15 Wrestling Couples With Huge Age Differences

There was a time when fans only information relating to a wrestler's character with their personal lives being kept privately. Over the years, that has become impossible with the rise of the internet, and especially social media. Today's fans are aware of everything that there is to know, including personal information such as the relationships of wrestlers.

Even the wives of wrestlers who may not have ever appeared on WWE television have a following now, simply due to their association with some of our favorite stars. And while we are always curious to learn more about these relationships, there seems to be a common theme. especially among older wrestlers, that cannot go unnoticed. Some of wrestling's biggest stars seem to prefer to sticking with younger women, some of whom are young enough to be their daughters.

Some may find it extremely creepy. You may think it's wrong for someone to date a person who is decades younger, but the law allows it so they are not doing anything bad per se, but it's still looked down upon. Some of these Superstars seem to live by the saying that age is just a number, as they have prolonged their wrestling careers and are now either dating or married to some fine younger women. Today's list will bring many surprises to our leaders as we take a look at 15 wrestling couples with a huge age difference that makes us cringe.

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15 The Undertaker And Michelle McCool: 15 Years

via pwmania.com

It will always be shocking to know that The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are together. Fans were previously familiar with his first wife Sara, whom he tattooed on his throat before he eventually got it removed. Michelle McCool rose to the top just as The Undertaker's appearances were getting fewer by the year, so fans were surprised to learn that they were in a relationship. 15 years is a big gap for a relationship, but not entirely uncommon despite some finding it to be creepy.

After all, The Undertaker was in high school when McCool was born. And when he made his WWE debut? She was still a kid so there is a significant difference that sets them apart. In their case, they seem to get along very well as she reportedly brought out his softer side - one in which he probably doesn't tombstone people into caskets.

14 Bret Hart And Stephanie Washington: 26 Years

Bret Hart seems to be a big time believer in marriage as he is on to his third one since tying up the knot with Stephanie Washington in 2010. They say third time is the charm and that may just be the case, as it has already outlasted his second marriage. Hart's first wife Julie Smadu is still his most known partner since they were together when Hart was still a wrestler, and cheating scandals were involved for everyone to see.

It has been reported that Bret is 26 years older than his current wife Stephanie, which means that she was born around the same time he made his WWE debut. She also would have missed out on most of his wrestling career - if she was even a fan - but of course that's why you have the WWE Network. With Hart battling cancer in the past few years, she stood by his side to help through some tough times.

13 Steve Austin And Kristin Feres: 12 Years

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Steve Austin has been married four times and some of his relationships have had a bitter ending, including domestic violence with Debra Marshall. But it seems like Austin has cleaned up and learned from his past mistakes, as things seem to have been going smooth with his current wife Kristin Feres. It is rumored that he is 12 years older than her, although her age hasn't been confirmed.

It's surprising that very little information is available about Feres considering that Austin is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. But the couple have kept their business private for the most part, and they are rarely even spotted together at public events. She doesn't appear on his social media accounts either despite being active on Twitter and Instagram, but Austin usually shares photos of his dogs as well as random throwback photos from his wrestling days.

12 Ric Flair And Wendy Barlow: 15-20 Years

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If you thought a fourth divorce would stop Ric Flair from pursuing another relationship at his age, then you thought wrong. He has been engaged to Wendy Barlow for the past year and a half, and it seems like health problems have stopped the couple from tying the knot. They previous worked together in WCW when Flair was a main eventer as she used to accompany him to the ring, but they didn't turn into a couple until recent years.

Barlow's exact age is unknown but a guess of 15 to 20 years younger than Flair would be reasonable considering he is 68 years old today. Either way, she looks really good for her age and while some may think that it's creepy - there is clear history between the two as they go way back. Based on what we have seen of them, it seems that they are genuinely happy and have had a blast since the beginning of their relationship.

11 Rob Van Dam And Katie Forbes: 20 Years

Rob Van Dam' marriage ended about three years ago, but it seems like he quickly recovered as he entered in a relationship with fellow wrestler Katie Forbes, who is 20 years younger than him. In RVD's case, he has defied age by ageing like fine wine so the couple doesn't look so odd, appearing to be much closer in age.

But that's a major difference, and such relationships tend to fail more often than not. Judging by Forbes and RVD's social media accounts, they may be among the exception with their unique bond. Perhaps she has been taking all of RVD's attention since he has been away from the WWE since 2014, which is around the same time that they began dating. We certainly can't blame him if that is the case since most of us would have done the same if we were in his shoes.

10 Randy Orton And Kim Kessler: 12 Years

via sportzwiki.com

With all due respect to Randy Orton's wife Kim Marie Kessler, she doesn't look 12 years younger than him. Before they wound up married, she was a fan of his and followed his career. Looking at their photos, one would guess that Orton is around the same age as her, if not younger. They have been married since 2015, and it's Orton's second marriage.

What's even more surprising is the fact she has three kids from a previous relationship, and yet she is reportedly 25 years of age. For most men, that would be a huge turn off but Orton doesn't seem to care at all, which goes to show that is likely very much in love with her. Since Orton has retained his looks and still looks good for his age, the couple doesn't stand out for all the wrong reasons despite their age gap.

9 Hulk Hogan And Jennifer McDaniel: 21 Years

via zimbio.com

Hulk Hogan was married to Linda Claridge for decades, and she was there from the very beginnings before he became The Hulkster and witnessed his prime as well as the tough times later on. The couple divorced in 2009, and Hogan moved on rather quickly by getting married the very next year to Jennifer McDaniel. With 21 years of difference between them, McDaniel was probably a Hulkamaniac when she was a teen which is strange to say the least.

They remain together as of now, so perhaps it is true love after all. Unlike his first marriage which was very publicized and even earned the family its very own TV reality show Hogan Knows Best, the second one has been private for the most part. The couple avoid the spotlights as much as possible, which is pretty shocking considering Hogan's history from his wrestling days to his personal life.

8 Matt Hardy And Reby Sky: 12 Years

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Matt Hardy and Reby Sky became one of wrestling's hottest couples thanks to the Broken angle, which helped advancing their careers. Last year, they welcomed their second child following four years of marriage. But the couple has had its fair share of controversy, including an arrest in 2014 when things turned physical as they both ended up filing restraining orders.

That didn't last long and they were back on good terms shortly afterwards. Fans will be surprised to learn that there is a 12 year gap between them, as most would have imagined them to be much closer in age. But then again, it's hard to think of Hardy being in his 40s since fans got to witness him wrestle since a very young age, but then again a large number of today's WWE fans had never seen him before his return to the company at WrestleMania 33.

7 Brock Lesnar And Sable: 10 Years

via therichest.com

Ten years is a noticeable different when it comes to couples, but it's not looked down upon especially as they get older - a 58 and 48 year old is different than the relationship of an 18 and 28. What's uncommon is for the woman to have the advantage, which is the case of Sable who is 10 years older than Brock Lesnar. She was married to Marc Mero before that ended abruptly as she moved on to Lesnar.

Sable was the ultimate Diva in WWE during the Attitude Era, and one of the top figures from that period. As for Lesnar, he doesn't seem to care for the gap as it didn't help him from linking up with Sable back when he was the top young Superstar. Their marriage has survived 12 years so far, making it safe to assume that age hasn't been a problem for the couple, nor is it likely ever to become one.

6 Kurt Angle And Giovanna Yannotti: 19 Years

via newravel.com

Ten years ago, it seemed like everything was going wrong for Kurt Angle. He was going through a divorce with his wife Karen who had already jumped into another relationship with Kurt's co-worker and boss Jeff Jarrett, so as you can imagine, things weren't very pleasant for him. He would also go on to have some personal issues dealing with alcohol and some trouble with the law.

But thankfully he bounced back and not only did we get to see him back in a WWE ring, but he was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has credited his second wife Giovanna Yannotti for having helped him out through rough times, crediting her for his recovery from rock bottom. The couple met while shooting a film and instantly clicked as they turned into friends and soon enough, it was true love between them. Angle may be 19 years older than her, but it seems like they both agree that age is just a number.

5 Bubba Ray Dudley And Velvet Sky: 10 Years

via pinterest.com

If you believe the rumors, then Bubba Ray Dudley was destroying more than just tables as he has been accused of splitting up Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky. After allegedly ruining their relationship, he was there to comfort her and eventually replace Sabin as Sky's newest boyfriend. Since then, they have stuck together even after Bubba Ray left TNA for a WWE return. Ten years separate the two lovers, which isn't that uncommon in today's society.

But when Bubba Ray rose to fame for his impressive stint in ECW, Velvey Sky was still a teenager. But after all these years, they both seem to have found exactly what they were looking for. They have moved on past the controversy surrounding the start of their relationship, and seem to have a very strong bond today. The only one who ended up losing in this situation is Chris Sabin, who lose his girlfriend to Dudley and apparently can't even get a WWE tryout.

4 The Rock And Lauren Hashian: 12 Years

via intouchyweekly.com

Being the girlfriend of the highest paid actor in Hollywood would have most people thinking that she is extremely famous, such isn't the case for Lauren Hashian who is still relatively unknown. She has been dating The Rock for about 11 years now, and they have one daughter together with a second one on the way. Twelve years is a noticeable difference because when The Rock was in the prime of his wrestling career during the Attitude Era, Lauren was barely in high school.

And considering the fact they have been together for a decade, it means that she was very young when they first linked up. Not quite creepy as it's still common to see couples with that age difference, but it may make some shake their heads. At the end of the day, they seem to be really happy together and that's all that matters.

3 Batista And Sarah Jade: 19 Years

via youtube.com

We aren't sure which is more surprising; the fact Batista has had three wives or that he is a grandfather. Batista is on to his third marriage now after giving it yet another try in 2015 with his partner Sarah Jade. He was already relatively old when he was becoming a main eventer back in 2005, but some fans are still shocked to learn that The Animal is 49 years old today.

As for his wife, she is 19 years younger him than him which means she was going to prom at a time when Batista was fighting Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title. With Batista's newfound success in Hollywood, his fame has reached new levels and we are sure that Jade is enjoying the spotlight. And despite the age difference between them, they seem to be in love head over heels based on their social media posts.

2 Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce: 11 Years

via sportskeeda.com

A lot of fans are still unaware that Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce have been dating for a few years after having met in NXT, as it was only revealed not too long ago through some leaked photos. The reason is that the couple have kept their relationship lowkey for the most part, and there are only very few photos of them out there.

It's unknown whether that was a personal call or a request from the WWE, but there isn't much information about their relationship. Although 11 years isn't a huge difference, it's still not very common to see a 25-year-old in a relationship with a 36-year-old but of course that pales in comparison to some of the entries on this list. Dillinger must be kicking himself that he isn't a year younger so he could put his "10" catchphrase to good use.

1 Jerry Lawler And Lauryn McBridge: 39 Years

via fightnetwork.com

It's well documented that Jerry Lawler has a type. Based on his previous relationships, Lawler seems to have a cut off of which attracts him and his current partner Lauryn McBridge is prime example. With 39 years to set them apart, that is surely a number that will turn some heads. Younger women who date older men are said to be gold diggers, and as true as it may be in so many cases, this may not apply in the case of Lawyer and McBridge who are still together after many years.

They did go through a rough patch, which led to their arrest following a domestic dispute between them but they patched things up afterwards. Whether their relationship is creepy or not will come down to personal point of views, as some may not support it but it is legal so it's not exactly worth the fuss.

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