10 Wrestling Children Who Regret Working For Vince (And 10 Who Loved It)

Getting into the wrestling business is no easy feat by any stretch of the imagination, and making it to the pinnacle of sports entertainment, WWE, is even harder. However, while most wrestlers have a very difficult time making their mark in the business and eventually convincing WWE officials to give them an opportunity, one thing is certain about Vince McMahon, it's the fact that he absolutely adores second- and third-generation Superstars. Although there's never a guarantee regardless of family lineage in sports entertainment, wrestling children of past stars definitely have a bit of an easier road to the top considering their parents likely have ins with WWE.

However, the children undoubtedly have to prove their worth to the company as being deserving of a top spot, because while Vince seems to favor wrestling kids over talent with no history in the business, if the wrestler is unable to get the hang of things or convince officials that they're worthy of a push, Vinnie Mac will waste little time in demoting them and even releasing them. With that being the case, it sort of debunks the myth that wrestling children are simply pushed to the moon because of their ties to professional wrestling because that often times isn't the case.

Over the years, countless wrestling children have worked for Vince McMahon and WWE, and despite the fact that many have loved their time working for WWE, some haven't been so fond of their stay under Vince's control. Today, we will take a look at 10 wrestling children who regret working for Vince, and 10 who loved it.

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20 Regret Working For Vince: Primo

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Although some fans may argue that Primo Colon has loved his time spent in WWE simply because he has remained under contract for many more years than anyone could've possibly imagined (still to this very day), in Primo's point of view, it's probable that he hasn't truly enjoyed working for Vince McMahon whatsoever. While Primo has had a few high moments throughout his career including capturing the Tag Team Championship, for the bulk of his run in WWE, he's been a glorified enhancement talent.

With his cousin Epico, Primo is a guy continuously stuck with terrible gimmicky personas such as Los Matadores and The Shining Stars. On top of all that, Primo rarely gets any television time these days regardless of his long family lineage in sports entertainment, and it's not arguable that Primo hasn't been treated nearly as well by WWE as he should've been. Within the next year or so, it can almost be guaranteed that Primo will be released from WWE.

19 Loved It: Goldust

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Dustin Rhodes, aka Goldust, may not have reached the pinnacle of sports entertainment in one sense by capturing the WWE World Championship like many other second and third generation Superstars have, but in all the other ways that count, Goldust has succeeded thoroughly in the business. Goldust has been tied to WWE since the early '90s, save for a few years in between with WCW and Impact. Though Goldust spent a bit of his career outside Vince's empire, for the most part, Goldust has always been welcome in WWE, and with that comes a very handsome salary.

Of course, winning a World Title is every wrestler's dream, but Goldust has captured many of WWE's secondary titles over the years, as well as continuing to be a fairly significant player in the company nearly 25 years later in 2018. It's evident that Goldust will remain a WWE Superstar as long as he desires to, and once retired, it's probable that Vince will offer him a role behind the scenes or at the Performance Center.

18 Regret Working For Vince: Ted DiBiase Jr.

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When Ted DiBiase Jr. was a member of Legacy alongside Cody Rhodes and their infamous mentor Randy Orton, it seemed as though the future for DiBiase in WWE was extremely bright. While some fans weren't convinced that he could cut it as a main eventer, it can be guaranteed that most fans believed Vince McMahon would've at least attempted pushing Ted to the top regardless of the fan reaction. DiBiase had the right size, the perfect look, a ready-made heel gimmick inherited from his father (albeit not as fresh, of course), and best of all, he was solid between the ropes.

However, Vince would decide to opt out of pushing Ted DiBiase, and following a couple insignificant years spent in the mid-card without any real direction, DiBiase decided to part ways with WWE after making the decision not to renew his contract. Who knows if McMahon would've tried pushing Ted had he stayed around longer, but the simple fact remains Ted DiBiase Jr. was unhappy with the way his career turned out in WWE under Vince's control.

17 Loved It: Tamina

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Now this may come as a bit of a surprise to some fans given the fact Tamina never captured a Divas or Women's Championship throughout her lengthy run in WWE, but without question, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka's daughter has loved working for Vince. Despite never being positioned as the top women's wrestler, Tamina Snuka has always been placed in a fairly high profile role regardless of her lack of accomplishments, and she's still going strong in 2018.

Many average women's wrestlers don't seem to last very long in WWE (most end up getting released), and for a wrestler whose only accomplishment, so to speak, is getting voted for the Worst Feud Of The Year and The Worst Worked Match of The Year via The Wrestling Observer, Tamina has done far better than most female talent in her caliber. Tamina's locked into a good, secure contract with WWE for a pretty nice salary compared to most female workers, and as she's just a few months shy of 41, there's really isn't much for Tamina to be complaining about.

16 Regret Working For Vince: David Flair

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David certainly isn't the Flair child whose succeeded to a large extent in sports entertainment (Charlotte is), but that definitely doesn't take away from his attempts to make it in the business throughout the late '90s and early 2000s. Starting off his career in WCW, David Flair was quickly offered the United States Championship, and without question, WCW officials had high hopes for the second-generation Superstar.

However, David Flair never really took off so to speak in WCW, and once World Championship Wrestling folded, things didn't get any better for David in WWE. David was sent down to OVW where he partook in a couple of feuds before getting released from his contract. Flair would make a couple of appearances on the main roster, but it was clear right from the beginning that Vince McMahon had no plans for the Nature Boy's oldest son in the long term. It's probable that David regrets working for WWE, and deciding to opt out of joining the company once WCW folded probably would've been David's best decision in hindsight...

15 Loved It: The Usos

via indianexpress.com

Vince McMahon may be partial to second-and third-generation Superstars, but there's absolutely no denying the fact that Vinnie Mac has an even softer spot for second- and third-generation wrestlers from the Samoa bloodline. With talent such as The Rock and Roman Reigns receiving the prime main event spotlight, it was definitely inevitable that The Usos would also have their fair share in the bright lights as well. The Usos have always been an extremely solid duo, but it cannot be argued that the former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champs have picked up their game tremendously over the past two years.

The Usos have picked up their game to the point where they're undoubtedly one of the best teams in all of sports entertainment today. The Usos have been under WWE contracts for nearly nine years now, and without question, Jimmy and Jey have earned tons of money and championships over that near decade. The Usos seem to get better each year, so it can be assured that Vince will continue to present Jimmy & Jey at the forefront of the Tag Team Division for many more years to come.

14 Regret Working For Vince: Scott Putski

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For those of you who may be unfamiliar with who Scott Putski is, Scott is the son of a WWE legend and Hall Of Famer, Ivan Putski (a former Tag Team Champion and regular main eventer back in his heyday). However, while Ivan was treated fairly well by Vince McMahon throughout the '70s and '80s, Scott wasn't so lucky. Apparently, there was always bad blood between Ivan and Vince, because as we've discovered from various Ivan Putski interviews, he simply got along much better with Vince McMahon Sr, and he was supposedly never able to get along well with Vinnie Mac Jr.

Perhaps that played an instrumental part in why Scott Putski never achieved any substantial success in WWE despite looking the part, and there's no question that Scott regrets ever working for Vince. Since his departure from WWE, Scott Putski has held little back in the way of ripping WWE and Vince specifically, and he claims he was held back in WWE due to Vince's bad blood with his father - Vinnie Mac couldn't punish Ivan so he instead chose to take his frustrations out on Scott.

13 Loved It: Randy Orton

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It was clear right from the start that Randy Orton was destined to achieve greatness in WWE, and by all means, "The Viper" has unquestionably lived up to his potential. Although Orton has had a couple of slow points in his career (right now for example), he has truly accomplished all there is to in sports entertainment, and it's not arguable that Vince will be rewarding Randy with yet another WWE Title reign in the not-so-distant future.

Perhaps some fans find Randy Orton to be a bit boring, but there's absolutely no denying that Randy's got a great look, has size and presence, and is above average inside the ring - Orton may not be a "flippy indie darling," but he's put on many great matches over the past decade and a half none the less. Randy Orton has undoubtedly surpassed his father and grandfather's accomplishments in the business unlike many other second-and third-generation Superstars, and when it's all said and done, the 13-time World Champion will definitely go down as one of the all-time greats.

12 Regret Working For Vince: Bo Dallas

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Like many other NXT Superstars, Bo Dallas' career in WWE started off pretty hot, but unfortunately, the youngest NXT Champion in history has fared very poorly on WWE's main roster. Vince clearly doesn't see much potential in him. Bo Dallas is the brother of current WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt (yet another underutilized talent), and the son of Mike Rotunda aka Irwin R. Schyster, the IRS Man. Bo also had a grandfather who was involved in sports entertainment (Blackjack Mulligan), so it definitely seemed as though WWE was going to make the most out of the third-generation Superstar once Dallas made it to the main roster.

However, Bo Dallas' gimmick never took off with fans to the degree Vince believed it should've, nor did McMahon buy into Bo as a legitimate and formidable wrestler. Dallas' win-streak was extraordinarily short-lived, and it wasn't long before the guy who told people to Bo-Lieve was nothing more than a mere enhancement talent. Bo Dallas has tons of potential, and it's not arguable that Dallas has not remotely been utilized to the degree he should be.

11 Loved It: Paige

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Paige might've suffered from a career-ending injury this past year, but that certainly hasn't affected her great relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon. Focusing firstly on Paige's in-ring career, "The Anti-Diva" was treated like a big deal right from her debut in NXT, and Vince clearly bought into the Paige hype once she made her debut on the main roster. Paige captured the Divas Championship from AJ Lee in her first main roster match.

For the next couple of years, Paige was continuously featured at the top of the Women's Division, and her suspension and injuries between 2016/2017 certainly weren't going to end her previously solid relationship with WWE. Paige may no longer be permitted to compete inside the squared circle at this point, but the McMahons have wasted little time in finding a suitable role for the woman partly responsible for the Women's Revolution in WWE. The SmackDown Live GM position.

10 Regret Working For Vince: Deuce

via wrestlepedia.wikia.com

For those of you who've since forgotten, Deuce & Domino were a tag team act in WWE during the infamous Ruthless Aggression Era, and they actually managed to capture the Tag Team Championships on one occasion despite the fact they were never positioned to truly be the top duo. Deuce (James Snuka Jr.) is the son of the late WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Snuka and brother of current Women's Division wrestler Tamina, but compared to his sister, Deuce certainly wasn't treated remotely as well by Vince McMahon.

Deuce's tag team alongside Domino only lasted for one year, and it wasn't long before both members were released from WWE following their split both Deuce & Domino spent their remaining months in the company as enhancement talents. While it's doubtful Deuce would've ever been worthy of a main event caliber spot, there's no denying Vince could've done far more with the second-generation Superstar. Although Deuce was solid in the ring. Deuce has since put his wrestling career behind him. Can you blame him?

9 Loved It: Natalya

via thesportsdaily.com

Natalya has been a WWE women's wrestler for what seems like an eternity now, and "The Queen Of Harts" is still going strong in 2018. Nattie's arguably more relevant now than she has been at any other point in her career. While Natalya hasn't always been presented at the forefront of the Divas or Women's Division, she has always been in Vince's good books as a female performer capable of putting on great matches consistently, in other words, a reliable talent McMahon can look to whenever he needs someone to put over their latest up and comer.

However, Vinnie Mac has repaid Natalya for her continuous contributions to the business with a couple of title reigns, and it's highly probable that Nattie has at least one more run as the Women's Champion in her future. Natalya has been with WWE since 2008, and Vince has definitely made sure to keep her in a secure position within the company. Apparently, Natalya earns a little over $300,000 per year, and for a women's wrestler, that's a very handsome salary. Nattie won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

8 Regret Working For Vince: Manu aka Afa Anoa'i Jr.

via picbon.com

As we touched upon in previous entries, Vince McMahon undoubtedly has a soft spot for second- and third-generation Samoan wrestlers, but that definitely isn't always the case. Although the likes of Roman Reigns, The Rock, The Usos, Umaga and other Samoan wrestlers have been treated well by Vince, Manu aka Afa Anoa'i Jr., certainly isn't amongst those names. Making his main roster debut in 2008 following a company violation the year prior, Manu was quickly paired up with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr., though success, unfortunately, didn't follow for the big man.

Apparently, Manu had issues backstage due to having a bit of an attitude and expecting things without paying his dues (Randy Orton has backed up these claims), and this unquestionably halted any bright future for Manu in WWE. With that said, it was clear right from the start that Manu was never going to be pushed to the extent Umaga was. With a career in WWE only spanning two years and one of which did little for him, Manu likely regrets ever working for Vince.

7 Loved It: Alberto Del Rio

via comicbook.com

Alberto Del Rio may no longer be in good stead with Vince McMahon or WWE as a whole, but the certainly doesn't take away from the fact that Alberto thoroughly enjoyed his time working for Vinnie Mac during his first run in the company. Positioned as a main event caliber Superstar right off the hop, Del Rio definitely didn't waste any time in mid-card monotony before getting an opportunity at a WWE Championship, and it wasn't long before Del Rio had racked up four World Title and two US Title reigns.

Perhaps Del Rio had some issues with key executives backstage, but for the most part, Alberto was living his best life as a top-tier star and a talent earning a salary well over $1 million per year - it's probable that Del Rio was earning somewhere between $3-5 million/year at his peak in WWE. Now it's safe to say that Vince believed Del Rio was a far bigger star than most fans did because, since his release, few fans have been itching to see Alberto back in a WWE ring whatsoever.

6 Regret Working For Vince: Curtis Axel

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Curtis Axel, formerly known to the WWE Universe as Michael McGillicutty, has definitely not achieved the success he should've. Although it's arguable that Axel never looked like a main event caliber talent, there's simply no denying that Axel was perfect as a legitimate mid-carder vying for the United States or Intercontinental Championship. Following a stretch of time where Michael McGillicutty was utilized as an enhancement talent, Vince decided to repackage Curt Hennig's son as Curtis Axel as a tribute to both his dad and his grandfather (Larry "The Axe" Hennig).

Right off the hop, Curtis Axel was treated like a big deal, as he was paired with Paul Heyman and had matches against the likes of Triple H and Chris Jericho where Axel was made to look like a legitimate threat. An IC Title reign followed shortly after his repackaging, but for whatever reason, Vince completely gave up on Curtis Axel within short order. Axel is arguably one of the most technically sound wrestlers you'll find in WWE, so it was very surprising that Vinnie Mac had no plans for the Axeman. It can almost be guaranteed that Curtis Axel is unhappy with the way his career has panned out thus far - a regrettable run.

5 Loved It: Roman Reigns

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Right from the get-go, it was evident that Roman Reigns was being groomed and positioned as the next face of WWE, and by all means, "The Big Dog" looks the part of a main eventer. However, Roman Reigns' time at the top has been halted recently due to his leukemia diagnosis, but that definitely won't keep Reigns out of the ring indefinitely. Roman claims that his leave is anything but a retirement (let's all hope for the best).

Regardless, during the past four years, Roman Reigns was WWE's poster-boy, and he was right behind Brock Lesnar and John Cena in annual earnings. Some fans may proclaim that Roman Reigns was handed all of his opportunities on a silver platter, but whether you love or hate the former Universal Champion, Reigns has proved that he's worthy of a high profile spot in WWE. There truly was nothing for Roman Reigns not to love about working for Vince, as he was undoubtedly one of McMahon's favorites.

4 Regret Working For Vince: Carlito

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Carlito's presence has been missed by many WWE fans despite the fact he was never a top attraction, and according to multiple sources, Vince McMahon tried convincing Carlito to return a couple years ago - who can blame the former United States Champion for deciding not to? Carlito had tons of potential in WWE, and prior to his company policy violations and reported backstage attitude issues, Carlito was being primed to be a major star for years to come.

However, Vince clearly lost interest in Carlito as the years went on, and his multiple WP violations secured Carlito's fate in WWE as an underutilized and wasted talent (comparable to Chris Masters). Carlito hasn't seemingly been interested in returning to WWE despite Vince's interest in bringing him back, and as Carlito mentioned in a fairly recent interview, he'd only return if "the circumstances were right." Clearly, Vince wasn't making an enticing enough offer. It can be argued that Carlito will be better off finishing his career outside WWE, as it's probable that Vince would utilize Carlito as a past mid-carder-turned enhancement talent (not unlike Shelton Benjamin after his WWE return last year) if he ever did return.

3 Loved It: The Rock

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's relation to Rocky Johnson definitely played an instrumental part in why Vince McMahon decided to give the young upstart a chance to succeed in WWE, and by all means, with hard work, dedication to the craft, and that undeniable charisma and talent, The Rock became the Superstar his parents believed he would become. Dwayne was unquestionably the right guy at the right time for Vince, as WWE was waging a war with WCW and required some larger than life personas to help keep their ship afloat.

Alongside his infamous rival Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock definitely helped contribute to making WWE Raw the better show in the later years. The Rock made a ton of money from WWE all while cementing himself as one of the all-time greats, so there's certainly nothing for The Rock to be regretful about. To this very day, Dwayne Johnson has a good relationship with Vinnie Mac, and you can be assured that "The Brahma Bull" will be blessing our television screens soon in WWE.

2 Regret Working For Vince: Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes may have been a bit young when he first got started in WWE, but there's absolutely no denying the fact that Rhodes was vastly underutilized all throughout his run under Vince McMahon's control. Many fans believed Cody was a future headlining talent due to his marketable look, great in-ring skills, charisma and a connection with the fans (whether as a heel or face), but unfortunately, Vince McMahon never fully committed to Cody. Now, Vince did give Cody Rhodes two runs as the Intercontinental Champion, but it was clear that he had no intention of ever making Cody the next Randy Orton or a formidable main eventer.

Cody definitely had reason to regret his time working for WWE during his run as "Cody Rhodes" due to being underutilized, and without a doubt, Cody had even more reason to be regretful when he was saddled down with the awful "Stardust" persona. Rhodes left WWE with absolutely no momentum, but simply due to the fact that Cody is a natural in the ring, he's had no trouble finding success in other promotions where he has more creative freedom and control over his destiny.

1 Loved It: Charlotte Flair

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When you're the daughter of the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, all the doors are unquestionably opened for a potential career in sports entertainment. Charlotte Flair utilized her relation to Ric to help get herself into a WWE contract, but make no mistake about it, Charlotte has earned her place atop the Women's Division with the cliche "blood, sweat, and tears." It's clear that Charlotte loves the business of professional wrestling.

While Charlotte isn't a Women's Champion right now, the seed has been planted for Flair to have yet another encounter with Ronda Rousey in the near future, and there's a good chance we'll be getting a Triple Threat match between Ronda, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte at WrestleMania 35. Life is going very well for Charlotte Flair in WWE, and she's undoubtedly one of Vince McMahon's favorites. "The Genetically Superior Athlete" still has plenty of years left in the tank, and you can be assured Vinnie Mac will be keeping Charlotte in a secure spot for many more years to come.

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