10 Funniest Christmas Moments In Wrestling, Ranked

The holiday seasons are upon us, and people all over the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas & New Year's with their families. Christmas brings joy to even the darkest of places, and the wrestling promotions bring joy to their hardcore fans by providing them with some special holiday moments.

Over the years, the pro-wrestling promotions have given countless moments to light up the holiday season for their fans. Even the toughest of superstars put their gimmicks aside and entertain the fans with some memorable matches & segments.

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With that said, let's take a look at ten of the funniest Christmas moments in pro-wrestling history.

10 Christmas Carol Sing-Off

WWE hosted a special Christmas Carol Sing-Off on the December 23, 2013, episode of Raw. Renee Young hosted the segment, and three teams took part in the contest with the winner decided by the fans' applause.

Xavier Woods & R-Truth were the first to start things off with their version of "Oh Holy Night." Woods did a decent job with the vocals, while Truth played as a hilarious second fiddle. Next up was Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre singing an outrageous version of Jingle Bells and got showered with a chorus of boos for the deed.

The winning act came from Santino Marella & The Great Khali who sang a hilarious version of "Deck The Halls" with Khali doing the la-la-la-la-la part.

9 Hornswoggle's Christmas Wish

Since his WWE debut in 2006, we've seen Hornswoggle as Finlay's pet leprechaun and Mr.McMahon's illegitimate son. People never felt secure having him around them as they never knew the little guy would start playing his little pranks. The only sign of relief for the victims is that he never opened his mouth and talked, but Foley Claus opened Hornswoggle's mouth in 2011.

Hornswoggle won a battle royal on the November 29, 2011, episode of SmackDown to receive a wish from Santa Claus. He did receive his wish backstage from Mick Foley dressed as Santa Claus. His excuse-me battle with Vickie Guerrero after calling her grandma was straight-up hilarious.

8 Michael Cole's Worst Christmas

While the holiday season began on a happy note for Hornswoggle on the November 29, 2011, episode of SmackDown, someone didn't feel the same way earlier the same night. Mick Foley opened up the event dressed as Santa Claus cheering up the crowd for the holidays, and he summoned his reliable reindeer Rudolph, and out he came leaving the crowd in splits.

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Only a miserable and annoying heel deserved the utmost humiliation of walking down the ramp in a reindeer costume. It was the year 2011, and Michael Cole is the only person playing that role to perfection. The crowd erupted in laughter seeing Cole doing the walk of shame.

7 Daniel Bryan Invites Kane To His House For Christmas

Kane had a very troublesome childhood locked up in a basement and having to see his brother set his parents on fire. We can be pretty sure he never felt the joy of the holiday season and probably never wanted to, but he was visibly upset on the November 23, 2012 episode of SmackDown at the fact that his tag team partner Daniel Bryan didn’t invite him to his house for Thanksgiving.

Kane and Daniel Bryan were arguing over facing Big Show later that night, and the Big Red Machine laid a verbal smackdown on his partner. Bryan realized that Kane was angry because he didn’t invite him to his house for Thanksgiving.

The fact that Bryan had vegan turkey cooled Kane for the moment, and Bryan invited Kane to his house for Christmas. Kane accepted the invitation with the one condition that he got to beat up Santa Claus.

6 Hollywood Hogan Gets A Severed Head

Exchanging Christmas presents is a sign of showing our love to friends and family. A person has to do a lot of thinking before choosing a present for their loved ones, but Bret Hart & Sting didn't think a lot before they chose a present for Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

While Hogan was addressing his WCW Championship match against Sting with Eric Bischoff on the. A production crew member brought in a big Christmas present for Hogan, and when the champion opened up the box, he got shocked to the core when he found a fake severed head. The reaction on his face was priceless as Bret Hart looked from the outside, and Sting ziplined his way down to the ring while Hogan made a retreat.

5 Randy Orton Feels The Joy Of Christmas

Randy Orton can become unpredictable at many times thanks to the voices he hears inside his head. One day he is the ruthless viper taking down everyone at his sight with an RKO out of nowhere, and sometimes he doesn’t shy away from enjoying himself.

Orton took on David Otunga in a miracle on 34th Streetfight match on the November 29, 2011, episode of SmackDown. The viper felt the vibes of the holiday season in the match, sending Otunga through Christmas trees and a big pile of presents screaming Ho-Ho-Ho.

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Orton even took some time to eat some homemade cookies by Michael Cole and drove the plate through Otunga’s back.

4 Cena Claus Takes Down The Boss

John Cena suffered a torn pectoral muscle in late 2007 and had to undergo surgery to repair the damage. Before he made his miraculous return at the 2008 Royal Rumble, he made an appearance at the annual Tribute to the Troops event in December 2007.

Cena disguised himself as Santa Claus and was confronted by Mr. McMahon while he was addressing the troops. McMahon took down the disguise revealing the man behind the costume as John Cena. Cena delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the boss much to the delight of the crowd. He sort of botched the landing as he had a cast on his hand and dropped McMahon on his face.

3 DX Shows Off Some Holiday Merchandise

D-Generation X was part of some of the most memorable and hilarious moments in pro-wrestling history. While the segments during their initial days were pretty edgy, but since WWE went PG, the jokes stayed, and the vulgarity found the dumpsters. But still, they managed to do some classic hilarious segments, and since we're talking about Christmas, the one the December 14, 2009, episode of Raw will do the trick.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels tried to spread some holiday cheers with some WWE merchandise. Triple H sort of ruined the day for HBK knocking off his Money in the Bank ring set and presenting DVDs of him getting beaten up. Hornswoggle made it worse by tricking Triple H into beating up HBK. The Game walked out of the locker room while Michaels crawled his way up.

2 Ric Flair & Vince McMahon's Christmas Party 2001

Vince McMahon thought everything was back to normal after WWE was done with the Alliance after Survivor Series 2001, Ric Flair returned as the co-owner of the company the next night on Raw. The tensions between the two increased, and both Flair & McMahon organized separate Christmas parties on the December 24, 2001, episode of Raw.

Almost everyone was at Ric Flair's party with Tajiri dressed up as Santa Claus. Al-Snow and Edge were trying to cheer up Kane, Big Show impersonating Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold bringing a Christmas list to Tajiri Claus asking for more beer, a shot at the undisputed title and an extra middle finger.

1 Stone Cold Stuns Santa

Despite having a busy schedule delivering presents all over the world, Santa Claus found time to drop by on the December 22, 1997, episode of Raw. But the crowd found out that it was not the real Santa after he messed with a small kid sitting among the crowd.

Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out to teach the bad Santa not to mess around in the Rattlesnake's yard. Austin roasted the bad Santa with back & forth verbal assaults and gave him a stunner for good measure to end the segment.

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