up to his dad, Scott Hall’s reputation, at least in the ring.

Being trained by names like dear old dad, Living Legend Larry Zbysko, and DDP gave the kid a big head start in his career.

Like many others on this list, Hall has been working in New Japan and considering how close pop is with Triple H, you'd have to think it's only a matter of time before there's a new Bad Guy in town.

4 No Future - David Benoit

via twitter.com

To say it's not fair that David Benoit is most likely the one name on this list that will NEVER see the inside of a WWE is quite the understatement. Time certainly does NOT heal all wounds, and unless Benoit in the ring is second coming of Hulk, Rock, or Austin no company should want to deal with the unwarranted critical backlash that would happen should they think about signing David.

He will never be able to escape the sins of his father.

The WWE has done everything possible to erase the memory of Benoit's father and with him looking so similar, it's unlikely WWE would ever want to bring that kind of attention, as unfair as it is to David.

3 Still A Chance - TnT

via youtube.com

While it's certainly way too early for 23-year old twins, Terrence and Terrell “Dudley” Hughes to be working exclusively with the WWE PC, having papa, Hall Of Famer, D-Von currently working as an agent for the company is going to come in real handy when these two kids are ready.

The boys are currently honing their skills are over the Florida indie scene and occasionally have D-Von in tow as a manager. They've adopted the 3D and the 3DB as their own. Give these two kids a few more years of honing their skills and they'll be ready for daddy D-Von to open the door for them.

2 No Future - Carlito

via youtube.com

It looks like Carlito is unlikely to get another chance in WWE. While he's not exactly wrestling in front of sellout arenas all over the world, he's very comfortable where he is, wrestling in front of more intimate crowds, while working for his father Carlos Colon. Carlito has reportedly been offered a WWE return in the past, but has turned it down.

At this point, there wouldn't be much upside in WWE bringing Carlito back, but he seems just fine with riding out the rest of his career where he's more comfortable.

Not to mention, his first WWE stint didn't end on the best of terms.

1 Still A Chance - Cody Rhodes

via wweforums.com

It'd be foolish to think there's zero chance Cody Rhodes will ever be back in the WWE. Yes, he's doing incredibly well on his own, but how many names have we seen hone their craft on the indies for a few years, then make a return? WWE is undoubtedly interested in bringing Cody back and if they were to get him again, it's highly unlikely they'd waste his talents again like they did the first time around.

Look for Cody to get a second chance in WWE within a few years and he'll really be able to start forging his own legacy in the company.

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