10 Craziest Weddings In Wrestling History, Ranked

Professional wrestling is about more than just two athletes going one on one to determine who is the best wrestler on the planet. Wrestling is about telling a story, and that does not always end with a wrestling match. Over the history of professional wrestling, romance has often played into storylines, and in some cases, these romances ended in weddings.

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Professional wrestling weddings are often a way to either put over a couple in professional wrestling or a way to humiliate one of them — with the latter reasoning the most entertaining. However, there have also been some very controversial and demented weddings taking place on wrestling television. With wrestling weddings a TV trope all to itself, here is a look at the 10 craziest weddings in wrestling history.


There is a lot wrong with the wrestling wedding of Kane and Lita. To start off with, Lita, at the time, was dating Matt Hardy. Kane was beating up Hardy and was threatening bad things would happen to him, so Lita did what a loving girlfriend would do. She promised to be with Kane if he would stop beating up Hardy.

That was messed up in many ways, and this was after the Attitude Era. After this, Lita ended up pregnant with Kane's child. Then, Matt Hardy fought Kane with the stipulation that she would have to get married to Kane if Hardy lost because, at that time, women were possessions or something. Hardy tried to stop the wedding, so Kane beat him up and forced Lita to marry him anyway.


In 2007, Teddy Long was the general manager of SmackDown and started an on-screen relationship with Kristal Marshall. Long really wanted to spend more time with his woman, so he appointed Vickie Guerrero to be his assistant GM. Finally, in September, the two had a wrestling wedding.

Jillian sang to start things off, and then The Godfather came out with his Ho Train, causing most of the men to leave with dates. Then Hornswoggle ran into the ring and went under Krystal's dress, followed by The Coach. Finally, Long had a heart attack before he could say "I Do" because he took Viagra before the wedding.


Wrestling weddings are nothing new. The earliest one in WWE history came in 1984 on an episode of Tuesday Night Titans. The two people who met up to wed was Paul Vachon and Ophelia. This wedding took place in 1984, the year that Vachon retired from professional wrestling.

Vince McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes were commentators, calling the wedding as if it were a wrestling match. Capt. Lou Albano objected because Ophelia is a virgin, but when he learns she is not, he says it is ok. After they said "I Do," David Schultz comes in and bodyslams Vachon and then at the reception slams the entire cake into the bride's face as a brawl erupted.


In 2003, former ECW vixen Dawn Marie and former WCW valet Torrie Wilson were feuding in WWE. What made their feud stand out was when Dawn Marie began romancing Al Wilson, Torri's dad. Now, unlike many "relatives" in professional wrestling, this was Torri's real dad.

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The wedding took place on SmackDown, and Dawn Marie tried to humiliate Torri by having Al marry her in his underwear. What made this wedding crazy was not the ceremony, but the honeymoon where they two had so much intimate time that Al Wilson died of a heart attack (a storyline death). At her WWE Hall of Fame induction, Wilson said that it was her father's favorite moment in wrestling.


One year after the Paul Vahon and Ophelia wedding, WWE decided to have another wedding, this one taking place on network television on an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. The wedding was between one of the Hillbillies as Uncle Elmer married his love, Joyce.

Much like Capt. Lou, who the year before objected to the Vachon wedding, Rowdy Roddy Piper came out this time to object. However, Piper objected to a wedding in wrestling in general and insulted everyone in the ring. Jesse Ventura also insulted the couple and ended up with his face shoved into the cake. To make this crazier, the wedding was legit reportedly, and the two really got married that night.


Probably the most offensive wedding in wrestling history came in 1999 during the Attitude Era and wasn't a typical wedding at all. It was also one of three weddings for McMahon in a wrestling ring. The one that missed the cut was her wedding with Triple H, where he broke up with her after they said: "I Do."

However, this was not a real wedding but an "Unholy Ceremony" where Stephanie was placed on the Undertaker's sacrificial symbol so Paul Bearer could precede over the ceremony to please the Higher Power. Luckily, Stone Cold Steve Austin was there to save the day. To make things worse, Stephanie's father, Mr. McMahon, was the Higher Power.


So, we already saw Kane and Lita have a wedding, but amazingly enough, that was not Lita's last wedding in WWE. Ten months after that wedding, Lita was getting married on WWE television again. See, Lita lost the baby with Kane when Gene Snitsky knocked her off the stage, and she lost it, which Snitsky claimed wasn't his fault.

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Well, in real life, Lita had cheated on Matt Hardy with his close friend Edge, and the two made that part of their on-screen storyline as well when fans learned what happened and turned on Lita. So, Lita dumped Kane and threw her wedding ring into the toilet. Then, during her wedding with Edge, Kane came up from under the ring and attacked them.


The second wedding on this list for Stephanie McMahon was her wedding with Test. This wedding took place in 1999, just seven months after she was saved in the Unholy Ceremony. Mr. McMahon informed everyone that this would be a classy wedding, and anyone who interfered would be fired.

However, Triple H popped up and showed a video on the big screen. In the video, he had taken Stephanie and drove her to a marriage chapel in Vegas and married her despite her being unconscious. It ruined the wedding with Test and took another turn when Stephanie later revealed she was not unconscious and was legit with Triple H.


In 2002, there was the promise of a same-sex wedding on SmackDown. The tag team of Billy & Chuck had run all over WWE for a few months, as the two played up a lot of gay innuendo. It was not only offensive, but it was enough for GLADD to slam WWE for its portrayal of the LGTBQ community.

However, the wedding ended their "relationship." As a very old man conducted the ceremony, Billy Gunn and Chuck Polumbo were getting very nervous. Finally, they stopped the ceremony and said they were not gay and were not a couple, and it was just a publicity stunt. It ended with the minister ending up as Eric Bischoff, and he called out 3-Minute Warning to beat down the two.


The most memorable wedding in WWE history was between Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. The two were already married in real life, but Savage was in a great long-form storyline. He had left Elizabeth on-screen and hired Sensational Sherri. When he lost a retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior, Sherri turned on him, and Elizabeth ran in and saved him.

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This event led to the two getting married at SummerSlam in 1991. The wedding itself went off without a hitch, and members of the audience were in tears. However, after the ceremony at the reception, a gift from Jake "The Snake" Roberts included a cobra, and Undertaker smashed Savage with a steel chair.

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